AEW Rampage results: Willow Nightingale advances in Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

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  1. Private Party (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy) def. Metalik and Komander
  2. Rey Fenix def. Turbo Floyd
  3. Lio Rush def. Action Andretti (TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier)
  4. Shingo Takagi def. AR Fox
  5. Willow Nightingale def. Serena Deeb (Owen Hart Foundation 2024 Women’s Tournament Quarter-Final Match)

This week’s episode of AEW Rampage saw a wrestler qualify for the TNT Championship Ladder Match, included a match in the Owen Hart Foundation 2024 Women’s Tournament, had an appearance from NJPW’s Shingo Takagi, and much more.

Here’s the latest from AEW:

Private Party score win, brawl with Chris Jericho

Rampage wasted no time to get started, with the first match beginning just seconds after the show went on air. Kicking off the night was a clash between Private Party against Metalik and Komander.

Metalik and Komander were high-flying in this match, both doing spots out of the ring and onto Private Party in the opening minutes. The masked duo remained in control after a commercial break, although Kassidy was seemingly setting up for a hot tag. After dumping Metalik out of the ring, Kassidy scored a spinebuster onto Komander. Metalik tried to stop Kassidy, but he eventually made it over to the corner to tag in Quen.

Quen scored a moonsault onto Komander and then landed a superplex on Metalik. He then went back to the top and hit a 450 Splash, but Komander stopped the pin attempt afterward. Metalik was able to attack Quen, capitalizing on him being distracted by taking Komander out of the ring.

Kassidy dragged Quen over to his corner for a tag. He got in the ring and traded blows with Metalik. They eventually took each other out with a double clothesline off the ropes. Komander and Quen tried to land a Shooting Star Press on their respective opponents but both came up empty. After taking out Komander, Private Party did a double team move that saw a hurricanrana off the turnbuckle into a cutter for the win.

After their win, Private Party was interrupted by Chris Jericho and his learning tree trainees. Private Party ran to the apron and attacked the trio, causing a brawl. This fight was to set up a tag match between the two groups on Saturday’s episode of Collision.

Rey Fenix was in action next against The Outrunners’ Turbo Floyd.

Floyd put together some moves early in the match, but it eventually became Fenix’s match. After scoring a running kick off the ropes, Fenix landed a frogsplash off the top rope to earn a win.

Lio Rush earns TNT Championship Ladder Match spot

A qualifier for the TNT Championship Ladder Match was next, with Lio Rush and Action Andretti vying for a spot in the bout.

The high-flying styles of both wrestlers provided for fast-paced exchanges early in this match. Shortly after the contest returned from a commercial break, Andretti scored a big boot to get Rush to the outside. He then followed up with a moonsault off the ropes.

Back in the ring, Andretti landed a Falcon Arron for a near fall. Rush countered a move for a combination of strikes. He came off the ropes but had his attempted maneuver reversed by Andretti.

Andretti dragged Rush into a corner and tried for a split-legged moonsault but Rush avoided it. Rush scored with a kick in the center of the ring and then landed his stunner finishing move off the ropes. He followed that up with a frogsplash off the top rope, booking his ticket for Forbidden Door in the ladder match.

Shingo Takagi overcomes AR Fox

Ahead of his Forbidden Door appearance against Bryan Danielson, Shingo Takagi appeared on Rampage in a singles match against AR Fox.

Fox was seemingly closing in on an upset early in the match, stringing together a few moves and then landing a 450 splash for a near fall. Fox put Takagi on the top rope and tried for a DDT, but Shingo didn’t go down with him. Shingo scored a Pumping Bomber but had this next move reversed into a roll-up by Fox.

Takagi reversed an attempted move from Fox into a Death Valley Driver, then hit another Pumping Bomber. After revving up the crowd, Takagi finished the match with Last of the Dragon.

Danielson, the upcoming opponent of Takagi, came to the ring afterward to have a face-to-face moment.

Willow Nightingale advances to semi-finals of Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

This week’s Rampage came to a close with a match as part of the 2024 Owen Hart Foundation 2024 Women’s Tournament Quarter-Finals. Looking to continue her quest for a second time winning the tournament, Willow Nightingale faced Serena Deeb.

Deeb took Nightingale outside of the ring early in the match to land a snapping neckbreaker, establishing her control of the bout as it went to a break. Deeb remained in the lead for most of the break, but Nightingale built up a comeback as the broadcast returned.

Nightingale earned a near fall with a spinebuster, this after a combination of moves. Deeb tried for a submission, but Nightingale scored an Air Raid Crash to escape the hold. Deeb reversed a move from Nightingale into a Single Leg Crab. Nightingale was able to turn onto her back and work out of the move. Deeb landed a German Suplex and a hammerlock DDT but only came up with a two-count.

Deeb climbed to the top rope in hopes of finally putting away Nightingale. After joining Deeb on the top, Nightingale connected with a superplex. Once they got to their feet, Deeb and Nightingale exchanged strikes. This duel ended with a hard lariat off the ropes by Nightingale that floored Deeb.

Nightingale came charging into the corner for a cannonball, but Deeb avoided the move. Deeb scored with a Styles Clash of sorts although it wasn’t enough to put away Nightingale. She searched for a submission on Nightingale afterward, but had no luck.

Nightingale tried picking up Deeb but one of her knees buckled, calling back to the fact that Deeb targeted her legs frequently earlier in the match. Both wrestlers went off the ropes, allowing for a pounce from Nightingale. Nightingale then scored a powerbomb for the pinfall win, securing her a semi-final spot in the Owen Hart Tournament against Kris Statlander.

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