Smackdown Results: Randy Orton Returns, Helps Owens Fight The Bloodline

Photo Courtesy: WWE

June 14, 2024
OVO Hydro Arena – Glasgow, Scotland

By: John Kleinchester


  • Naomi over Chelsea Green via Rana/Roll-Up in 9:26
  • Santos Escobar over Apollo Crews via Roll-Up in 9:00
  • Nia Jax over Michin via Annihilator in 1:22
  • Solo Sikoa over Kevin Owens via Samoan Spike in 16:40

Glasgow vs. Lyon, Who Will Win?

SmackDown from Glasgow, Scotland kicked off with Naomi accompanied by Bayley taking on Chelsea Green accompanied by Piper Niven. Green got on the mic before the match and said she would crush Naomi tonight and Niven would crush Bayley tomorrow at Clash of the Castle. Niven got a big reaction from her hometown crowd who quickly broke into song as the match began. The two competitors went back and forth with the crowd rallying behind Naomi. At one point, Green tried to use the ropes for leverage during a pinfall attempt and Bayley jumped in and pushed her feet off, which got her into a yelling match with Piper Niven. Naomi then hit Rana and rolled Green up for the win. 

Corbin Gets a Fresh Start, Legado Gets Fines

Baron Corbin thanked Nick Aldis backstage for allowing him to go to NXT to “work things out”. Legado del Fantasma interrupted making fun of Corbin and Aldis fined the group for their actions against Apollo Crews last week. Santos Escobar then challenged Apollo to a match later tonight. 

Women’s Tag Champs Promo Package

Next, a promo package aired with Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair running down all their recent challengers. 


The Grayson Waller Effect with DIY

A new tease of Uncle Howdy briefly glitched in as The Grayson Waller Effect was introduced. Waller and Theory started by insulting the Scottish crowd before introducing Gargano and Ciampa who have made it clear that they’re gunning for tag team gold which happens to be around the waists of A-Town Down Under.

Ciampa and Gargano tried to drive a wedge between Waller and Theory by showing footage from last week where Waller threw Theory into the way of Gargano’s dive. Ciampa then challenged the champs for the titles tonight but the heels shot them down. Gargano then addressed Theory directly saying that he’s known Theory for a long time and that Waller is using him and he doesn’t need Waller. This prompted Waller to attack DIY and Theory took the bulk of the punishment. 

Owens & Street Profits

Backstage, The Street Profits and B-FAB let Kevin Owens know that they had his back in his match against Solo Sikoa tonight as the thing they have in common is that they all hate The Bloodline. 


Bayley & Naomi Get Jumped

Bayley and Naomi were walking backstage (as another Uncle Howdy QR code flashed on the screen) by an arguing Theory and Waller when they were approached by Blair Davenport who made a snide comment about them and walked off. Chelsea Green then approached them telling Bayley to say goodbye to her title because Piper Niven was taking it from her tomorrow night. Just then, Niven jumped both faces smashing them into the wall. 

Apollo Crews Finally Wrestles

Just as the match began, Baron Corbin came out and fought off all of Ledgado del Fantasma, also distracting Santos Escobar, and allowing Apollo Crews to get a near fall. As they returned from commercial break, Crews was in control as Humberto and Angel returned, again brawling with Corbin. This allowed Elektra Lopez to push Crews off the top rope as Escobar rolled him up for the victory. 

Wrestlers in the Crowd For Some Reason

Andrade, Cedric Alexander, Ashante Thee Adonis, and Pretty Deadly were all shown in the crowd and the commentary team mentioned they were all looking to make an impact on Smackdown soon. 


Cody and AJ

Next, Cody Rhodes came down to the ring and cut a promo about his “I Quit” Match with AJ Styles tomorrow at Clash at the Castle. This of course brought out Styles, Gallows, and Anderson. Styles lamented how easy it was to get Cody worked up as all he had to do was pretend to retire. Cody then asked Styles to get into the ring and “leave Horace and Jasper behind”, which is a 101 Dalmations reference. Styles climbed into the ring as the Glasgow crowd sang “Cody Rhodes” repeatedly.

Styles fought through the singing and referenced Cody quitting WWE, New Japan, and Ring of Honor. Styles then said, “This man helped start up a company and quit that too”. Rhodes retorted saying that he didn’t quit, he bet on himself that he was something more and he was right. 

Tama Tonga Loa

Backstage, Cathy Kelley interviewed The Street Profits and B-FAB but they were promptly jumped by Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa who left them lying. Kevin Owens then appeared and tried to go after them and Solo Sikoa but was held back by WWE Officials.

Later, Owens exited the trainer’s room and said that The Street Profits would not be able to be in his corner for the main event tonight. This also led to Nick Aldis banning Tama and Tonga from ringside and if either of them appear, they’re all suspended. Solo Sikoa told Paul Heyman that if he loses this match, he’s coming after him. 

Shayna & Zoey Promo

A promo package aired mirroring the earlier one from the Women’s Tag Champs where Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark said they were winning the titles tomorrow at Clash at the Castle. 


Nia Squashes Michin

Commentary welcomed Tiffany Stratton to the desk as Michin was about to get decimated by the Queen of the Ring Nia Jax who was without her crown. Michin jumped Jax before the bell ran and had the advantage in the beginning as Tiffany Stratton said she wanted to align herself with Jax. Stratton then got up and threw water on Michin who was promptly run over and then pinned by Jax.


Logan Loses at Tetris, Carmelo Speaks Truths

Footage was shown with Logan Paul in Pasadena, CA losing to kids at Tetris. Then we cut to footage of Paul arriving back home only to find LA Knight floating in his pool. Knight then got a phone call and started leaving, saying he’d see him in Chicago and to bring that United States title with him. We then cut to the arena with Carmelo Hayes in a luxury box who wondered why LA Knight flew all the way to Puerto Rico just to float in a pool and spout off catchphrases. Hayes then went on to say that he already has an opportunity to qualify for Money in the Bank next week. 

Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn

Jackie Redmond interviewed The Unholy Union Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn in the aisle and the team got a big response from their hometown crowd. They only spoke for about thirty seconds saying that they were going to win the gold tomorrow at Clash at the Castle. 

Main Event Time

The main event of the evening was Solo Sikoa accompanied by Paul Heyman taking on Kevin Owens. Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa were banned from ringside by Nick Aldis and The Street Profits were not cleared to corner Kevin Owens. Owens came out in a Scotland 3:16 Stone Cold shirt and the two started going at each other immediately. Paul Heyman stood at ringside during this match looking like he saw a ghost after Solo’s threat. 

Kevin Owens kicked out of two consecutive Spinning Solos and then hit a Stunner only to have Paul Heyman put Solo’s foot on the rope to save him. Owens then grabbed Heyman and was going to put him through the announce table when Sikoa hit him with the Samoan Spike twice for the win. After the match, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa ran out and started beating down Owens. This brought out the returning Randy Orton who fought off The Bloodline to save Owens. 

Final Thoughts

It’s only natural to compare these international Smackdown crowds to each other and while this was certainly a more lively crowd than most American crowds, Lyon set a benchmark that hasn’t been lived up to. AJ Styles came off pretty well in his promo with his references to New Japan and Ring of Honor and an allusion to AEW. The quality of matches tonight seemed subpar even for a normal Smackdown with the main event being the best match of the night but nothing all that special. Hopefully, Clash at the Castle delivers for the Glasgow faithful. 

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