Cody Rhodes assesses Undisputed WWE Title reign, doesn’t want to compare it to what Roman Reigns did

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He believes it’ll only get better from the point he’s currently at. 

As of this writing, it’s been two months since Cody Rhodes bested Roman Reigns at WrestleMania XL night two to become Undisputed WWE Champion. 

Thus far, Rhodes has successfully defended his title against A.J. Styles and Logan Paul respectively. Going into the 6/7 Friday Night SmackDown, Rhodes returned to The Babyfaces Podcast and assessed his run as champion. He wants the matches to reflect a different time for the title. 

He’s not sure if the match with Logan did that, but the match with Styles did. He feels a mistake to make would be comparing what he’s doing to what Roman Reigns did for nearly four full years as champion. Rhodes says the reality of the matter is if WrestleMania XL was the peak of his run, it was an incredible peak but thinks it’ll only get better from this point. 

A big thing for me was I wanted the matches to reflect a different time for the title, and I don’t know if the Logan (Paul) one checked that box necessarily but I can tell you the first A.J. (Styles) match certainly did, in terms of what myself as champion would look like. I think a thing to avoid, a pitfall, is to make the comparisons to what Roman (Reigns) did because it was such a unique time. Roman carrying WWE through COVID and having the titles for so many years and all that. For me, it’s all about making it my own thing and the reality is if WrestleMania 40 was the peak, then it was a really incredible peak. But, I have a good tendency to see where the puck is going in the industry and I think it only gets better from here.

Rhodes’ program with Styles picked back up on the 5/31 SmackDown. A.J. invited Rhodes to the ring for what was being hinted at as Styles’ retirement. He ultimately ending up ambushing Cody. 

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