Cody Rhodes on veterans training younger generations: ‘Have an open mind’

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Cody Rhodes believes the path to growing up-and-coming wrestlers is to simply have an open mind.

Rhodes made a surprise appearance during Jonathan Coachman’s Behind The Turnbuckle podcast recently, joining amid an ongoing interview with Diamond Dallas Page. When the show had time to chat with the WWE champ, they asked how he thinks older generations of wrestlers can help newer talents.

Rhodes, who runs the Nightmare Factory wrestling gym alongside his wrestling career, believes that legends can’t get too hung up forcing others to follow the rules that they found success with.

“Have an open mind,” Rhodes told Behind The Turnbuckle. “A lot of the luminaries, legends, old-timers, veterans, when they mix with this modern locker room, the mistake is made of saying: ‘This is the only way it’s meant to be done. These are the rules. They’re rigid, they’re firm.’ … That type of motivation doesn’t work. That type of ‘Hey I did it all and I was at the top of my game so you have to listen to everything I’m saying.’ I’ve noticed talent today, especially younger talent, are more independent-minded than they’re ever been. They’re more strong-minded about what they can do. If you’re one of these guys coming in, having an open mind is the greatest thing ever. Triple H is the prime example.”

Rhodes went on to explain how he believes wrestling is a business mainly about having fun and entertaining, and that factor shouldn’t be lost on vets who train others.

“The number one thing I like when I see a veteran talent is when they have an open mind and they’re willing to have fun,” he said. “This is a goofy industry. There’s serious angles, and there’s life and death and in my case, there’s so many things that were real to me, but also this is fun. And this is a family show, this is family entertainment, generationally. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. To be open to there [being] a bazillion ways to do this, as long as the crowds are coming, as long as the crowds are making that noise, there’s a lot of right ways to do it and having an open mind is huge.”

Rhodes also explained his red flags for veterans in the industry, his relationship with DDP, and the greatest moment of his career. You can watch the full interview here.

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