DDT Pro renting venue to couples who want wedding ceremony; offering on-site wrestling, food & tuxedos/dresses

Photo Courtesy: DDT Pro-Wrestling

Couples who are looking to get married could have DDT host their ceremony. 

On the 31st of August, DDT Pro-Wrestling will be hosting their Wedding Hall Wrestling Summer Festival. The promotion is offering the opportunity to couples to host their wedding ceremony. 

The venue is in Gifu, Japan. Fans from the general public are invited to attend to celebrate. A ring is going to be set up and there are four to five matches being planned. 

DDT is offering food for the couples and guests in addition to the in-ring action. The fee for couples to have DDT host is 250,000 Yen, which is approximately $1,548.57 USD. Paying the fee will get couples one tuxedo, one dress and that comes with a hair, makeup and dressing package.

The application deadline is August 16th.

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