Tiffany Stratton wins 2024 women’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Image Courtesy: WWE

Tiffany Stratton has won the 2024 women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

She beat fellow competitors IYO SKY, Chelsea Green, Lyra Valkyria, Naomi, and Zoey Stark in an impressive match.

The contract gives the winner the right to a title match against any WWE or NXT female champion at any time.

Chelsea Green was booked as having a fear of heights, beginning the match unable to climb the ladder and trying to jump for the case.

For lengthy stretches of the match, two competitors at a time were in the ring, with the others laying outside.

Bumps onto flat ladders on the canvas featured heavily, with most of the field taking some nasty knocks.

Cheers rang out as Naomi grabbed tables from under the ring. However, she was taken out by Chelsea Green. This allowed Green and Stratton to set the tables up at ringside.

Valkyria was earliest to get close to grabbing the case, but was tipped off the ladder by Zoey Stark, right into another ladder in the corner.

Zoey Stark and IYO SKY then fought atop the ladder. This led to a brutal-looking bump onto another ladder set up against the ropes.

Chelsea Green’s path seemed clear, but Stratton knocked her off the ladder through the tables that had been set up earlier.

Stratton was then free and clear to grab the case.

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