Smackdown results: Jacob Fatu debuts, three wrestlers qualify for MITB

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WWE Smackdown

June 21, 2024

Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois


  1. Chelsea Green def. Bianca Belair & Michin (Money In The Bank Qualifier Triple Threat)
  2. Carmelo Hayes def. Randy Orton & Tama Tonga (Money In The Bank Qualifier Triple Threat)
  3. Andrade def. Kevin Owens & Grayson Waller (Money In The Bank Qualifier Triple Threat)
  4. Cody Rhodes def. Solo Sikoa (DQ)

CM Punk returns to Chicago

To kick off this week, we were shown a recap of the unfortunate past week for Drew McIntyre. First, we saw McIntyre lose his title match against Damian Priest at Clash at the Castle due to CM Punk running interference. We were then presented a clip from Monday, when McIntyre said he “quit” due to recent frustrations.

When we cut to the live feed in Illinois, the crowd was already chanting “CM Punk.” They got what they wanted immediately: Punk’s music hit and he came to the ring. The reaction he received was, predictably, a 180 compared to that he received in Scotland: The audience was elated.

After taking in the atmosphere, Punk started by talking about how wrestlers have to live up to the pressure that comes with the job. He said that McIntyre kicked him while he was down for months and that he had to retaliate. Punk said he wasn’t going to stay down or turn the other cheek, but instead had a more extreme way to move on with McIntyre: “I set out to kill his career … I planned on burying his career six feet under. I just didn’t think it was that easy.”

An old associate of Punk’s showed up during the promo: Paul Heyman. He mentioned that Punk sat beside his children when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He got into the ring and was teary-eyed when he hugged Punk. When he finally got to explain why he arrived at the ring, Heyman explained that the mention of Chicago being “CM Punk’s town” annoyed The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa.

“Now that he’s the head of the table, Solo wants every town to be his town,” he explained. Heyman warned Punk that The Bloodline would come for him if he didn’t leave the ring immediately.

After Punk questioned what Heyman just asked him to do, The Bloodline made their way to the ring. Sikoa, who was being booed heavily, gave Punk two options “One, you pay your respect to me and The Bloodline. Or two, we about to make sure your a** never, ever gets cleared to wrestle again.”

Punk’s reply? “Solo, I acknowledge the fact that I don’t see The Bloodline standing in front of me,” he said. “I see a bunch of fake a** Usos and a phony, cosplay Tribal Chief.”

Just as The Bloodline was about to jump Punk in the ring, Cody Rhodes emerged from the crowd and handed a baseball bat to Punk. Rhodes then got on the mic and challenged Sikoa to a match: “I’ve already beaten one head of the table,” he said.

Sikoa accepted the challenge. Looks like we have a main event.

Chelsea Green earns Money In The Bank spot

Announcer Corey Graves mentioned that Smackdown had heightened security this week following the attack Monday from The Wyatts. Two security guards can be seen sitting beside the commentary team throughout the episode.

Backstage, Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill discussed whether they should ask for a rematch to get their tag titles back. Belair said that they will focus on that after she wins Money In The Bank. Cargill seemed happy with this idea.

We also saw an exchange where Randy Orton and Kevin Owens showed hesitancy about Cody Rhodes taking on Solo Sikoa without anyone else’s help. Rhodes wasn’t worried.

The first match of the evening was a triple threat to determine a spot in this year’s women’s WWE Money In The Bank match. The aforementioned Belair fought alongside Michin and Chelsea Green for a spot in the bout.

Green got some shine before the first commercial break, as she scored a dive out of the ring onto both Michin and Belair. When the broadcast returned, Green was on top of a three-person suplex spot out of the corner in the ring. Shortly after that moment, Michin sent Belair out of the ring with Eat Defeat. Green then got a near fall with a roll-up pin. After getting both of their finishers reversed, Michin hit a Styles Clash.

Belair got back into the match by breaking up a pin by Michin. The crowd was really into this performance, giving it a “This Is Awesome” chant. Belair scored a German Suplex and then a KOD on Michin. Just as she was going to go for a pin, Green picked up Belair and threw her outside of the ring. Green then pulled off the upset, stealing Belair’s pin for herself to win the match and advance to Money In The Bank.

In a locker room, Solo Sikoa was seen speaking to a distraught Paul Heyman. Sikoa provided an order of sorts for Heyman, but the audio of the broadcast seemingly had issues and cut out as he spoke. He finished the convo with a threat: “When you come back, me and you have to have a talk,” Sikoa said.

Drew McIntyre jumps CM Punk

Before his match later in the night, Grayson Waller was interviewed backstage. As he was talking, tag team #DIY interrupted to further question whether he and Austin Theory have a genuine bond, like they did last week. The bickering was cut off by a rising garage door, which revealed that Drew McIntyre had jumped and bloodied CM Punk.

McIntyre carried Punk onto the stage and in front of his supporters in Chicago. He took a bracelet off Punk’s left arm and then left him lying on the ground. As McIntyre was about to leave, Smackdown General Manager came out and expressed anger at McIntyre for the attack. A cold McIntyre slowly walked to the backstage as Punk was loaded onto a gurney to end the segment.

Carmelo Hayes sneaks by Randy Orton and Tama Tonga for MITB spot

In the first of two men’s Money In The Bank qualifiers on Smackdown this week, Randy Orton, Tama Tonga and Carmelo Hayes met in a triple threat.

Tonga and Hayes had a short-lived alliance against Orton to start the match. Orton dumped both of his opponents onto the commentary desk as the fight went outside of the ring.

With Orton still at ringside, Tonga and Hayes had a decent one-on-one battle as the broadcast returned from a break. Orton received a loud reaction when he got back into the mix to break up a pin attempt from Tonga, which he went for after scoring a backbreaker.

After handing out a slam to Tonga, Orton met Hayes in the corner and scored a superplex. He went for a pin but had it stopped by Tonga. Tonga and Hayes started brawling after competing for who would get to attack Orton.

Orton was able to land draping DDTs on both Tonga and Hayes then started to tease an RKO. As he was setting up for the move, Tanga Loa appeared on the ring apron. Orton took him out and then watched as Kevin Owens appeared on the apron to attack Loa.

At first, it seemed as if Orton didn’t get too distracted by the outside noise, as he was able to dump Tonga out of the ring after turning around. However, he was caught off guard by a roll-up pin by Hayes, which caused an end to the match. Hayes is heading to Toronto.

LA Knight, Santos Escobar, Logan Paul provide preview for next week

LA Knight made his way to the ring and called out WWE United States Champion Logan Paul in the next segment.

Paul didn’t show up immediately, but that wasn’t going to stop Knight from cutting a promo. He mentioned that he is expected to face Paul and Santos Escobar in a Money In The Bank qualifier next week at Madison Square Garden. After beating Paul in that match, Knight plans to cash in his briefcase on Paul to beat him again.

Escobar, the third man in next week’s match, made his way to the ring. He mocked Knight for acting like a “fanboy” for Paul. Escobar wanted to remind Knight that he can’t be looked past in next week’s match. After Knight said he wasn’t worried about him, Escobar attacked him. Knight reversed a move for a BFT, then grabbed the microphone once again. As he was about to start talking, Paul emerged and blindsided Knight. Paul got the last laugh in a segment between the three qualifier wrestlers competing next week.

Andrade sends a message with Money In The Bank qualifying win

The second of two men’s Money In The Bank qualifiers was next. Andrade, Grayson Waller and Kevin Owens were assigned to this one.

As Owens was on the stage for his entrance, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa returned to attack him. Randy Orton appeared with a steel chair and caused the duo to flee, but not before Owens suffered a decent amount of damage from the attack. Owens instructed Orton to make sure The Bloodline didn’t return to get him again.

Owens was selling a foot injury but was still able to get moves in. The match moved onto the ring apron after Owens scored a senton onto Waller on the ground. After putting Andrade in the ring, Waller scored a back body drop on the apron. Andrade came over the ropes and powerbombed Waller to the floor as the match went to a break.

Back from the break, Andrade scored a near fall after landing double knees in the corner to both of his opponents. Owens and Andrade started to brawl once they got to their feet. Waller intervened and scored a double DDT then had a pair of near falls.

Waller took out Owens with a kick after escaping a stunner. Owens capitalized on a brawl between Waller and Andrade, powerbombing both of them after a superplex attempt was being set up. Owens scored a Swanton Bomb onto Andrade for a two-count. Andrade escaped a stunner by Owens but was hit with it upon the second attempt. Waller took Owens out of the ring to prevent a pin attempt and to further attack his knee. Waller rolled into the ring in an attempt at attacking Andrade but was instead hit with The Message. Andrade scored a three-count with that move, making him the latest entrant into this year’s Money In The Bank match.

The Bloodline unveils Jacob Fatu

Tiffany Stratton mocked Michin backstage, making fun of her Money In The Bank qualifying match loss. Michin responded by pointing out Stratton relies on Nia Jax as her muscle. Stratton tried to slap Michin but had her slap caught. Michin responded with a slap of her own, which connected. But seconds later Stratton had the last laugh, as Jax came charging in and flattened Michin into a wall.

Before the main event, Paul Heyman was talking to Solo Sikoa about holding down the fort for The Bloodline until Roman Reigns returns. Sikoa then told Heyman: “Roman, he’s not coming back.”

The final match of the night saw Sikoa take on WWE Champion Cody Rhodes one-on-one.

The bout had a hot start, with Rhodes and Sikoa brawling outside of the ring. Rhodes sent Sikoa crashing into a pair of steel stairs. As Rhodes brought Sikoa back into the ring, The Bloodline arrived to give the match a sudden and early finish via disqualification. The faction set Rhodes up for a spike from Sikoa but was stopped by Kevin Owens and Randy Orton running in for the save.

Things quickly turned from a main event match to a three-on-three brawl. After Loa and Tonga were taken out, Rhodes and Co. cornered Sikoa in the ring. Sikoa asked for mercy until suddenly a new member of The Bloodline came into the ring: Jacob Fatu.

The long-awaited WWE debut of Fatu, which has been discussed by fans even before his reported signing with the promotion in April, has officially happened.

Fatu attacked the trio and gave The Bloodline an advantage again. He landed a Samoan Drop onto Owens on the steel stairs. He speared Orton through a barricade. Finally, he went after Rhodes and scored a massive frogsplash off the top rope and through the commentary table. Fatu went back into the ring and posed with the rest of The Bloodline as the show came to a close.

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