Finn Bálor reveals his WWE contract extension is for five years

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Bálor to be with WWE for the foreseeable future. 

Episode #314 of the What’s the Story? Podcast featured a chat with Finn Bálor. As the conversation moved along, the current WWE World Tag Team Champion revealed that the contract extension he signed with the company is for five years. 

Bálor stated that the feeling was mutual on both sides as far as wanting to be there and them wanting him there. It came down to the six-month mark before his contract was up. He joked that he’s crossing his fingers that they do not fire him. 

Bálor was featured in multiple segments on the 7/8 Monday Night Raw. He also teamed with Carlito and J.D. McDonagh and scored a win in their six-man tag.

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