Tonga Twins speak out on their exit from Women of Wrestling

Photo Courtesy: WOW - Women Of Wrestling

The Tonga Twins, who recently announced their free agency after an exit from Women of Wrestling, have spoken out further about leaving the promotion on their YouTube channel.

Kona and Kaoz previously stated that they would speak out “soon” on the circumstances of leaving WOW. On Friday, they spoke for around 30 minutes about their experiences.

In the post, they used the names Taahine and Talavou Tonga.

In the sometimes emotional video, the sisters claimed that they had raised concerns to management about behavior and comments by a new male WOW staffer.

The twins stated that after voicing their discomfort with the unnamed individual, the company’s attitude toward them changed drastically. They claimed that they were released from the promotion shortly after lodging the complaint.

The sisters expressed shock and disappointment at the lack of support from WOW management. They felt their concerns were dismissed and that false rumors were spread to damage their reputations. The Tonga Twins believe they were let go in retaliation for speaking up about a toxic locker room environment.

The twins urged other women in the industry not to be afraid to speak their truth. They ended by thanking fellow wrestlers who reached out in support and said they trust God has a plan for them to be a voice for positive change moving forward, even if their time with WOW had come to a difficult end.

There has not yet been a public response from Women of Wrestling.

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