POST NEWS UPDATE: PCO says ROH planned to run a show at the Montreal Bell Centre

ROH was planning to run the Montreal Bell Centre according to PCO, AJ Styles feels that his matches with Shinsuke Nakamura in WWE had absurdly high expectations, Ricky Starks explains why he left the NWA, Dark Side of the Ring news, AEW's Trent feels that he has a singles run in him, and much more.

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** Former ROH World Champion PCO joined the Ringsiders Wrestling podcast and revealed that Ring of Honor was planning on running the Montreal Bell Centre in Quebec which holds 20,000 people.

“Yeah, it’s funny that you mentioned that because the plan — the first match where I was supposed to go against Nick Aldis for the NWA World Title in Montreal, in Canada. But, something happened — Ring of Honor didn’t want it to happen — kinda didn’t want it to happen or it didn’t happen or I don’t know. We lost our relationship at one point with NWA, and when Marty [Scurll] signed and then Marty’s a good friend of Nick…

That would be awesome to get a title match with Nick. Also, when I was the champ, I had done so many talk shows back home where Ring of Honor was not known that much, and we were about to sell out like 20,000 tickets. For me, it was gonna be the next ALL IN. It was gonna be title [defenses], Montreal Bell Centre in a sold-out arena and anyways, stars weren’t aligned like that but maybe it could happen with the NWA Title. Maybe it’s gonna happen — it might happen in Atlanta first, Georgia. It might happen. I don’t know.”

While conversing about Ring of Honor, PCO shared that every Thursday afternoon, Ring of Honor holds a Zoom meeting with employees and company executives.

“And we have a meeting every Thursday afternoon on Zoom with all the roster and the executives from Ring of Honor so we’re analyzing what we can do best on a weekly basis.”

** UK-based wrestler Sierra Loxton announced that she is stepping away from in-ring competition due to injury. She went to visit the spinal clinic and found out that she has a new fracture in her back and because of that, she is no longer able to wrestle. She wrote a detailed statement and shared it on social media which can be found here. In the Summer of 2019, Loxton suffered a broken lumbar and has not wrestled since.

** Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone conducted an interview with former NWA World Television Champion Ricky Starks. Starks recently announced his departure from the National Wrestling Alliance and in this interview, he explained that while he was with the NWA, they wanted to keep him and even offered to go 50/50 with him on merchandise revenue. Starks said that it came down to making the decision that was best for him and taking a chance on himself.

“Honestly man, these past few days and seeing what’s been posted, videos and all that, I think I made the best decision I could’ve made. I know that some people [are] like, ‘This dude was offered guaranteed money, per month.’ NWA offered to do a 50/50 cut with me on merchandise. I said no, I passed that up, and I know that some people [think] that’s stupid especially during a pandemic. But here’s the thing, if you get comfortable, you don’t move forward sometimes, and I think — I wouldn’t say I got comfortable because I was still trying to get more out of it but, it was too familiar for me so I wanted to get out of it. I understand that aspect of this. I understand this dude. I wasn’t fired, I wasn’t furloughed, I wasn’t any of that. I consciously made the effort not to. NWA wanted to. We just mutually couldn’t agree on stuff. So, I get the aspect of it but if I’m not taking a risk then what am I really doing. It’s exciting, yes and it’s scary, yes, but I have been by myself and had to work so hard just by myself in anything I’ve done, that all I have is myself and my support of myself and I have to constantly push myself and that’s how I’ve gotten to the place that I’m at, and if I don’t believe in myself enough to make a decision like that, then I’m really wasting my time, I’m wasting your time, I’m wasting everybody’s time. So, I made the decision, I slept on it, made the decision. I understand what’s at risk here and sure, I may have to struggle a bit but the reward and the payoff is worth that to me.”

While speaking about his run in the organization, prior to the Powerrr series, Ricky said that the powers that be never saw him wrestle or cut a promo before he shot his vignettes for the YouTube series.

“Because honestly, NWA never saw me wrestle and they never saw me cut a promo before they hired me. They only saw those vignettes that I did. So, it was more of a thing of, ‘Oh, he’s good’ and then I do the second episode after Trevor Murdoch and I cut that promo and they go, ‘Oh wow. Okay, we didn’t expect that.’”

** BT Sport uploaded their interview with Alexa Bliss, in-which Bliss discusses her history with concussions and how she was able to bounce back from those injuries.


**’s Brandon Davis did an Instagram Live interview with Chris Jericho and Jericho revealed that the Stadium Stampede match at AEW’s Double Or Nothing pay-per-view took 12 hours to film.

**  According to ESPN’s NFL writer Kevin Seifert, on Tuesday, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said during a filing in bankruptcy court that he will not be a bidder for the XFL. The unsecured creditors committee expressed that McMahon was trying to get one over on the process so that he could buy the league back without paying back debtors at full price. The Athletic’s Daniel Kaplan published an article which featured comments from McMahon from his appearance in court.

“I don’t know why that’s out there, making me out to be the bad guy, (that) I’m going to buy the XFL back for pennies on the dollar, basically,” McMahon said. “That helped me move into the direction of I’m not going to be a bidder, not going to have anything to do with it. I do hope that someone will pay a lot of money for it, and I do hope that it will survive.”

** All Elite Wrestling’s Trent Beretta spoke with Ryback on the Conversations with the Big Guy podcast. While chatting about being able to work as a singles wrestler and a tag team wrestler in AEW, Trent feels that he has a singles run in him and likes wrestling as a single more than wrestling as a tag partner.

“I think I have a singles run in me for sure. I think I’m way better at singles wrestling, and I like it more. Not that I don’t like tag wrestling but I always felt I was a singles wrestler, and I’ve gotten to do a lot of cool singles stuff in AEW so far.”

Trent also spoke about his time in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He said that he does miss Japan, but he does not miss being thrown in tag matches that would last under ten minutes.

“It keeps you excited about wrestling. You’re not burned out. I look forward to going to work and wrestling. There’s been times in my career where tours of Japan, I’m not looking forward to… like sometimes, it’s a week in a row of eight-man tags at house shows.

But for me it was rough because I wanna wrestle. I’m not lazy about wrestling. Once I go in there, I’m going hard no matter what but when it’s an eight-man tag and it’s 12 minutes long, it’s like, ‘Aw, I didn’t even wrestle.’ So I was feeling like I was getting worse but overall, I f*cking love Japan. I miss it a lot.”

** ICW New York is running a show on June 27th in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Tickets for the event went on-sale on May 27th. The show will be a deathmatch card and it’s a drive-in show. There is a 50-car limit to meet the standard of New Jersey law. All guests must remain in their respective vehicles. ICW staff will be wearing masks while interacting with guests and all talents’ health will be monitored leading up to the event.

** AJ Styles was the latest guest to join WWE’s After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves. AJ recently wrestled Shinsuke Nakamura on SmackDown in the Intercontinental Championship tournament. AJ recalled he and Shinsuke’s match from WrestleMania 34 and feels that the expectations were way too high going into that match.

“The expectations are way too high. That’s the only thing I think — oh yeah, because I know Nakamura did too because no matter what we would’ve done in that match, the expectations were way too high. Here’s what a lot of people don’t understand: Crowds, fans, the WWE Universe — New Japan, all that stuff, their fans are everything. They’re everything. They set the tone on what is a great match and it’s how they respond to it and in Japan, they’re so respectful and when they do respond, it’s huge and you’re just like, ‘Wow! This is such an amazing match’ but had that same match been done in a WWE ring without the same response, it’s not gonna be declared as that great of a match. Fans are everything. They dictate a great match. It’s just the reality and the truth of the whole thing and a lot of people don’t understand and the expectations were so high because of what we did at Wrestle Kingdom. I was like, ‘Oh man’ and I still think it was a great match.”

AJ spoke about the earlier portions of his run in WWE. Vince McMahon told AJ that he had guys who could do what AJ does in the ring and he needed to see that “pitbull” come out of Styles. Styles feels that it was after that conversation that he started to hit his stride in WWE.

“And even when I had my first match, against… I think it was Curtis Axel, and he had one of the guys with him. Vince, he brought me to the back and he goes, ‘I got guys that can do what you do. I got guys that can do that. I got guys that can do what you just did out there. What I need, I need this pitbull. That’s what I need.’ I go, ‘Oh, I know that guy!’ I was trying to be what I thought a babyface was supposed to be in WWE, but when he told me that, now I was like, ‘Okay, I can be this guy who just wants to eat freaking people alive’ and it got to a point, I think it was a make or break when I had this — it was MizTV on RAW I believe it was, could’ve been SmackDown, who knows? But a couple guys came up to me and said, ‘Listen, you gotta put it on him.’ Like what? ‘Yeah, you gotta really get him. You gotta put it on him.’ I was like, ‘What!?’ And of course, I go out there and I’m just super intense doing what I do. I didn’t catch you with any shots or anything. I wasn’t going to do that, but what they wanted to see was that intensity and getting after a guy and I think that’s what changed everything. But yeah, it was really weird. The, ‘Put it on him.’”

** Variety has an article up which reads that Dark Side of the Ring is now the best performing series in the history of VICE TV. Throughout its two seasons, the show has managed to stay within the 400,000 viewers range. The season two finale which was the Owen Hart episode broke the previous Live+3 viewership and key demo records for VICE. Executive Vice President and General Manager of VICE, Morgan Hertzan said that she is excited for more content from Evan Husney and Jason Eisener.

** Curt Hawkins will be making his in-ring debut for WrestlePro Alaska on September 19th.

** Two weeks ago, Jim Cornette took to his podcast and made negative comments about Becky Lynch announcing that she and Seth Rollins are expecting a child and she’ll be taking time away from wrestling to be a mother. Cornette expressed that he felt it was the wrong time because of where Becky Lynch is career-wise. Seth Rollins would react to Cornette’s comments on WWE’s After The Bell podcast and said that he was hurt by Cornette’s words and felt disrespected that Cornette would speak of his fiancée like that. On a recent edition of Jim Cornette’s podcast, he spoke about Seth Rollins’ appearance on After The Bell and here’s what Cornette had to say:

“Honestly, I feel bad that I hurt Seth Rollins’ feelings. I seriously, legitimately — this is not part of a bit. I feel bad that I hurt his feelings. I wouldn’t have felt bad if I would’ve made him mad, because people in the wrestling business get mad all the time, right? And I figured he might get mad because when I was criticizing the timing of the incident, he had a hand in the timing so I thought he might be a little mad about that, and you know, people get mad all the time. Blah, blah, blah. But when he said I actually hurt his feelings, that made me feel bad because I did not believe that I said anything that should’ve hurt Seth Rollins’ feelings, and the bone of contention where I hurt his feelings was that I said bad things about his wife and obviously that would tend to hurt one’s feelings but, and I want you to help me here Mr. Don’t Agree With Me Either [Brian Last], let’s go back and did I say anything bad about Becky Lynch as a talent or as a person? I said she was the biggest female wrestling star in the world and maybe the biggest in the world because there ain’t a lot of big male stars these days. That’s not bad. I said she was a female Stone Cold that put her f*cking — she was a huge box office draw and the most important member of the women’s division. I never said anything about her looks. I think she’s a very attractive young lady. I did paint a less than rosy picture about the physical effects of pregnancy but I have heard these things and never having been pregnant myself, from all the pregnant women I’ve ever heard talk about being pregnant have said these things happen. Did I quote any side effects of pregnancy that do not exist? I do not believe I did. But I didn’t say anything bad about Becky Lynch as a person. I put her over as a talent and I was talking about the astonishing timing of the situation, and I don’t know whether that Seth had heard the actual show or whether he just read the text of it that everybody was clipping and putting on their little play websites where they play wrestling reporter, which was a little harsher than the overall tone of the piece.

But I didn’t say that and I’ve actually in the past said Seth Rollins is an amazing worker and one of the best in-ring talents and looks like a superstar and I’ve taken issue with how they present him. They’ve managed to make him boring with his Monday Night Messiah thing. But the overall bigger picture was, I didn’t say anything bad about Becky Lynch besides the fact that she had gone and got pregnant at a time when she has attained a spot that few have ever attained and that all aspire to in the business and is making a sh*t ton of money. So that’s the worst thing I said about Becky Lynch. Did I miss anything Brian?”

** Chris Jericho will be in action against Colt Cabana next week on AEW Dynamite.

** Enes Kanter appeared on The No-Sports Report Podcast with Jensen Karp and during their conversation, Kanter revealed that he was told not to watch All Elite Wrestling if he wanted to get into WWE.

“I watched a little of AEW, but like they said, ‘Hey, if you ever want to get on WWE, do not mess with it.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, sure. I’m not! (laughs)”

** Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated chatted with former 8-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi. When Tanahashi was asked about wrestling continuing on during the COVID-19 pandemic, he stated that it is a “black eye” on the business that might remain even after the pandemic is over.

“There isn’t a governing body for Japanese pro wrestling. As such, we can’t necessarily enforce cancellations. That’s been the responsibility of each company. But to run events in the middle of a pandemic presents the wrong image of professional wrestling to society and would deal a black eye to the industry that might still remain even after the pandemic ends.

I thought it was important for us to come together, understand exactly what’s happening and do what’s right, even if that means returning to action after other pro sports.”

** New York Post published a story about bandmates Jimi Riddle and Casey Hopkins’ ‘Isolation Wrestling Federation’ promotion that they started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their Instagram account features promos that the show participants have shot on their own and the likes of Casanova Valentine and Konnor of The Ascension are involved.

** Ring of Honor’s Mark Haskins chatted with Lewis Nicholls for an exclusive interview. Haskins opened up about his experience working with Ring of Honor while the pandemic has been going on and the line of communication between the two parties. Haskins says ROH is taking care of him and they are currently establishing a concussion protocol with assistance from Chris Nowinski.

“My commitment and my loyalty right now is to Ring of Honor. They’re really taking care of me. I really appreciate my spot here and its been great to see what they’ve done over the last few months because how they’ve — they’re really trying right now to prove how much they care for their talent. They’re putting into place concussion protocols, working with guys that they haven’t previously worked with like Chris Nowinski. They’ve made catering backstage, they’ve flown us out for talent meetings so we can sit down and discuss where we see the future going and a lot of the ideas that came out of that meeting is something that they’ve now implemented. I really feel like they’re a dark horse in the wrestling world right now, and I love being a part of Ring of Honor and I would love to see where a future with them would potentially lead to.”

On the lighter side of his time with Ring of Honor, Haskins recalled when he pranked Marty Scurll shortly before their match and he detailed how the prank came to be.

“One of my fondest memories and this is probably bad, so basically I had a match with Marty Scurll in Texas and he had the worst upset stomach ever and he needed to go to the bathroom but we were on next and I was like, ‘Don’t worry Marty, you got time. I’ll take time with my entrance. You can go.’ He’s like, ‘Thanks man, I appreciate it’ so he goes off. My music played. I have never hit the ring quicker in my life. The Ultimate Warrior couldn’t have caught up with me. I sped to ring, arms up, arms down, turn around, face the entrance way, gave them no reason to keep the camera on me. It switches to him, his music starts playing. Apparently, as soon as he just sat down on the toilet, he heard his music start and he freaks out. So I’m in the ring and I just found it hilarious and yeah, he’s taking a long entrance and everyone’s like, ‘Wow, he’s really taking his time. He’s really making them work tonight.’ No, he’s in the bathroom.”

** Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) and Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) joined Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast to discuss their careers in WWE and being let go from the sports-entertainment company. Myers, Cardona and Jericho spoke about the proverbial “brass ring” in WWE and Myers told the story of how every year after WrestleMania, there would be a meeting about the brass ring being up for grabs but after the company did not capitalize on Zack Ryder’s momentum, those meetings stopped.

“I’ll speak on your [Matt Cardona] behalf because I’m so proud of this whole era of your career, and the groundbreaking kind of things you’ve done for the wrestling industry in a sense. But, and Chris [Jericho] can attest to this: Every year, as long as I was in WWE, the RAW after Mania we have this B.S. company, everyone there at TV meeting where we say, ‘The brass ring is there, it’s yours. It’s a fresh year, who’s going to get it?’ And ever since Long Island Iced Z and the whole Z True Long Island story, they don’t even bother with that meeting anymore because they know it’s not true, because even if you grab the brass ring, you’re gonna get your hand smacked and if they don’t want you to have it, you’re not gonna have it.”

Myers reflected on the time of his career when he decided to go back to FCW out of fear of losing his job because he was not being flown in for TV. For one year, Myers worked in FCW and was not paid because he made the choice to go there and it wasn’t the company who sent him there.

“Broski got drafted to ECW and I maybe stayed on SmackDown, and then I like, I didn’t have an idea. I had no clue what I wanted to be or what Curt Hawkins was gonna become if he wasn’t a tag team wrestler, and I stopped getting travel and I had been around long enough to go, ‘That’s the sign of death around here.’ So after maybe two weeks, maybe three weeks, I called Johnny Ace and said, ‘Look, I’m not getting travel. I know what that means. I’m not gonna sit home, get fired and get my emails ignored. I can’t do anything from my couch.’ I was like, ‘I’ll just go to FCW if you want me to. I’ll f*cking outwork every guy you got down there and prove myself and get back up’ and he’s like, ‘Ok, but I’m not paying you because I’m not sending you. That’s your choice.’ So I went to FCW unpaid for a year and did every practice, every show, everything imaginable to get back to the main roster.”

** Alicia Atout has an interview with Matthew Rehwoldt, formerly known as Aiden English and Rehwoldt expressed that if there was one thing he could’ve changed from his run in WWE, he would’ve shown more of his athleticism.

“I guess the one thing that people didn’t get to see enough of is, and I feel it’s weird because I never wanted to highlight this because I never wanted to be arrogant or make it all about me. That was never my go-to but, it sounds so cheesy but I’m really athletic, and I can do a lot. It sounds so cheesy but I can do a lot more in that ring than I think I got the chance to do. I was a gymnast for like four or five years in my life and I love jumping off things and bouncing off things and it just never worked its way into my persona and character and that’s totally fine but there was a lot of stuff that I would practice at the PC and stuff and I’m like, ‘Yeah, this would be cool,’ and then it never kinda worked out. You had flourishes of it during a couple babyface runs there with The Vaudevillians and Rusev Day and stuff but, that was probably the one thing I wish I could’ve gotten out there a little bit more.”

** Ryback welcomed Lio Rush onto his ‘Conversations with the Big Guy’ podcast and Rush reflected on when he was away from WWE for nearly seven months. Rush returned to the company under the NXT banner and spoke with Paul “Triple H” Levesque about receiving the bump in pay that he’d been asking for. Rush blames himself for going along with the conversations and had an inner feeling that things were not going to change on that front.

“It was very disappointing and underwhelming just because… I got played. I was fooled, and I blame myself for that because I should’ve known that was gonna happen based off of past experiences with them.”

** Part five of Hiroshi Tanahashi’s interview with is up.

** ‘Metro’ released their interview with NXT Tag Team Champion Fabian Aichner. Aichner spoke about learning from Paul Levesque, Shawn Michaels and also being able to take in some insight from The Undertaker via his ‘Last Ride’ docu-series:

“Oh man, we’re at the tip of the iceberg right now. These guys have a completely different picture of wrestling compared to us right now, but we’re like a sponge. We are trying to soak up as much as we possibly can. It doesn’t get any better than Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and Triple H. For us, it’s the time of our lives right now to question those people and learn as much as we can.”

** Lt. Col. Scott Motley was profiled by ‘The Daniel Island News’. On top of his everyday duties, Motley also had the job of transporting WWE wrestlers overseas for USO performances.

** Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy interviewed with former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho. Jericho was asked about The Inner Circle’s brawl with Mike Tyson, Rashad Evans and Henry Cejudo on the May 27th episode of AEW Dynamite. In regard to a potential match between Jericho and Tyson, Jericho said that decision is up to him but does believe that Tyson is capable of having a match.

“It’s not up to him, that’s up to me. Of course, he’s capable. Wrestling is all shapes and sizes and there’s a lot of different ways to do it. So if he’s agreeable to doing something with us, then we work to his strengths and eliminate his weaknesses. That’s what wrestling’s all about.”

** Ricochet joined Flash Morgan Webster on his ‘Wrestling Friends’ podcast. Ricochet reflected on his rise in WWE and spoke about when he first made the move to RAW and SmackDown. He said that he thought Vince McMahon would either love or hate his style of wrestling so all he could do was go out to the ring and do his best.

“Hell no. I didn’t know what to expect to be honest with you… especially my style, I thought either Vince is gonna love me or absolutely hate me. You know what I mean? So, all I knew is I’m just gonna go out there and try to sell my butt off and I don’t know, somehow I ended up having all the right people on my side I guess so I had all these opportunities and I just tried to make the most of them and show them that I wanted to be there and show them that I could take whatever they threw at me.”

Elsewhere during the podcast, Ricochet told the story of how the spot with Velveteen Dream came to be in-which Ricochet did a flip over the top rope and landed right in front of Dream. Ricochet revealed that it was Paul Levesque’s idea and in the moment, Ricochet was not worried or thinking about messing the moment up.

“It was Triple H’s idea because we were trying to find an exclamation mark to finish this promo and nothing fit. It all just seemed — nothing fit, and we were just standing there all silent thinking about things, and then Triple H, he goes, ‘You know it’d be cool if you just run and flip out of the ring, boom. Land right in front of him’ and like, ‘Show me. Show me bro’ and he’s like, ‘Could you do that?’ And then I just thought, I was like, ‘I don’t know. I do dives all the time and I hit people and I land on my feet and I roll away.’ So I was just sitting there thinking. I said, ‘Yeah maybe, probably.’ But that’s the thing, when it happened, I wasn’t really thinking about messing up. I was just like, ‘Okay, how can I do this?’ And then I kinda saw it in my head, and I saw it a lot. I think AR Fox used to do it in practice I think. He used to do it before the shows because he’s a crazy person. But, so I was like, ‘Yeah, I think I can do it’ and then so, time came and it just kinda worked out perfectly.”

** The Women’s Wrestling Weekly podcast welcomed Dana Brooke onto the show. The topics of Hana Kimura, Dana Brooke’s run in WWE and self-doubt were all covered during the near-hour long interview. Dana said that there have been times during her run in WWE when she questioned if she should continue on or not because of self-doubt.

“I don’t think I’ve ever said this before but there’s been times I walked out of there and I just shake my head. I’m like, ‘What am I doing? I’m in my 30s.’ I just don’t know. It’s like, ‘Am I doing the right thing? I love what I’m doing, I love inspiring everybody but it’s frustrating at times’ but in the back of my mind I’m like, ‘No, this is my life. I am married to wrestling. I am married to this business.’ Like any marriage, if anyone’s married it’s tough, right? It’s tough love. You have to make it work and make it fit. So it’s just the point that I never wanna give up.”

** posted their interview with Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa talked about his forthcoming match at TakeOver: In Your House against Karrion Kross. Ciampa also spoke about his on-screen history with Scarlett from their time in Ring of Honor.

“Yeah, I don’t know how many people are aware of it, but Scarlett and I have a bit of a past as far as wrestling goes. We were both in Ring of Honor at the same time, and our paths crossed when she was managing Matt Taven. It was more than anything just a familiar face that I know what she’s capable of ringside and the distraction that she causes and it was one of those days, you have your moments I think of just, ‘Christ, we’re doing this again?’ This time around, she just happens to have a monster behind her. I don’t know, man. Deja vu more than anything, and in a very different way than Johnny and Candice.”

Ciampa described his relationship with his daughter Willow and how she attends the majority of NXT shows that he’s competing on. He added that he loves having her around.

“I just remember coming back through the curtain after the match at WarGames, and Adam [Cole] and I just fell off the top of the cage, and I might have spent a total of 15 seconds in Gorilla, just, ‘Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you,’ and then I just wanted to go find her, just go back to Dad. That’s the most interesting part to me. She comes to every TV taping on Wednesdays, even if it’s just for an hour or two during catering or something. She just always comes, and so it’s just been awesome to share that with her. It’s the only wrestling she ever is around. She never watches it on TV or anything. It’s very cool to have her around.”

** ‘The South African’ publication released their interview with Bobby Lashley.

** Retrosoft Studios, which is the gaming company that is putting together RetroMania Wrestling is looking for fan suggestions for a game mode. The post can be found on their Facebook page.

** Below is a video of Mandy Leon re-watching her first match in Ring of Honor:


** STRIGGA and Dylan covered the death of Hana Kimura on the latest Eastern Lariat podcast.

** WhatCulture has an interview on their YouTube channel with Ring of Honor’s Joe Hendry:


** Former WWE talent Tyrus interviewed Ryback on behalf of FOX News.

** spoke with R-Truth about Truth’s career in music and pro wrestling. Truth shared that Roman Reigns has been an Executive Producer of his music and has been helping him with funding.

“Actually man, me and Roman, we were riding together a lot. He would dictate and critique all my music and he was actually one of my Executive Producers helping me fund a lot of stuff so it’s like, he has his hands in with my music.”

** IMPACT Wrestling will be holding television tapings in Nashville, Tennessee.

** Seth Rollins turned 35-years old on May 28th. NXT UK’s Joseph Conners turned 33-years old today.

** NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis joined the ‘This is the NWA Podcast’ and during the chat, Aldis said there were conversations that took place which had to do with the possibility of Cody and Aldis doing another match in England for the NWA Worlds Title. Aldis said that circumstances changed once the news of All Elite Wrestling became public.

“I think I had discussed the idea of having a group with David [Lagana] and Billy [Corgan] somewhere around the Cody rematch [at] NWA 70th, because one of the ideas that was being kicked around was to see if we could get a trilogy out of it and then his circumstances changed with AEW and everything like that but one of the things we had talked about was having a third match possibly in the U.K. and one of the things that had been kicked around was I said, ‘Well what if sort of get a group? What if that’s the next step is I end up forming a group?’”

** Diamond Dallas Page was the most recent guest on the ‘Pick of the Flicks’ podcast. DDP discussed some of his favorite films and also dove into his career in wrestling. While thinking about what could be the best moment of his career in wrestling, DDP narrowed it down to being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2017.

“When people ask me what’s my number one thing — like, ‘What’s your favorite thing? Is it the world title? Was it your match with [Randy] Savage? Was it your feud with Savage? Was it the nWo? What was your favorite thing?’ My favorite moment in professional wrestling was March 31st, 2017 when I got to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame and I got to thank all the people that helped me get there, and it was magic. Ric Flair afterwards, and we for years had feuds. We didn’t see eye-to-eye. You can look it up, you can read his book, you can catch me on YouTube saying sh*t to him… and the bottom line is, we fixed it. I got to thank him properly. The next night he invited me to fly back to Atlanta on his Learjet and then took me out for dinner because it was my birthday, me and my girl. So, it was the greatest weekend in my professional career.”

** Ice Ribbon ‘P’s Party’ Results (5/27/20) Saitama, Japan
– Tsukushi def. Ibuki Hoshi
– Maika Ozaki & Mochi Miyagi def. Satsuki Totoro & Yappy
– Matsuya Uno & Thekla def. Banny Oikawa & Suzu Suzuki
– Maya Yukihi def. Nao Ishikawa

** Four-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion YOH spoke with and YOH shared that there is a running joke that Jushin Thunder Liger did where he would tell most Junior Heavyweights that they were going to be the second generation version of him.

“Well, he talked to me about it. Then, in 2016, I was having a conversation with a certain wrestler that was there. I said to him, ‘I’d like to wrestle under a mask. A ways back, Liger said…’, only for this other wrestler to reply, ‘I had the exact same conversation with him!’ (laughs)

I figure that he said it to everyone, it was a little rib of his (laughs). But in all seriousness, there’s no following up. There’s no way you could have a second Liger. That name holds so much weight it would be an anchor on you.”

** Below is the trailer for wXw’s new Shotgun 2020 show:


** Ring of Honor is launching a new series entitled ‘Dalton’s Castle’ which will debut on their YouTube channel on June 2nd at 12 PM EST.

** 411 Mania has an interview with IMPACT X Division Champion Willie Mack.

** Eric Bischoff chatted with Louis Dangoor of WrestleTalk for over 40 minutes.


** Fightful has an exclusive interview with Virtual Basement which is the development company that is putting together a NextGen wrestling game. The company told the site that they have only been in contact and worked out deals with wrestlers and have not worked with promotions directly. It was stated that former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore was helpful when it came to getting in contact with wrestlers.

“We have not spoke or worked with any of the promotions directly. We’re working with independent talent from all walks of life directly. This means past, present, and future professional wrestlers. We have a fantastic roster thus far that we’re proud of and a lot of new surprises coming. There is a strong possibility down the line to include add-on content with various promotions but as of right now we’re focusing on creating our own fictional brand to work within for the game while having options to select various independent promotions and arenas. As for the roster, we have hand picked everyone thus far and it has been a group effort of everyone involved reaching out to their contacts and friends. That is one of the biggest things we have noticed and love about this project is the genuine excitement of everyone involved.

We don’t have any one consulting on the game, but I do have to give a shout out to Nzo since he has been a huge help thus far in connecting with people and general support behind the scenes.”

** SuperSport uploaded their chat with Alexa Bliss to their YouTube channel.


** Ice Ribbon announced that their June 21st event at Korakuen Hall has been postponed.

** In Natalya’s latest blog post for the Calgary Sun, she wrote about the passing of Shad Gaspard and here’s an excerpt from Natalya’s piece:

“I’m still trying to process the fact that we will never see our friend again. All I keep hearing from everyone who knew Shad was how much he made everyone smile, how big his hugs were and how huge his heart was. Shad left this world a hero to his son, family, friends, and fans around the world and will remain in our hearts forever.”

** Here’s the newest episode of Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze’s ‘Battle Of The Brands’ series:


** According to Showbuzz Daily, the FCW documentary that aired on FS1 on Tuesday brought in 206,000 viewers. WWE Backstage on FS1 which followed, drew 125,000 viewers. On next week’s program, CM Punk will make his return.

** A compilation of Shayna Baszler matches has been added to the WWE Network.

** Chris Van Vliet spoke with former RAW Tag Team Champion Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins). Myers shared his thoughts about being placed on WWE Main Event before RAW goes live and he spoke about some of the misconceptions that people may have about the program. Myers feels that-that could be a great time to catch the attention of Vince McMahon and he explained why:

“So, funny thing about that is, I… people just boo boo face about being on Main Event like it’s not important. That show airs all over the world, makes millions of dollars for the company in TV rights. You’re always on first or second, the crowd is unreal hot no matter if you’re a high-level guy they know or you’re Joe Schmoe. The crowd’s just hot and excited to see wrestling so that’s exciting to go out there every time and throughout my last run in doing these matches, Vince [McMahon] is preparing for the show sitting in his office and he has a monitor, and he’s watching that so a lot of pushes and career changes have kinda come from him just sitting there not being bothered by anyone. Actually getting his undivided attention sitting alone in his office to watch your match. So it’s way different than even — I’ve seen matches live on RAW where there’s a barn burner going on but there’s four writers and producers running in and out asking questions where there’s no way he even saw one move in that match.”

** ‘Philippine Wrestling Revolution’s’ first pay-per-view event will be available to watch on May 31st at this link. The show featured the likes of TJP and Jeff Cobb.

** RadioTimes published their interview with Chris Jericho.

** Darby Allin was the latest guest to join Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards on the AEW Unrestricted podcast.

** This Friday, the Canadian Wrestling Elite promotion will be running a no-fans show at the Winnipeg training facility. The show will stream on Facebook Live.

** Rey Fenix sat down with Alicia Atout to speak about his relationship with Pentagon Jr., how close they are and what Rey Mysterio means to him as a role model.


** Elias made the media rounds and he chatted with ABC6’s Ohio affiliate.

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