GCW Crime Wave Results: Mance Warner & Broski Jimmy team, Sidney Akeem debuts

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW Crime Wave 2024
June 29, 2024
Gilley’s Dallas
Dallas, Texas

Match Recommendations: 

Ninja Mack vs. Sidney Akeem 
Jordan Oliver vs. John Wayne Murdoch
GCW World Champion Mance Warner and Broski Jimmy Lloyd vs. 1 Called Manders and Dante Leone

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Emil Jay

Singles Match: “The Real GCW World Champion” Blake Christian vs. Sam Stackhouse

Blake cut a boring promo about how he was screwed out of the title and wants respect. All he did was prove why, in less than a month, Mance Warner’s title reign is already 10,000 times better than Blake’s.

Blake tried to pick the big man’s leg, but Stackhouse easily shoved him off. Stackhouse hit Blake with a Fameasser, but Blake kicked out. Stackhouse remained in control throughout most of the early portions of the match. Blake moved out of the way of an impending Vader Bomb and nailed Stackhouse’s arm with a kick. Stackhouse went to splash Blake in the corner, but Blake moved out of the way and continued to target Stackhouse’s arm, eventually taking him out with a big dive to the floor. 

Blake tried to run Stackhouse shoulder-first into the ring post, but Stackhouse put on the brakes and slammed Blake into the ring post instead. He went for a splash against the ring post, but Blake moved out of the way, causing Stackhouse’s head to collide with the post. Blake Pillmanized Stackhouse’s arm and hit him with a leaping knee followed by an attempted shoulder tackle, but Stackhouse took Blake off his feet with repeated lariats into a leg lariat. Blake responded with a springboard kick followed by a DDT, but Stackhouse, no relation, got his shoulder up at the last second.

Stackhouse went for a moonsault, but Blake moved out of the way and hit him with a 450 into an armbar for the submission victory.

“The Real GCW World Champion” Blake Christian Defeated Sam Stackhouse

Singles Match: Allie Katch vs. Dulce Tormenta 

The two locked up and exchanged various holds before Dulce sent Katch to the floor and took her out with a big tope. Katch turned the tables on Dulce, hitting her with repeated chops followed by a big splash into the second row. Despite the impact, Dulce fired back up and hit Katch with a series of chops of her own. 

Back inside the ring, Katch was tied up in a Boston Crab but slowly made her way to the ropes. Dulce then hit her with a Death Valley Driver for another two-count. They climbed to the top rope, Katch gained the advantage but Tormenta fought her way out of it and hit Katch with a head-trapped superkick followed by a running double knee in the corner for a close two-count. 

Allie connected with a big forearm strike and followed it with her splash, running hip attack, and cannonball combo for a near fall of her own. The two traded forearm strikes in the center of the ring. Katch connected with a head kick that staggered Dulce, but it wasn’t enough to put her away as she fired up and hit Katch with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a very close near fall. Katch ended it with a Piledriver for the pinfall victory.

Allie Katch Defeated Dulce Tormenta

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. John Wayne Murdoch

Before they could lock up, Murdoch dragged Oliver down by the hair and unloaded on him with a series of right hands and chops. The fight spilled to the floor, where Oliver gained control of the match and hit Murdoch with a slew of his own chops. Murdoch sneaked in an elbow strike and started targeting Jordan Oliver’s previously injured knee. He attacked Oliver’s knee with a steel chair before going underneath the ring for a door, continuing to work over the injured leg.

Murdoch swung wildly, but Oliver managed to sneak in a chop of his own, grounding Murdoch. Oliver sent Murdoch flying after a string of punches and nailed him with a superkick. Murdoch countered out of the Shellshock. Oliver tried to gain momentum, but his knee gave out, giving Murdoch the opening for a Sick Kick into a Piledriver. Oliver somehow managed to kick out. 

Murdoch propped a door across the second rope. They exchanged near falls until Oliver planted Murdoch on his head with a 2K1 Driver, followed by Shellshock through the door for the victory.

Jordan Oliver Defeated John Wayne Murdoch 

Singles Match: Ninja Mack vs. Sidney Akeem 

I did my best to recap this one, but my words don’t do them justice. Go watch the match yourself—they are incredible. I’ve never seen people move so effortlessly.

They evaded each other with their high-flying offense before flipping into a stalemate. Sidney took Mack off his feet with a shoulder tackle, but Mack gained control of Sidney with an armbar, trying to slow him down. Sidney rolled through an armbar, but Mack kept pace and maintained the hold. Sidney did a double flip to break out of the wrist lock, and not to be outdone, Mack flipped out of the hold. They repeated this sequence a few times. As Emil Jay pointed out, it looked like they were playing a game of HORSE.

Mack backflipped into a waist lock, got Sidney onto the floor, and hit him with a sliding sunset flip, but Sidney flipped out of it as they started to battle on the apron. Mack set Sidney up on the apron for a Sasuke Special Sunset Flip, but Sidney held on and launched himself onto Mack with a tope. The two men brawled all around the building. Mack sent Sidney off the stage, but Sidney rolled out of it only to be hit by a flying Ninja Mack. Sidney hit Mack with a front flip seated senton, but it wasn’t enough to keep Mack down. Mack missed a Phoenix 630, and Sidney moved out of the way and tried for his double flip cutter, but Mack had it scouted and wrapped him up in a choke. Sidney managed to reach the ropes. 

Mack connected with repeated shots to the midsection but ran into a boot. Sidney clubbed Mack with some forearms before climbing up to the second rope and hitting Mack with his double flip cutter for the victory. 

Sidney Akeem Defeated Ninja Mack 

GCW World Tag Team Championship Match: Violence is Forever (Champions) vs. Los Desperados 

Ku powered Arez into the corner and ran wild on him with repeated strikes and double-team moves for a near fall. ViF went for Chasing the Dragon, but Arez got out of it and tagged in Gringo, who took ViF down with a double team DDT and repeated forearms from both men. Arez hit a springboard moonsault, followed by a standing moonsault from Gringo. Arez then set up Dom for his running kicks across his back. Gringo climbed to the top rope and hit a double jump moonsault for another close near fall. Arez lit Dom up with a series of chops and took him off his feet with a big boot into a double-team curb stomp variation for a two-count. 

Los Desperados made frequent tags, isolating Dom in their corner. Ku was placed on Arez’s shoulders, allowing Gringo to come off the top and use Ku’s back as a launch pad for a senton on Dom for another near fall. After the initial flurry of offense from ViF, Los Desperados remained firmly in control throughout this portion of the match. Dom hit a backbreaker on Gringo Loco and made the hot tag to Kevin Ku, who ran wild on both Arez and Gringo Loco with Forever Clotheslines into a Tiger Suplex on Arez. 

ViF hit Arez with a gutbuster followed by a stiff lariat, but Arez still managed to kick out. Ku tagged himself back in but was caught with a Blue Thunder Bomb, though he was still able to get his shoulder up at the last second. Gringo Loco set up a door bridge in the center of the ring and sent Ku through it with a top rope powerbomb. Dom made the save for Ku and hit Arez over the head with a chair. He turned his attention to Gringo Loco, lighting him up with a flurry of strikes. As Dom came back off the ropes, Gringo hit him over the head with a broken piece of the door. Dom dumped Arez on his head with a suplex and got Gringo up for the Chasing the Dragon to retain the GCW World Tag Team Championships.

Violence is Forever Retained the GCW World Tag Team Championships

Tag Team Match: Megan Bayne and Joey Janela vs. Los Macizos 

Miedo and Joey started the match off for their respective teams, engaging in chain wrestling with each man countering the other’s moves, leading to a stalemate. Ciclope tried to take Bayne off her feet with a series of shoulder tackles, but Bayne didn’t budge and caught him as he attempted a clothesline. Megan hit Ciclope with a big splash in the corner as Janela and Bayne worked him over with tandem offense. 

Los Macizos turned the tables on Janela, splashing him and delivering a series of punches to his head. Janela created some separation with a big crossbody and made the hot tag to Bayne, who took Ciclope off his feet with a dropkick and splashed both men in the corner, followed by overhead suplexes. All four wrestlers battled in the center of the ring, but Joey was caught with a knee strike followed by a neckbreaker from Miedo. Bayne came to Joey’s aid, suplexing both members of Los Macizos and sending them to the floor, where she put Joey on her shoulders and threw him onto Los Macizos.

Joey was sent headfirst into the ring post as Los Macizos grounded Bayne with a shotgun dropkick. Ciclope went underneath the ring and retrieved a couple of chairs and a door. Ciclope Sabu’d Joey, giving him more time to set up a door bridge. Joey jumped him from behind, placed Ciclope on the door, and sent him through it with a Swanton Bomb. As Joey was about to get the pin, Blake Christian broke it up and Curb Stomped Janela. Broski Jimmy came in and gave Bayne a Radio Silence, but she popped right back up and hit a double chokeslam on Los Macizos for the double pin.

Megan Bayne and Joey Janela Defeated Los Macizos 

Post Match: 

Mance Warner jumped Joey from behind and hit him across the back with a steel chair and Sabu’d the chair at Bayne’s head. He proceeded to choke Bayne as One Called Manders and Dante Leone came to the ring for their match. 

GCW World Champion Mance Warner and Broski Jimmy Lloyd vs. 1 Called Manders and Dante Leone

All four men started brawling. Manders and Dante sent Mance and Jimmy to the floor, and Dante attempted a dive but was pulled out of the ring. Manders made the save for his partner with a tope. Manders and Mance lit each other up with chops around ringside while Jimmy and Dante brawled on the opposite side. Mance hit Manders across the back with a steel chair as Jimmy set up a door bridge on the floor. Dante went for a dive, but Mance Sabu’d him, causing him to fall off the top rope onto the door below as they maintained control of the matchup. Mance sent Manders into a steel chair that Broski was holding as he started to get into it with the crowd. 

Jimmy unloaded on Manders with a series of headbutts. Mance made his way back into the ring and continued to beat down his former SGC brother. Dante got the hot tag and ran wild on Jimmy Lloyd with a couple of kicks. Mance went to kick Dante, but he moved out of the way and Mance connected with Lloyd instead. Dante lit Mance Warner up with Kawada kicks and took everyone out with a tope. Manders brought a barbed wire door into the ring and set it up in the corner as Leon set a door bridge up in the opposite corner. Mance was placed on top of the door bridge as Dante came off the top with a shooting star press, but Jimmy attacked Dante with a steel chair before he could attempt the pin. 

Manders power-slammed Jimmy Lloyd through an open chair as Mance came flying in for a spear, but Manders moved out of the way, causing Mance to collide with the barbed wire door. Dante was dropped chest first onto a chair, and Mance chokeslammed him through another chair, but Manders made the save at the last second. Jimmy hit Dante with the Radio Silence, and Mance hit Dante with an implant DDT but pulled him up before the ref could count three. Lloyd and Mance were about to hit Dante with dueling steel chairs when Bayne and Janela ran to the ring and pulled the chairs out of their hands. Bayne took out Mance Warner with a vicious spear. Jimmy superkicked Jimmy, and Manders turned him inside out with a lariat, followed by the End Seeker from Leone to secure the victory.

Dante Leone and 1 Called Manders Defeated the GCW World Champion Mance Warner and Broski Jimmy Lloyd 

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