Keith Lee defeats Adam Cole to become WWE NXT Champion

Keith Lee ended Adam Cole's 400-plus day reign as NXT Champion in the main event of night two of the Great American Bash.

The headlining bout of NXT’s two-night Great American Bash event featured North American Champion Keith Lee taking on NXT Champion Adam Cole. After a near-30 minute bout, the final sequence of the match saw Adam Cole attempt his “Panama Sunrise” finishing maneuver that was countered into a “Spirit Bomb” and followed up by the “Big Bang Catastrophe” that secured Keith Lee the victory and the NXT Championship.

Adam Cole was NXT Champion for 400 days and now, Keith Lee is the holder of both the NXT and North American Titles.

Following Lee’s victory, the camera switched over to Karrion Kross and Scarlett who were watching Lee celebrate his victory and laughing as Lee raised both of his titles. Head over to the “podcasts” section of the site for Braden Harrington and Davie Portman’s review of this match and the entire night two edition of NXT Great American Bash.

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