Drew McIntyre angle spills onto MITB post show as he gets physical with Adam Pearce

Image Courtesy: WWE

Drew McIntyre’s failed cash-in attempt at Money in the Bank spilled onto the PLE’s post show.

Earlier, CM Punk cost McIntyre his chance at winning the World Heavyweight Championship. McIntyre won the briefcase in the opening match. He then cashed in during the title match between Seth Rollins and Damian Priest, making it a triple threat.

Punk made a surprise appearance and laid out McIntyre with chair shots before hitting him with the title belt. This allowed Priest to retain.

Later, during the post show, McIntyre appeared and started yelling into the camera.

He could be heard shouting to Punk, “Get out here now. I know where your family lives.”

Raw’s storyline general manager Adam Pearce and some WWE referees emerged to remove McIntyre but the Scotsman ended up elbowing Pearce in the face.

Panelist Wade Barrett then separated the two, yelling at McIntyre: “You hit him again, and your career is over.”

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