Live Report: WWE Raw in Saint John, New Brunswick

A live report from Friday's Raw house show in Saint John, New Brunswick that featured Seth Rollins taking on Baron Corbin a Street Fight and Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Natalya & Dana Brooke for the women's tag titles.

WWE Raw house show

Location: Saint John, New Brunswick
Date: Friday, September 6th
Submitted by: Andrew Bates

Ricochet vs. Cesaro
-Cesaro played at being respectful but eventually started doing heel work.
-Long heat sequences end in dueling count out spots
-Cesaro hit a nice looking gorilla press GTS
-Ricochet wins with the standing shooting star press

Lacey Evans video promo about how Tim Horton’s coffee is nasty and so is Becky, who she will beat for the RAW women’s belt later (Becky vs. Natalya vs. Alexa had been the advertised match)

Robert Roode vs. Cedric Alexander
-Roode in the ring cuts a heel promo about how Saint John is the armpit of Canada
-Plugs the tag match with Dolph on Monday
-Still some chants for Roode during match
-Cedric hit a massive spinning back elbow but sold the injured body part
-Cedric wins with the backbreaker

-Gallows and Anderson hit the ring for a post-match beatdown
-Hawkins and Ryder with the run-in
-And now The Revival is next out with mics
-The Usos vs. Revival was scheduled
-Dash says he wishes this show was canceled like Halifax
-Dawson says Vince called them asking for top guys
-Says Saint John hasn’t had a winning team in 15 years? Did I mishear the number? (Our hockey team won the Memorial Cup in 2011)

The Revival vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins
-Lots of delaying at the start as The Revival and Hawkins/Ryder have a pose off and then a hug off
-Hawkins with a hot tag
-Ryder hit a dive and Hawkins assisted but then got rolled up by Anderson for three

Plug for the network from the ring announcer Kayla Braxton

Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans for the Raw Women’s Championship
-Huge response for Becky
-Becky did some boss stuff like catching a leg and then running circles around Lacey
-Then trapped Lacey’s arm at ringside and dragging her behind while Becky high fives fans
-Lacey taps to the Disarmer.


Mojo Rawley vs. Titus O’Neil
-Mojo cuts a promo that starts hype and turns heel
-Saint John, New Brunswick, he says, then pretends he didn’t know the actual name and gets mad
-Heel promo
-Stupidest city in Canada he says
-Don’t boo me I got an MBA
-60-second promise. 1 mil bet!
-Beats up Titus before the bell but O’Neil hits him with the sit-out powerbomb and pins him in thirty-seconds
-After match Rawley claims he won the bet because he didn’t say a winner. Nobody is paying

Baron Corbin video promo
-Calls the city “garbage”. He’ll hit Seth with chairs, stairs, a little kid if necessary

Alexa Bliss enters for A Moment of Bliss
-What do you guys have going for you? “Nothing!” yells the kid behind me.
-Most ungrateful, rudest, not bringing me Starbucks people I have ever met
-Guest is Nikki Cross
-They compliment each other until Natalya’s music hits and she and Dana Brooke challenge them to a match

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Natalya and Dana Brooke for the Women’s Tag Titles
-Spot where champs run around the ring till Dana jumps out of the ring and spooks Alexa into flooring Nikki
-Dana screams “YEAH CANADA”
-The kids like Dana???
-Natalya hot tag
-Crowd is into it
-Nattie sets up for the sharpshooter and the crowd is into it, but Nikki breaks it up. While she’s distracted Alexa hits the sucker punch and pins her for 3

Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin (advertised match) in a Saint John New Brunswick Street Fight for the Universal Championship
-Including NB in the match name is so form letter
-Baron wants to be known as the future king of the ring
-Surprises Seth with a Kendo shot
-Rollins whips baron into the front row and hits the Okada crossbody over the guardrail
-Rollins pulls out a table and Corbin cuts it off leading to a “we want tables” chant
-Lots of boos for Corbin
-Corbin cuts off a suicide dive with a chair on the outside
-Seth hits a sling blade and brings a table in the ring but Corbin cuts him off
-Corbin abuses the ref so the ref flips and hits him with punches in the corner
-Long spot with teases of a curb stomp through the table
-Corbin puts Seth through it instead, apparently assisted by Lacey Evans who is here
-Corbin sets up another table and Becky hits the ring to clear Lacey out
-Tremendous pop
-Corbin tells Becky to leave and she fakes doing it and Kendos him in the back
-Seth and Becky put Corbin through the table and then Seth hits him with the curb stomp for the pin
-The ref gets the tag belt and poses, then Becky gets the tag belt and they whip em over their heads together
-They slap hands with fans to end the show