WH Park’s Champion Carnival match recommendations

WH Park goes through the top matches from All Japan's Champion Carnival tournament with his recommendations of matches to check out.

Quick recommendation guide for the 2019 Champion Carnival

By WH Park

The finals for All Japan’s 2019 Champion Carnival will be held on April 29, 2019, at Korakuen Hall.

It will be Jake Lee v Kento Miyahara.

For those wanting to catch up here is a quick, spoiler-free guide to what I thought is worth watching including non-tournament undercard matches.

Every match is at least 3.5 stars to 5 stars.
* = stars

4/4 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
Naoya Nomura v Jake Lee 4.25*
Kento Miyahara v Atsushi Aoki 3.5*
Joe Doering v Suwama 3.5*
Shuji Ishikawa v Yuji Okabayashi 5*

4/6 Kisarazu Citizen Center
Yuji Okabayashi v Yuma Aoyagi 3.5*
Naoya Nomura v Takashi Yoshida 4*

4/7 Nagoya International Conference Hall

Suwama/Yusuke Okada v Kento Miyahara/Yuma Aoyagi 3.75* is worth watching.

4/9 Kunibiki Messe Multipurpose Hall
Kento Miyahara v Zeus 4.25*

4/10 Hiroshima JMS Aster Plaza Multipurpose Studio
Yuma Aoyagi v Zeus 3.75*
Joe Doering v Naoya Nomura 4*

4/11 Acros Fukuoka Event Hall
Dylan James v Kento Miyahara 3.5*

4/13 Osaka Edion Arena #2
Joel Redman v Naoya Nomura 3.75*
Dylan James v Zeus 3.5*

4/14 Osaka Edion Arena #2
Ryoji Sai v Zeus 4*
Kento Miyahara v Shuji Ishikawa 4.25*

4/15 Kanazawa Distribution Center
Atsushi Maruyama, Jake Lee & Koji Iwamoto v Black Menso-re, Kento Miyahara & Takao Omori 3.5*
Naoya Nomura v Takashi Yoshida 4*

4/16 Act City Hamamatsu
Joe Doering v Takashi Yoshida 3.5*
Kento Miyahara, Yoshitatsu & Sam Adonis v Dylan James, Joel Redman & Naoya Nomura 3.5*

4/17 Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
Kento Miyahara v Yuma Aoyagi 4*

4/20 Hotel Emisia Sapporo
Joel Redman v Suwama 3.5*
Dylan James v Yuji Okabayashi 5*

4/21 Hotel Emisia Sapporo
Joel Redman v Yoshitatsu 3.5*
Yuji Okabayashi v Zeus 4.5*
Jake Lee v Suwama 3.5*

4/23 Sendai PIT
Ryoji Sai v Yuji Okabayashi 4.25*
Joe Doering & Joel Redman v Kento Miyahara & Yuma Aoyagi 3.5*
Dylan James v Shuji Ishikawa 3.5*

4/24 Aora Nagaoka
Joe Doering v Joel Redman 3.75*
Yuji Okabayashi v Atsushi Aoki 4*
Violent Giants v Yoshitatsu/Yuma Aoyagi 4.5*
Kento Miyahara v Ryoji Sai 4.5*

4/25 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
Ryoji Sai v Yuma Aoyagi 3.75*
Dylan James v Atsushi Aoki 3.5*
Zeus v Shuji Ishikawa 4.5*
Kento Miyahara v Yuji Okabayashi 5*

4/28 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
Naoya Nomura v Suwama 3.5*


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