Exclusive: Faye Jackson on ROH Run, Intergender Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling

POST Wrestling's Andrew Thompson speaks with Faye Jackson about her run with Ring of Honor, intergender wrestling, Beyond Wrestling & lots more.

Exclusive: Faye Jackson Reflects On ROH Run, Talks Intergender Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling & More

By: Andrew Thompson

Over the Summer, the Washington DC-based promotion Prime Time Pro Wrestling presented a show filled with independent wrestlers that are already established or are trying to establish themselves in the wrestling business. The fans in attendance were lively but a talent by the name of Faye Jackson brought the crowd up a few notches. It was Faye’s charisma along with her in-ring ability that kept the crowd invested throughout her match.

I had the opportunity to speak with Faye Jackson after her match at the aforementioned event and asked her how she managed to keep the crowd with her for the entirety of her match. Faye explained that there is no root of it and sometimes she even questions why crowds cheer for her.

“I have no idea”, Faye laughed. “Sometimes I wonder why people even cheer for me. I would say it’s a natural thing but also I would say that I like to entertain. People entertain in their matches in different ways but I want the crowd to be fully engaged. Truth be told, some wrestlers think too much about the moves and not about the story. I was taught there should [be a] reason people watch you, especially since I’m not a flipper or a gymnast. I try to give you a reason to cheer me or boo me if it calls for it.”

The early portion of Faye’s in-ring career began inside of the Ring of Honor dojo. Faye would soon transition to the Women Of Honor division where she shared the ring with the likes of Sumie Sakai, Britt Baker, O.D.B. and Karen Q. Faye expressed that she will forever be grateful towards Ring of Honor for giving her-her first opportunity in wrestling but in regards to a potential comeback, there’s always the phrase, ‘Never say never’ but Jackson is focused on moving forward and not traveling backward.

“Women of Honor gave me my first opportunity into wrestling and I will be forever be grateful for that,” She said. “As far as going back to the company, I will never say never. But I will also say I don’t like traveling backwards. Only onward and upward.”

Another promotion that has hosted the Ohio native is Beyond Wrestling. Beyond receives a great deal of praise on social media for their shows and Faye explained why that is the case. She talked about her experience[s] in Beyond and why she thinks the promotion is as popular as it is.

“Beyond Wrestling is just one of those places that gives the fans a reason to be fans. They are the type of fans that just love wrestling and they can be very into it. Beyond lets the wrestler be the wrestler with no stops or frills.” She explained.

The topic of intergender wrestling is one that draws mixed reactions but for Faye Jackson, she loves being able to compete with and against men and women. Faye was recently a part of wXw’s World Tag Team Festival in Germany where she and Mike Schwarz defeated Amale and Levaniel. Jackson noted that women can be just as powerful as men and provided a message to those who are not in favor of the style that is intergender wrestling.

“I love it!”, She expressed. “For me, I love it because I feel like I have more to prove with men. I’m not wrestling girls that are the same size and definitely not the same weight as me. Men give me a reason to give all my strength and somewhat agility. I do understand why people don’t like intergender wrestling. Men that were raised right know not to put their hands on a woman. The only argument I would give to intergender wrestling is this: We are athletes and we are entertainers. Women can be just as powerful and sometimes more powerful than men. If I would have waited on another woman to join my school when I first started training in order to finally learn pro wrestling, I would have been waiting for quite a long time,” Jackson said. “It’s uplifting for women to share a ring with men because it proves to us that we can be just as powerful and dominating.”

The growth and support for women’s wrestling over the past several years have increased tremendously. That growth also includes coverage from women in wrestling media as well. Faye told POST Wrestling that there are many opportunities in wrestling for women to take advantage of and there is no better time than right now to get a foot in the door.

“There are so many opportunities now that every woman should seize the moment. This is the perfect time to get your foot in the door and this is the perfect time to make a name for yourself. It’s great because you see women getting the opportunity…period. No matter what size, race, shape, whatever. Women’s wrestling is here to stay and I’m here for it.” Faye concluded.

Faye Jackson recently challenged for the wXw Women’s Championship and is the reigning BCW Women’s Champion. She has been featured in GCW, Pro-Wrestling: EVE, Reality of Wrestling, AIW, and Queens Of Combat in 2019. To keep up with the latest on Faye Jackson, she can be found on Twitter and Instagram @fayejackson419.

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