More details on stabbing incident involving Charles Scaggs

POST Wrestling has received a more detailed report on the arrest of Charles Scaggs last weekend regarding a stabbing at a gas station in Kansas City.

Scaggs was taken into custody by Metro Patrol for a 24-hour investigation hold after being accused of stabbing a man at Love’s Travel Shop where he works as a security guard during the early hours of Sunday, June 15.

TMZ reported the incident and that Scaggs is facing two felony charges with a court appearance set for July after posting bond last weekend.

POST Wrestling obtained the probable cause statement form from the Clay County, Missouri Prosecutor’s Office, which includes a description of the incident from Scaggs, the unnamed victim, and an unnamed witness.

Officers were dispatched to the scene at 3:40 a.m. on June 15 and found the victim lying on the ground with a witness applying a cloth to the man’s head while he was going in and out of consciousness.

The victim had various stab wounds to his head, chest, buttocks, back of the leg, and abdomen. The two stab wounds to the chest were described as “six to seven inches and the other three to four inches” and were transported to Kansas City Hospital.

The victim stated he entered the store to withdraw money from the ATM and was confronted by Scaggs as he was exiting about smoking inside. The victim said he pushed Scaggs away when he got too close and claimed that Scaggs attacked the unarmed victim, who began to defend himself.

Scaggs’ perspective is that he was doing his rounds and saw the victim smoking inside and provided a warning with the victim responding, “F you, the f**k you gonna do?”. Scaggs alleges he asked the man to leave, placed his hand on the victim’s back, and was told, “Get your fucking hands off of me don’t fucking touch me …I’m a fucking kill you. I’m a fucking break you.” He says the victim threatened to knock out Scaggs, who warned him to back up and pushed the victim back, which led to the victim attempting to grapple with Scaggs.  

Scaggs stated that he was reaching for his brass knuckles but reached the knife.

Scaggs said he took out his knife “in a defensive stance” and warned the victim to “back up” but he tried to tackle Scaggs and they began to fight. Scaggs noted that at one point the victim wrestled him to the ground and Scaggs, “probably stabbed him a couple of times as he was punching and using the knife at the same time to get away from the victim”, according to the report.

Scaggs said that the managers came out and sent Scaggs inside to clean up and that the altercations lasted about six to seven minutes. In the statement, it describes that the victim acknowledged that during both exchanges, the victim initiated the altercations.

From the report:

VIC1 (Victim #1) stated during both exchanges VIC1 had initiated the altercations. SUS1 (Suspect #1) stated VIC1 had stated to him that “I’m a fuck you up, I’m thirty years younger then (sic) you. I’m thirty you’re like sixty years old” prior to the incident.

The report observed that Scaggs had swelling and redness on the left side of his face, a red mark on the bridge of his nose, minor scratches, and redness on his fingers and hands, a laceration to his left thumb, a large red scratch on the inside of Scaggs’ left forearm/elbow and redness to the inside of his right forearm/elbow.

The statement at the end of the report notes that, “Due to the violent nature of this incident Charles Scaggs should be considered a danger to the public.”

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