Logan (2017) Review | MCU L8R

This week in their Deadpool & Wolverine ReWatch prep, Rich Fann & WH Park are joined by Brandon From NJ to review Logan from 2017!

An Oscar winner and one of the most critically-acclaimed comic book movies in the genre, the trio talk about their feelings on the film at the time of its release and how they feel about it now. They explore the long suffering road Logan has gone down and what its heart-rending ending means for the character.

Rich goes hard into discussing Logan’s Uber/Lyft job and what he hated about Charles’ portrayal, which counters WH’s strong feelings on the film. Daphne Keen’s spectacular debut is one of the keys of the whole review, as all three love her energy and chemistry with Hugh Jackman. Plus, Brandon explains his “Hypo-Man” persona and the powers that go along with it.

They then read some interesting takes on the movie from listeners in the forum, and WH gives his recommendations!

No MCNews this week, as the news just wasn’t fit to print!

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