WWE Raw 7/1 Results: Drew McIntyre, Zoey Stark qualify for Money In The Bank

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WWE Monday Night Raw


TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts


  1. Xavier Woods def. Karrion Kross
  2. Liv Morgan def. Zelina Vega (WWE Women’s World Championship)
  3. Zoey Stark def. Dakota Kai & Ivy Nile (Women’s Money In The Bank Qualifier Triple Threat)
  4. Rey Mysterio def. Dominik Mysterio
  5. Drew McIntyre def. Sheamus & Ilja Dragunov (Men’s Money In The Bank Qualifier Triple Threat)

Chad Gable continues to be haunted by The Wyatts

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw started with the arrival of Jey Uso. The fan favorite emerged from a rowdy crowd on the concourse of the TD Garden, then made his entrance through the stands and to the ring.

During Uso’s entrance, it was mentioned that Corey Graves was in place for Pat McAfee on the commentary team this week.

Uso claimed that he’s going to win at Money In The Bank this weekend. Shortly after making this claim, fellow ladder match participant Chad Gable made his way to the ring. Gable told the crowd to stop chanting “Yeet,” then started to brag about how it’s been a miracle that he’s still standing. He said that this weekend he will be “Master In The Bank.”

Uso asked if Gable was scared of the Wyatts after getting attacked by them last week. Gable said that Uso should be the one worried because he stole the usage of fireflies and because he “abandoned his family.”

“The only thing your family did is what I did. And that’s get out from under from a manipulative scumbag,” Uso said before he was suddenly attacked by Gable. Uso landed the better shots in the brawl and set up for a frogsplash, but Gable rolled out of the ring to end the attack.

As Gable left the ring, the lights went out in the venue. The crowd went wild, knowing that the Wyatt family were likely about to appear. The camera stayed on a distraught Gable as smoke started to appear in the venue. He carefully walked through the crowd, and toward an exit, but found three different ways out of the venue blocked by Wyatt members. Eventually, he escaped through the crowd.

A Wyatt member was shown near the commentary desk, where two security guards were taken out. An object was given to Graves and Cole before the segment came to an end. They said later on the show that they were handed a VHS tape which will be played on the show.

New Day get their win back

In the first match of the night, The New Day’s Xavier Woods met Karrion Kross of The Final Testament. This match came a week after Kofi Kingston lost a match to Kross due to a distraction from the heel faction.

Kross put the hurt on Woods early in the match as the fight went out of the ring. Woods was put into a ring post just before the match went to a commercial break.

Woods started to regain control of the fight as the show returned, stringing together moves. However, a reversal from Kross into a headbutt put a halt to his momentum. Woods came off the top rope for a move but ate a forearm to the head. As Kross picked up Woods he got caught in a roll-up pin, causing a sudden end to the match. Just a week after Kross beat Woods, he fell to the other active New Day member.

New Day didn’t have too much time to celebrate, as the Authors of Pain eventually hit the ring and attacked them. Kingston got the duo outside of the ring and tried for a dive, but was cut off by Kross. Kross put Kingston’s left arm in a submission, trying to make a statement as the segment came to an end.

Finn and Damian butt heads

Backstage, Damian Priest told Dominik Mysterio that he spoke to Rhea Ripley and that she was “pissed.” Mysterio said he would handle the issue with him and Liv Morgan tonight, but Priest didn’t seem convinced. As they walked into the Judgement Day clubhouse, Morgan was seen in the room with the rest of the team. As she left, she wished Mysterio luck in his match tonight.

Priest pulled Finn Balor aside and said Morgan shouldn’t be in the clubhouse. Balor mentioned that Morgan helped them win a tag title match last week, potentially justifying her presence there.

“Whatever you think about Liv, she helped bring the tag team championships back to the Judgement Day,” he said “The real issue is you.” Balor later said that Priest has changed since he won his title.

Liv Morgan defends women’s title against Vega

A title match was next, as Liv Morgan put her WWE Women’s World Championship on the line against Zelina Vega. This was Morgan’s second title appearance since capturing the belt in May in Saudi Arabia, and her first appearance against an opponent other than Becky Lynch.

Shortly after the match started, Dominik Mysterio came to the ring to watch. However, following him just a few moments later was Rey Mysterio, his opponent later in the evening. Vega scored a double knees to the head of Morgan off the ring apron as the show went to a commercial break.

After the break, Morgan started to play mind games during her match. After hitting a Three Amigos, Morgan went for Rhea Ripley’s Prism Lock submission. She kept performing these moves in front of Dominik, who tried to keep a deadpan reaction. Vega regained momentum, piecing together some moves and hitting a moonsault for a two-count.

Vega tried for a Code Red but instead was driven down to the canvas on her head by Morgan. The duo went into a corner of the ring, where Vega scored a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Morgan rolled out of the ring after getting hit with this move, preventing Vega from going for a pin attempt immediately.

Outside of the ring, Rey shoved Dominik. Morgan scored a baseball slide dropkick onto Rey, but this distraction proved regretful for her. Morgan ate a 619 from Vega followed up with a DDT for a near fall. The crowd really got into the match at this point, clearly pulling for Vega.

Dominik tossed a steel chair into the ring, causing Vega to throw it back in his face. But this moment allowed Morgan to hit her Oblivion finishing move on Vega, earning her a pinfall to win the match and retain her title. Morgan grabbed her belt and walked to the back with Dominik.

Morgan was interviewed on the stage by Cathy Kelly after her win. “Cathy I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. The Liv Morgan revenge tour is going exactly as I planned it,” she said. She then dedicated her last win and all of her future wins to Dominik, who had already walked backstage by the time she had said this.

Rollins and Priest go face-to-face before Saturday night

Seth Rollins made his way to the ring for the next segment. The former champ, who just made his official return just two weeks back, was there to hype his in-ring comeback this weekend against Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins started talking about how he was going to face Priest amid issues within The Judgement Day. As he started talking about conflict within the group, Finn Balor came to the ring.

Balor blamed Rollins for all of the issues in the group, including how he feels Priest has changed. Rollins said that he doesn’t have beef with Balor, but will happily beat him up if he’s in his way. It was at that moment that Priest came to the ring, causing Rollins to think he was about to get jumped. Instead of attacking Rollins, Priest reiterated that nobody should get in between them, taking a clear shot at Balor.

Rollins got amped up from words by Priest, telling him that they can settle their issue “right now.” A brawl ensured, with Balor beating up Rollins. However, Priest pulled Balor off Rollins since he didn’t want someone involved in his issues. As they argued, the duo ate a superkick to the head from Rollins. Rollins hit a Curbstomp on Balor but turned around and took a South of Heaven Chokeslam from Priest right after as the segment came to a close.

Zoey Stark books ticket for Toronto

Dakota Kai, Ivy Nile and Zoey Stark fought for the final spot in the women’s Money in the Bank match in the next match.

The power of Nile was on display early in the match. She scored a double bulldog onto Kai and Stark as the match came back from a break. A couple of minutes later, she also connected with a double German Suplex.

During the match, Kai ally Kairi Sane came down to the ring and hopped onto the apron. This distracted Nile, allowing Kai to take control of the match. However, tag champs Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn jumped Sane, catching Kai off guard. Kai took a superkick from Stark, then a Z-360 finisher to end the match. Stark is moving on to Money In The Bank.

After the match, the VHS tape that the Wyatts gave to the broadcast aired. In it, Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy was seen chatting with a masked figure. In the conclusion of it, he says that people must pay for their sins. “I am the voice of the reckoning. I am the reckoning. I’m nobody.” Watch the full segment below:

Backstage, Chad Gable approached Otis. He expressed worries about being targeted by the Wyatts and wanted help. Otis wanted to keep his distance: “We’re not helping you. This is not our problem, this is yours.”

Gable said if anyone ever targeted Otis, Maxine Dupri or Akira Tozawa, Gable would have their back. As Gable left the cafeteria, Tozawa and Dupri showed up to comfort Otis.

Rey Mysterio beats Dominik Mysterio once again

The next match saw Dominik Mysterio face his father, Rey Mysterio, in a singles match. This was the third time they have faced off, with previous matchups taking place at Wrestlemania 39 and a Father’s Day WWE house show in 2023.

As the match progressed, Liv Morgan came to the ring to support Dominik Mysterio, much like he did for her earlier in the night. As Rey tried setting up for a 619, Morgan pulled Dominik out of the ring. Rey kicked Dominik while he stood outside, causing him to land onto Morgan, which she liked.

After Rey dragged Dominik back into the ring but got distracted in the process. Dominik got a two-count with a suplex. Outside the ring, Zelina Vega jumped Morgan. Dominik hit a 619 of his own. Morgan and Vega continued to fight as Dominik went to the top and tried for a frogsplash. Vega caused Morgan to move the ropes, knocking Dominik off-balance.

Rey hit a modified 619 in the corner, then landed the follow-up frogsplash for the win. Dominik has yet to beat his father in a singles match.

Sami Zayn confronts Bron Breakker

Sami Zayn came to the ring to discuss his matchup this weekend against Bron Breakker. After mentioning that he believes he will defeat Breakker this weekend, the title challenger himself hit the ring.

Breakker said he respected Zayn for being willing to face him, but said that the champ clearly doesn’t know what he signed up for. Zayn didn’t buy Breakker’s pitch. “If I really have to stand in this ring and tell you about who I really am, it tells me that you haven’t really done your homework,” Zayn said. “And maybe, just maybe, you are not as good as you think you are. I will see you at Money In The Bank.”

Breakker dropped his mic and started to walk away, but then turned around and speared Zayn suddenly. Breakker ran around the ring and tried a spear on Zayn, but came up empty and went crashing into the steel stairs. Zayn then brawled with Breakker, bringing him into a corner of the ring to hit an exploder. He tried for a Helluva Kick but instead was hit with another spear from Breakker.

Drew McIntyre takes step toward title opportunity

This week’s episode of Raw came to an end with a men’s Money In The Bank qualifying match featuring Ilja Dragunov, Sheamus, and Drew McIntyre.

Sheamus gave his 10 beats to the chest of McIntyre outside of the ring early in, hanging him over a guardrail for the move. After the break, the match was a fast-paced battle, with the control being passed between the trio. Dragunov had a notable series of moves, scoring an H-Bomb on the floor onto Sheamus, then another onto McIntyre for a near fall.

After the match went through a second commercial break, Dragunov got the better of a three-man superplex. Dragunov came out of the corner for a move but was countered by McIntyre with a headbutt. McIntyre tried for his own move instead and was hit with Torpedo Moscow by Dragunov.

Dragunov came off the top in an attempt to hit Sheamus with an aerial move across the ring but instead ate a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then scored a proper Brogue Kick, but the pin attempt that followed was stopped by McIntyre.

Dragunov was eliminated from the scenario, getting tossed into the timekeeper’s area by McIntyre. Sheamus lured McIntyre into the ring, wanting to brawl with him specifically. The duo traded strikes in the center of the ring. Sheamus put McIntyre on the apron to beat his chest. He tried for a Brogue Kick but had it stopped. McIntyre tried for a roll-up pin, but Sheamus kicked out. Sheamus landed a knee and hit the ropes, but was hit with a clean Claymore Kick from McIntyre right after. McIntyre was able to score a pinfall with this move, securing his spot at Money In The Bank.

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