NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Night 12 Results (5/31/24): Semi-finals are set

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The semi-finals of New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament are set.

Friday’s card at Korakuen Hall included the final B Block matches as Taiji Ishimori and DOUKI advanced to the semi-finals.

DOUKI entered the show with ten points and needed to beat Robbie Eagles to stay alive while also requiring an Ishimori victory in the main event.

DOUKI beat Eagles after bridging out of a jackknife cover and using Suplex de la Luna to earn the win and move to twelve points.

The main event featured Ishimori defeating Hiromu Takahashi to end the round-robin with fourteen points. Ishimori used Takahashi’s Time Bomb 2 for a big near-fall before using the Bloody Cross for the win.

It resulted in DOUKI and Takahashi being tied with twelve points but based on the outcome of their round-robin match, DOUKI advanced to the semi-finals.

Monday’s semi-final matches feature El Desperado (1st in A Block) versus DOUKI (2nd in B Block) and Taiji Ishimori (1st in B Block) versus TJP (2nd in A Block), with the winners meeting in the main event of Dominion on June 9 to determine the winner of this year’s Best of the Super Juniors.

None of the semi-finalists have ever won the tournament before.

*B BLOCK: Taiji Ishimori over Hiromu Takahashi at 20:10
DOUKI over Robbie Eagles at 15:41
Drilla Moloney over Ninja Mack by count-out at 6:38
Dragon Dia over KUSHIDA at 8:04
*TJP, Henare & Callum Newman over Titan, BUSHI & Shingo Takagi at 11:03
*Zack Sabre Jr. & Kosei Fujita over Clark Connors & Gedo at 8:09
*Blake Christian, HAYATA & Oleg Boltin over El Desperado, Kevin Knight & Tomoaki Honma at 7:40
*EVIL, Yujiro & SHO over Shota Umino, Shoma Kato & Katsuya Murashima at 3:45

A Block

Wrestler Win/Loss Points
El Desperado 6-3 12
TJP 5-4 10
Blake Christian 5-4 10
HAYATA 5-4 10
Titan 5-4 10
Kevin Knight 4-5 8
BUSHI 4-5 8
Clark Connors 4-5 8
Yoshinobu Kanemaru  4-5 8
Kosei Fujita 3-6 6

B Block

Wrestler Win/Loss Points
Taiji Ishimori 7-2 14
DOUKI 6-3 12
Hiromu Takahashi 6-3 12
Robbie Eagles 5-4 10
SHO 5-4 10
Drilla Moloney 5-4 10
Ninja Mack 4-5 8
Francesco Akira* 2-7 4
Dragon Dia 1-8 2

*Francesco Akira is out of BOSJ due to injury and will forfeit his remaining matches.

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