NWA Power Report: Episode 5 – James Storm vs. Colt Cabana

John Pollock's review of Episode 5 with James Storm defending the NWA National title against Colt Cabana, The Rock 'N' Roll Express show up & more.

The show began with a big review of last week’s episode and the outcome of the main event six-man tag that leads to James Storm vs. Colt Cabana for the National title on tonight’s show.

Dave Marquez brought out Colt Cabana, he said he deserves to be in the main event and he is 100%.

Marquez’s next guest was Aron Stevens and discussed his loss to Ricky Starks last week. He added he is the great-grandson of William Shakespeare and quoted him. He threatens to leave the NWA for Hollywood if they don’t give him a rematch with Starks.

There was a spot for RetroMania Wrestling featuring Nick Aldis with 8-bit video game graphics and cheesy editing in the style of the regular spots.


The Dawsons double-teamed Kingsley and threw him around the ring until Mims was tagged. The Dawsons won after hitting a double powerbomb to Mims.

WINNERS: The Dawsons at 2:10

The Dawsons want a shot at the NWA tag titles and were confronted by Eddie Kingston and Homicide. Kingston made no excuses for losing their No Disqualification match despite the interference but want a rematch. Kingston & Homicide have an outstanding title shot and will put that on the line in a rematch and The Dawsons will “think about it”.

Joe Galli interviewed Tim Storm and is asked about retirement. He knew he couldn’t be on the mountaintop forever and was proud of his effort in losing to Aldis. Galli mentioned the NWA title is no longer in his grasp and Storm was devastated at hearing those words but praises all the titles in the NWA.

Nick Aldis took Storm away and said, “none of this happens without you” and not to allow Eli Drake to get in his head and won’t let him walk away from this.


Thunder Rosa attacked Vox with kicks and elbows. Vox escaped the body scissors and fought back. Rosa escaped a submission and hit a double foot stomp off the top to the back and won.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa at 3:17

Marti Belle ran in to protect Vox and send Thunder Rosa away. They are slowly establishing the women’s division with added members of the division on a weekly basis. The match was very quick but fine for what it was, especially establishing Thunder Rosa after several vignettes promoting her debut.

Marquez spoke to Belle, she called Allysin Kay her best friend. She was hurt by Kay stating Belle isn’t ready. This prompted Kay to come out and asked why she couldn’t speak to her privately.

Thunder Rosa returned and attacked Kay from behind while Belle watched. Eventually, Belle entered the ring and paused before attacking Kay, instead of helping her former friend.


Stevens charged at Starks, who rolled up Stevens for the first fall in five seconds while he was still taking his ring accessories off.

Starks quoted Charles Dickens before chopping Stevens and got a great pop from the crowd. Stevens poked him in the eyes and they stomped him. Starks came back and hit a tornado DDT for a two-count. Stevens got cocky and did his bow to the audience allowing Starks to cradle him for the win in 4:09.

WINNER: Ricky Starks (2-0)

Stevens sold the shock of losing both falls to Starks, who is the rising star they are protecting and is getting over with the audience. Starks has loads of charisma and Stevens has caught on in a great way playing off the crowd.


Ken Anderson was in Cabana’s corner. Eli Drake was also ringside.

Storm attacked Cabana’s left leg at the beginning, Cabana got his feet up as Storm came off the turnbuckle. Storm landed a top rope elbow drop for a two-count. Cabana landed with the bionic elbow off the turnbuckle and was cut off with a backstabber.

Storm hit the Eye of the Storm that Cabana kicked out from. Drake got onto the apron to complain about the count, was yanked down by Anderson and they struck each other. Kamille was down and got into Anderson’s face.

Out of nowhere, Cabana sent Storm to the mat and covered him with the Superman pin and won the title.

WINNER: Colt Cabana at 7:57 to win the NWA National title

Storm told Cabana he would see him again and also had words for Anderson before exiting.

The Dawsons returned and told Marquez they accept Kingston & Homicide’s challenge and want the match now. They had already promoted the match for next week’s episode.


The Dawson attacked Kingston in their corner and knocked Homicide off the apron to maintain the advantage. Kingston hit an STO on Zane Dawson and made the hot tag.

Homicide did the ‘Forever’ clotheslines that Galli referenced.

Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs ran down to attack Homicide and led to The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express fighting off Wild Card to a big reaction.

Back Fist to the Future by Kingston and a Gringo cutter from Homicide onto Dave Dawson and they won the match.

WINNERS: Eddie Kingston & Homicide at 5:40

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express returned to celebrate with the winners.


This was a very enjoyable program and it’s fun to watch them play around with certain conventions for unique twists. Case in point, they subtly promoted Eddie Kingston & Homicide vs. The Dawsons for next week’s episode on a graphic going to break and then delivered the match in a genuine impromptu setting.

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express continue their year of unlimited bookings by popping up here and receiving a great response. It’s great to have one strong nostalgia act that can also adapt to the modern audience and do unique things with the younger talent.

One of the best segments on any program this week was the interview with Tim Storm, who is fantastic. This is one of the best actors in a wrestling setting across all the major promotions. Cody Rhodes is very good in that setting as the franchise babyface, but Storm can convey such a believable and likable persona that was on point in this show. Aldis has a limited role in this episode but you can see a larger story at play as he is trying to get into Storm’s head and Aldis conveyed his role well, too.

Allysin Kay has several opponents lined up with Marti Belle attacking her, Thunder Rosa attacking her, and Vox is the one who lost Kay, but is working her way back to get another shot at the champion. The Belle attack was telegraphed but they gave the motivation ahead of time that Kay told her she wasn’t ready and therefore; felt she was justified.

Ricky Starks continues to improve and his chemistry with Stevens on the microphone is there.

Given the length of the match, and how quickly they transitioned to the tag match, Cabana’s title win was a bit of an afterthought on this show after the set up to the match was such a heavy focus last week. They are keeping Cabana, Storm, Anderson, and Drake linked together.

Finally, I really enjoyed how Galli and Cornette played off one another on this show. It’s a strong team and they had several funny lines and shots at each other that made for a fun broadcast.

This remains the easiest and quickest show to digest on the weekly menu of professional wrestling shows.


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