Nikki Garcia open to coming out of retirement to face AEW’s Britt Baker

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Nikki and Britt’s interaction. 

The newest episode of The Nikki & Brie Show featured a recording of a live stage show that Nikki Garcia and Brie Garcia hosted in Los Angeles, California. 

One of the guests to join them was AEW’s Britt Baker. As the conversation moved along, Baker brought up the idea of facing Nikki, to which Nikki said she’d come out of retirement for that and wants to do a comeback in a few years.

Britt: You don’t have to miss it. It’s right here for you. Do you want it? Because I’m right here, if you need an opponent. 

Nikki: I would come out of retirement for you. 

Britt: I would love nothing more. 

Nikki: You know what? This is my one thing: Doing a comeback, because I do wanna do a comeback in a few years…

Brie Garcia chimed in and spoke about the presentation of AEW’s women’s division. She said she’s always respected AEW President Tony Khan for not putting limitations on the division.

Brie: Obviously, yes, Nikki (Garcia) and I with WWE and we had a lot of restrictions, all that. But I have to say, it was so fun to watch you women at AEW to have zero limits and that’s what I respect Tony (Khan) for. He put zero limits on all of you.

Staying on the topic of All Elite Wrestling, Britt looked back on her decision to sign with the company. She recalled the talks she had with WWE at the time as well. 

Baker: That was definitely kind of like a leap of faith (signing with AEW) but, because I know I’ve said this before, I was in talks with WWE and AEW at the time. But, it was a chance to be part of something new, to be a disruptor, to make history and no one knew what was gonna happen with AEW and that was something — did that cross my mind? This might not be the right decision? For sure. Looking back at it now, it’s the best decision I probably could have ever made, and it gave me a chance to still do my other career which is dentistry and you know, I’m very stubborn. I’m like taurus’, born with horns…

The former Women’s World Champion returned to AEW at Forbidden Door. She interrupted Mercedes Moné’s post-match celebration and they crossed paths again the following Wednesday on Dynamite.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit The Nikki & Brie Show with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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