TRMPS #5: Doom (2005) w/ Jason Chapa

TRMPS #5: Doom (2005) w/ Jason Chapa


On this edition of The Rocky Maivia Picture Show, Nate Milton welcomes video game aficionado/pop-culture critic/brave soul Jason Chapa into the theater to review 2005’s sci-fi/horror/action mash-up, Doom!

The guys fight their way through one of Dwayne Johnson’s biggest box-office bombs, Nate debuts a new segment called “A Moment With Sting”, and our doomed duo tackles the following topics:

  • The Rock’s career arc up through this film
  • The history behind the “Doom” video game franchise
  • Director Andrzej Bartkowiak’s handling of the source material
  • The curious case of the B.F.G. (Barely Fired Gun)
  • What current member(s) of the WWE roster should have starred in the upcoming “Doom” reboot?

Plus, YOUR feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.


The Rocky Maivia Picture Show is a monthly movie review podcast that drops every 3rd Saturday on POST Wrestling!

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