Who Killed WCW? Ep. 4 (Finale) Review | DOUBLE SHOT

Who Killed WCW? Ep. 4 (Finale) Review | DOUBLE SHOT

John Pollock & Wai Ting share their thoughts on Who Killed WCW? Episode 4: “The Final Nitro”, documenting the final days of WCW and its sale to the World Wrestling Federation.

Plus: Details behind Eric Bischoff & Fusient Media’s failed purchase attempt, the AOL/Time Warner merger’s impact on WCW, how WWF was able to buy the company at such a low cost, Jamie Kellner’s role, WWF’s handling of the Invasion, and more.

John & Wai share their thoughts on the series as a whole.

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Listen to John Pollock’s interview with Exec. Producer Evan Husney discussing this episode:

Evan Husney talks “Who Killed WCW?” Finale | POST Interview

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