The POST Wrestling Christmas Show 2018

The POST Wrestling Christmas Show 2018

Welcome to the annual POST Wrestling CHRISTMAS SHOW with John Pollock and Wai Ting.

In their largest show ever, John and Wai reflect on the launch of POST Wrestling one year ago welcoming many guests to discuss 2018 including:

Dan Lovranski, Braden Herrington, Davie Portman, John Ramdeen, Robin Black, Scrump, Tom Lawlor, Brian Mann, Nate Milton, Marc Raimondi, Benno, Oli Court, Martin Bushby, PCO, Damian Abraham, WH Park, Chris Charlton and Dave Meltzer.


Plus, the annual POST Wrestling Christmas Jingle Contest goes down with plenty of controversy coming out of this year’s version. (Click here to vote after listening to each entry)

Sit back and enjoy the POST Wrestling Christmas Show!

Opening theme: “POST Wrestling Christmas” by Pierce Lancaster
Closing theme: “Santa Waiby” by Stephen and Charlotte Gutteridge

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