NXT’s Javier Bernal breaks foot in multiple places, states that he ‘probably’ will undergo surgery

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If he gets the surgery, he is looking at six months recovery time. 

WWE NXT roster member Javier Bernal was last in action on the 6/7 episode of Level Up. After the show aired, Bernal went live on Twitch (video via @TheRONYBrand on X). 

He shared that he broke his foot in a few places. Initially, he was told he did not need surgery but later found out that he will probably undergo an operation. With no surgery, he was looking at six weeks of recovery and with surgery, he’s looking at six months.

Well I found out the other day that I broke my foot in a few places so, you know, that sucks. Yeah, it’s kind of hard to say out loud but… let’s get through this. So, excuse me. A lot of you guys know me as Big Body Javi on television but, this is all I ever wanted to do man… That’s tough man, that’s tough (Bernal said as he became emotional while speaking about the injury) … So you guys probably saw a clip and I’m sure I’ll post a clip in the next few days. But, yeah, I broke my foot in a few places. It stinks, it is what it is. I found out — what is it? Two days ago that I broke it in a few places and initially I was told that I probably wasn’t going to need surgery but then, the next day, the M.R.I. was a little cloudy and they looked at it and it looks like I probably will have surgery on my foot. I was looking at six weeks with no surgery and from what I understand, it’s looking like six months.

The 25-year-old Bernal tagged with Drake Morreaux to take on Chase University’s Duke Hudson and Riley Osborne on Level Up. He kicked off his in-ring career with WWE in 2022. 

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