Skye Blue hopes to wrestle in Blood & Guts match someday: ‘I want to be in that cage so badly’

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

Since 2021, AEW has made “Blood & Guts” a special part of its annual schedule. The match, which is a style of WarGames that sees two rings surrounded by a steel cage, has been done three times in the past by AEW and is expected to return in July when they head to the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

Many of AEW’s top factions have participated in the match, including The Elite, Blackpool Combat Club, The Jericho Appreciation Society, The Inner Circle, and more. But out of the few appearances of the stipulation thus far, a big part of the roster, the women’s division, has yet to receive that same opportunity.

Skye Blue hopes to change that. In a recent interview with Iridian Fierro of WGN Radio, the long-time AEW talent mentioned her wish to participate in a Blood & Guts match someday.

“I love Blood & Guts so much,” she said. “That is my favorite Dynamite to watch. This past one, I was at work but I didn’t have to wrestle. So I went in and there’s like a little part behind where the cameras are that you can just sit and watch and I sat with a bunch of our friends, there were a couple of drivers and the production people who just sat and watched. I was like, ‘I want to be in that cage so badly.’ Everybody would just be like, ‘No, Skye. Stop it. No, sit down.’ I was like ‘No, guys. Come on. This could be really cool.’ To be the first woman to have a Blood & Guts match, I would cry.”

Blue is no stranger to matches with weapons and blood. In May, she worked a “Manitoba Massacre” match against Willow Nightingale. The match, which included thumbtacks, culminated with Blue getting put through a barbed wire table. And just a couple of months before then, she teamed alongside Julia Hart in a street fight.

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