upNXT MOVIE REVIEW: Hamilton – The Musical (2020) w/ Nate Milton

upNXT MOVIE REVIEW: HAMILTON – The Musical (2020) w/ Nate Milton


Braden Herrington is joined by friend of the show, Nate Milton to review the smash hit sensation: Hamilton: An American Musical – The Movie!

Braden and Nate discuss the entire hip-hop musical phenomenon and learn all about American history along the way! They go through each song from the Disney+ production and dissect the lyrics, beats, historical accuracy and all the fantastic musical dance numbers. They fact check everything, while staying awe inspired by this crazy creation from Lin-Manuel Miranda and the amazing supporting cast. They chat about Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and most importantly… King George the 3rd. It’s a hilarious hip-hop history lesson. From sex scandals, to duels, to presidential battle raps… and more! I am not throwing away my shot!

On the upNXT Patreon, Braden and Davie review AEW Dynamite each Thursday as well as retro NXT reviews, Best Match Ever, and tons of other podcasts. This week features another Nate Milton appearance as he joins the BDE on a new episode of BEST MATCH EVER to chat Tanaka vs. Awesome… and more!

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