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Photos Courtesy: WWE

Braden Herrington and Davie Portman review WWE NXT from July 7th, 2024 featuring the fallout from NXT Heatwave! Braden and Davie review the whole show, which includes: 

  • Ethan Page & Shawn Spears vs Trick Williams & Joe Hendry
  • The Rascalz reunite with Wes Lee
  • Tony D’Angelo vs Lexis King (Rounds Match for the NXT Heritage Cup)
  • Karmen Petrovic vs Arianna Grace
  • Sol Ruca vs Fallon Henley
  • The OC vs OTM
  • Gallus vs Tyriek Igwe & Tyson Dupont
  • Thea Hail vs Izzy Dane
  • Brooks Jensen sits down with Ava to talk about his recent actions
  • No Quarter Catch Crew “off” Damon Kemp


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Photo Courtesy: WWE

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