GCW Hit’em Up 2024: Mance Warner vs. Joey Janela, the former SCRYPTS debuts

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW Hit’em Up 2024
June 15, 2024
Ukrainian Cultural Center 
Los Angeles, California 

Match Recommendations: 

GCW World Championship Match Mance Warner vs. Joey Janela 
Sidney Akeem vs. Jack Cartwheel
Viva Van vs. Man Like DeReiss

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Emil Jay

Singles Match: Broski Jimmy Lloyd vs. Jordan Oliver

Jimmy cut a promo on Los Angeles and the fans. He spotted Long Neck in the crowd and insulted him. Long Neck got into the ring and smacked Jimmy across the face. Jimmy grabbed Long Neck by the neck, but Jordan Oliver came to the ring to make the save. Jordan unloaded on Jimmy in the corner with a flurry of punches. However, Jimmy turned the tables by targeting Oliver’s previously injured knee. He wrapped Oliver’s leg around the ring post to further inflict punishment on the knee.

Jimmy grabbed a chair and started to work over Oliver’s back and leg with it. Oliver fired up and nailed Jimmy with a fisherman’s buster, but it was only good for a two-count. Oliver kicked the chair into Jimmy’s face, then booted him with the chair for good measure, but Jimmy still managed to get his shoulder up. Oliver was set up in the corner, and Jimmy hit him with a chair-assisted Broski Boot followed by the Radio Silence, but Oliver kicked out.

Jimmy grabbed another chair and went to work on Oliver’s injured leg again. He went to Pillmanize Oliver’s knee, but Long Neck returned to the ring to distract Jimmy. Taking advantage of the distraction, Oliver hit Lloyd with the Shellshock to defeat the Broski.

Jordan Oliver with Long Neck Defeated Broski Jimmy Lloyd 

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Jordan Castle 

Singles Match: Megan Bayne vs. Sandra Moone

Bayne used her height and strength advantage to back Moone up in the corner. They separated, and Moone grabbed a waistlock before getting slammed down by Bayne. Moone tried to take Bayne off her feet with repeated shoulder tackles, but Bayne didn’t budge and eventually took her down with a shoulder tackle and a German suplex. Bayne charged into the corner, but Moone moved out of the way and hit Bayne with sloppy forearms, running Bayne’s head into the turnbuckle before delivering more weak shots across Bayne’s chest.

Bayne caught Moone, who went for a crossbody, and tossed her across the ring with a fallaway slam, followed by repeated shoulders to Moone’s midsection in the corner. Bayne continued to throw Moone around the ring and hit her with a big splash, but it was only good for a two-count. Bayne took Moone’s head off with a big sliding lariat. Moone responded with a flurry of forearms, a big power elbow, and a thrust kick, which sent Bayne into the corner and to the floor. Moone hit Bayne with a big diving tope, which took out Bayne and got the crowd up on their feet and chanting for the first time in the match.

Bayne went for her big diving lariat, but Moone ducked it and hit Bayne with a lariat to the back of her head. They exchanged big forearms in the center of the ring. Moone got the brief advantage, but Bayne took her head off with a big boot followed by a Black Hole Slam. Moone somehow was able to kick out. Visibly pissed off, Bayne went for another lariat, but Moone countered with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall of her own. 

Moone beat Bayne down in the corner and placed her on the top rope. Moone attempted a superplex, but Bayne blocked it and hit Moone with a big powerbomb, followed by Decapitation and a Tombstone Piledriver for the pin and the win.

Megan Bayne Defeated Sandra Moone

Singles Match: Jack Cartwheel vs. Sidney Akeem

Both men evaded each other’s opening shots before Sidney was able to grab a headlock. Cartwheel managed to escape as they battled for control, eventually wrestling to a stalemate. Cartwheel then took Sidney down with a shoulder block. Sidney popped back up and countered with a lucha arm drag. Cartwheel regained the advantage with his high-flying offense, taking Sidney to the mat with a spinning crossbody and a dropkick for a quick near fall. They performed a version of the Ricochet/Ospreay spot, showcasing their high-flying skills and ending in a faceoff pose, which the crowd loved.

Cartwheel ducked a clothesline and took Sidney out with a head scissors, sending him to the floor. He followed up with a beautiful moonsault, wiping out the debuting GCW Superstar. Cartwheel then hit a cartwheel double knee on Sidney, but it was only good for a two-count. Sidney was sent into the corner and fought back with repeated chops and strikes. He climbed to the top rope to deliver a beautiful moonsault for a near fall.

Sidney caught Jack with some strikes and attempted a spin kick, but Jack countered, knocking him out of the air with a cartwheel back elbow in the corner. Jack hung Sidney up in the ropes, climbed to the top, and hit a top rope cartwheel double knee for another close near fall. Jack went back to the top rope, but Sidney knocked him off balance and met him up there, executing a picture-perfect Spanish Fly. Jack, however, managed to get his shoulder up at the last split second.

The two men began trading pinfalls before Sidney hit a double-handspring cutter for the victory.

Just watch the match, my words don’t do their athleticism justice. 

Sidney Akeem Defeated Jack Cartwheel

Singles Match: Viva Van vs. Man Like DeReiss

They started off with some flirting. Viva grabbed DeReiss’s arm and tried to lock in an armbar, but DeReiss managed to escape, folding Viva in half in a brief pin attempt. DeReiss was beside himself, in a good way, as he checked with the crowd to confirm what had happened. Viva took DeReiss down with a head scissors. DeReiss crawled to the corner and faked being injured to receive a stink face, but Viva caught him faking it and locked him in a hammerlock. DeReiss picked her leg and locked her in a hammerlock as well. Realizing the position she was in, Viva asked the ref to check DeReiss for foreign objects. The ref checked him and then proceeded to show Viva with his hands how big the “foreign object” was. The crowd chanted “BBC,” clearly fans of British TV.

DeReiss lightly hit Viva in an Orange Cassidy style, which prompted Viva to unload on him. DeReiss got her up on his shoulders and performed an airplane spin, then collapsed in the corner. Viva stumbled over, and it seemed DeReiss was going to complete his story, but Viva fell out of the ring before her bottom could reach his face. Viva took him down with a spin kick and hit him with a thrust kick into a Code Red, but DeReiss kicked out at 2. DeReiss hit Viva with a Cross Rhodes, but she got her shoulder up. DeReiss went to the top rope for a 450 splash but couldn’t bring himself to do it, as his love for Viva was too strong.

Viva got back to her feet and knocked him off the top rope. DeReiss collapsed in the corner and received the stink face, rendering him completely incapacitated. Viva pinned him for the win. DeReiss popped right up after the pin and forced the ref to raise his hand, parading around the ring, having completed his story.

Viva Van Defeated Man Like DeReiss

Post Match: 

Man Like DeReiss got down on one knee and proposed to Viva Van as the crowd chanted You Deserve it at the loving couple. 

Three-Way Match: Hunter Drake vs. Bobby Flaco vs. Zilla Fatu

Drake and Flaco knocked Zilla to the floor. Drake was caught by Fatu, who rammed him into the ring post after he attempted a crossbody and then hit a pop-up Samoan Drop on Flaco on the ring apron. Zilla went under the ring, retrieved a door, and set it up in the corner of the ring. Drake and Flaco hit Zilla with double superkicks followed by a top rope cutter, sending Zilla to the floor.

With Zilla out of the ring, Drake ran wild on Flaco with some power moves into a standing shooting star press. Flaco kicked out, and Drake turned his attention to Zilla, taking him out with a moonsault to the floor. Returning to the ring, Drake was quickly beaten down by Flaco, who took him down with a big crossbody, followed by another one that took out Fatu on the floor. Zilla returned to the ring, speared Flaco through the door in the corner, and hit him with a super Samoan Spike for the victory.

Zilla Fatu Defeated Bobby Flaco and Hunter Drake 

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Emil Jay 

Six Way Scramble Match: Brayden Toon vs. Manders vs. Sam Stackhouse vs. Jordan Cruz vs. Rob Shit

Shit slapped Stackhouse in the face, and Cruz picked up Shit and powerslammed him to the floor. Cruz was then taken out by Stackhouse, who also leveled Toon with a spin kick. Manders hit Stackhouse with a northern lariat, sending him to the floor. Mr. Danger took over the match, hitting Manders with a series of high-flying moves and sending him to the floor. Cruz reversed Danger’s whip and launched him with a German suplex. Rob Shit returned to the ring and sent Cruz into the corner, lighting him up with a series of punches. Toon took everyone out with a bottom rope moonsault to the floor, and Mr. Danger followed with a stunning springboard 450 to the floor. 

Stackhouse took his shirt off, hit the ropes, and went for a dive, but Rob Shit kicked him in the face before the big man launched himself outside. Cruz and Manders punished Rob Shit’s chest with clubbing blows, causing Rob to fall to the floor. Manders and Cruz then turned their attention to each other, with Manders winning the battle on the apron before Cruz suplexed him over his head. Mr. Danger went for a springboard head scissors, but Cruz blocked it and powerbombed him, as did Toon. Manders and Toon faced off, with Toon moving out of the way, causing Manders to collide with the ring post. Toon then tied Manders up in the Boston Crab on the top rope. 

Stackhouse was used as a platform as Cruz superplexed Toon, but before he could get a pinfall, Mr. Danger came off the top rope with an elbow drop. Stackhouse tossed Mr. Danger to the floor, leaving himself alone in the ring. He took his straps off and hit a dive to the floor, bowling everyone over. Toon hit Stackhouse with a running double knee followed by a Swanton, but Cruz broke up the pin attempt at the last second. Cruz connected with a leaping knee to the side of Toon’s head, and Toon fought his way out of a powerbomb position and hit one on Cruz, who then rolled to the floor. Mr. Danger came off the second rope with a destroyer, sending Toon to the floor. Cruz hit Mr. Danger with a Styles Clash, but Rob Shit came in at the last second and broke up the pin attempt. Finally, Manders took Rob Shit’s head off with a brutal lariat to win the Scramble Match.

1 Called Manders won the Scramble Match

Tag Team Match: The Stoner Bros vs. Los Macizos 

The Stoner Brothers gave Miedo a blunt, and after Miedo hit it, they hit him with straight right hands followed by an elevated elbow drop. The Stoner Brothers then turned their attention to Ciclope, hitting him with a couple of punches before delivering a powerbomb for a near fall. Ciclope tried to escape Rick Scott (no relation), but was repeatedly pummeled with chops. Miedo managed to make it back to the ring, and they hit Rick Scott with a flapjack before turning their attention to Scott Rick, whom they hit with a top rope bulldog.

Miedo received the hot tag and took Rick Scott out with a moonsault. Scott Rick tried to save his partner but was met with a boot to the face followed by a superkick that sent him to the floor. Los Macizos took flight, wiping out the Stoner Brothers on the floor. Macizos went for another pair of dives, but the Stoner Brothers cut them off with steel chairs to their heads. Rick Scott was placed on the top rope, fought off Ciclope, and delivered a powerslam off the second rope. Scott Rick hit both Macizos with steel chairs before grabbing a door from underneath the ring. 

As the Stoner Brothers slowly set up a door bridge in the ring, Los Macizos fired back up. Miedo hit both brothers across the back with a steel chair before hitting a Doomsday Device through the door bridge for the victory.

Los Macizos Defeated The Stoner Brothers

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Bodhi Young Prodigy and Gahbage Daddies vs. THRUSSY

All three men jumped THRUSSY before the bell and tried to hit dives to the floor, but THRUSSY cut them off with forearms. THRUSSY took turns beating down all three of their opponents. Price returned to the ring, jumped Katch from behind and hit her with a running forearm that connected with the side of her head. Bodhi tagged back in and took out EFFY and Sheik in their corner before hitting dives to the floor. Bodhi tried to take Katch over with a bodyslam, but Katch didn’t budge and dumped Bodhi with ease. Katch made Cole and Price kiss, then ran wild on both of them with repeated forearms and a draping cutter on Cole. She ducked a big crossbody from Bodhi as Sheik and EFFY returned to the ring, but they were quickly taken out by Price, who hit them with head kicks.

Price took Katch down with a big half-and-half suplex followed by a Blockbuster on EFFY. Price hit running boots on all three members of THRUSSY. They went to the floor, only to be taken out by Bodhi and Price, who hit massive dives onto their opponents, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Sheik was sent back into the ring and hit with a double stomp. EFFY returned to the ring and hit Price with an Under the Rainbow. Katch hit Cole with a piledriver, but before she was able to get the pin, Bodhi kicked her in the head. Sheik powerbombed Bodhi, Price, and Radrick. Allie got Bodhi up for a Doomsday Leg Drop followed by a top rope Leg Drop from Sheik to score the victory.

THRUSSY Defeated Bodhi Young Prodigy and the Gahbage Daddies

GCW World Championship Match: GCW World Champion Mance Warner vs. Joey Janela

Mance Warner spat in Joey’s face, and Joey returned the favor before unloading on him with straight right hands and repeated chops in the corners. Mance went to the floor, where Joey continued to beat him down, but Mance was able to sidestep Janela, who collided headfirst with the ring post, busting him wide open. Mance kept bouncing Janela’s head off the ring post as Joey started leaking from his forehead. Mance grabbed a series of chairs and doors from underneath the ring and sent them into the ring. He used the leg of a chair to further work away at the cut on Janela’s forehead.

Mance was firmly in control as Janela reached John Cena’s Judgment Day levels of facial color. Mance lit Joey up with chops and bit the open wound before placing Joey on the top rope. Joey fought out of Mance’s offense and hit him with a desperation tornado DDT onto a pile of steel chairs. Janela beat Mance across the back, causing him to bleed from the tornado DDT onto the chairs. Janela Sabu’d Mance, causing him to spout blood from his head, then mounted Mance and unloaded on him with a series of fists.

Janela set up two chairs in the ring and called for a brainbuster, but Mance fought out of it and choke slammed Joey through the chairs for a near fall. Mance started to stomp away at Janela’s body parts before calling for his running knee, but Janela had it scouted. He scooped Mance up and planted him on a steel chair with a Death Valley Driver for a very close near fall. Janela set up a door bridge in the corner before turning his attention back to Mance, further busting the cut on his forehead.

Janela brutalized Mance’s back with repeated steel chair shots and placed Mance underneath the door bridge, but Mance got back on his feet, hit Janela in the head with a chair, and took him off the top rope through the door with a superplex. Mance propped a door up in the corner and smeared his own blood on it. Janela was speared through the door but popped right back up. The two men began trading chops in the center of the ring, neither giving an inch as they moved to hitting each other with headbutts. They Sabu’d each other repeatedly with reckless shots, adding to the match’s tension. Janela fired up and hit Mance over the head with the broken doors before they each hit each other with a double clothesline.

They got back to their feet and continued to beat each other down with hard strikes and forearms. Janela hit a desperation brainbuster, which allowed him to climb to the top rope. He went for the double stomp, but Mance moved out of the way and took his head off with a lariat for a close near fall. Joey hit Mance with a release German suplex followed by a Snap Dragon suplex and a lariat that took Mance off his feet. Janela hit Mance with a package piledriver, but Broski Jimmy pulled the ref out of the ring before he could count to three. Jimmy got into the ring and went to hit Joey with the belt, but Joey ducked and superkicked Jimmy out of the ring. Mance hit Joey low and then with an implant DDT, but somehow Joey was able to get his shoulder up at the last second.

Mance set up another door bridge and hit Joey across the back with another steel chair. Mance went to the floor, but Joey fired up, threw more chairs at him, and then took him out with a top rope splash to the floor. The ring crew brought out a giant ladder, and Joey hit Mance in the face with it before setting it up in the corner. Janela climbed to the top of the ladder and came off with a double stomp, but before he could score the victory, Blake Christian ran in and curb-stomped Janela.

No Contest due to Blake Christian’s interference 

Mance Warner Title Defenses:


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