Impact Slammiverary 2020: Mystery Arrivals, New Impact Champion

John Pollock's coverage of Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary event featuring Ace Austin vs. Trey vs. Eddie Edwards vs. TBA for the vacant Impact title.

Welcome to POST Wrestling’s coverage of Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

John Pollock, Davie Portman & Nate Milton will have a Slammiversary POST Show out late tonight with a review of the card and taking your feedback on the show.

It was announced late Friday night by Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows that the two had signed with Impact and will appear on tonight’s show.

*Motor City Machine Guns over Dez & Wentz in 14:48
*Moose over Tommy Dreamer in 11:18 to retain the TNA title
*Kylie Rae wins the #1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match in 19:20
*Chris Bey over Willie Mack in 11:48 to win the X Division title
*The North over Ken Shamrock & Sami Callihan in 15:54 to retain the Impact tag titles
*Deonna Purrazzo over Jordynne Grace in 15:11 to win the Knockout’s title
*Eddie Edwards over Ace Austin, Rich Swann, Eric Young & Trey in 24:26 to win the vacant Impact Wrestling title 

The show opened with the announcement of Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows coming to Impact Wrestling. It was followed by a mysterious man in a hoodie wandering around Nashville.

Josh Mathews is ringside with Don Callis to call the event.

Impact has the same set-up with people in the crowd.


Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin answered the open challenge. This will be Sabin’s first match since January 2019 after suffering a torn ACL.

Dez & Wentz took turns landing senton atomicos onto Sabin in their corner. Sabin came back and laid out both on the floor with kicks off the apron. The Machine Guns double-teamed Wentz as they had the advantage. This included dual discus forearms to the face and neck of Wentz.

Dez receives the hot tag and knocks Shelley off the apron while attacking Sabin. Minutes later, they double-team Dez and go through a near-fall when Wentz tackles Shelley to break it up.

The Machine Guns got the cover on Dez for the win after the ASCS Rush.

WINNERS: Motor Machine Guns at 14:48

It was a good opening match with all four on point. It was challenging without the crowd and that’s going to be the story of the night. I felt they all worked hard and it was a nice way to start the show.

Taya Valkyrie warned John E. Bravo not to mess up tonight and she must win the Gauntlet for the Gold match and she left. Then, Rosemary told Bravo that she must win.


Dreamer came out with a shirt that read, “Moose Sucks Eggs” as an ode to Terry Funk’s shirt for Dusty Rhodes.

The TNA title is a fake title in Impact Wrestling that isn’t recognized.

Moose yelled to the imaginary audience that he’s the best wrestler in the world. No one could argue. Then, he proclaimed himself a “Wrestling God”.

Moose beat Dreamer around the ring and brought a kendo stick into the ring and used it until Dreamer hit a White Russian leg sweep. Dreamer leaped into a dropkick from Moose off the turnbuckle.

Moose leaped to the top and flew off with a shoulder tackle that the announcers said Dreamer turned into a cutter on the trash can. I don’t think there are any matches tougher to watch in this environment than ones heavy on weapons.

Moose tossed chairs into the ring and sent Dreamer onto them with an uranage followed by a standing moonsault for two. Moose went to the second turnbuckle and missed a moonsault with Dreamer hitting a DDT for two.

Dreamer poured thumbtacks onto the canvas, Moose hit a low blow and tries to shove Dreamer’s face into the tacks, but he fights off Moose. There was an eye gouge by Moose, and he sent Dreamer’s face into the tacks and hit the spear to win the match.

WINNER: Moose in 11:18

I have a hard time getting into these types of matches with weapons and silence. Dreamer is moving around slow and gets by on the emotion he exudes for an audience. Moose played cocky heel effectively and this was the only outcome possible.

Johnny Swinger arrived outside and saw the parking spot was for “Anderson” but didn’t see Ole and gave Gia Miller the limp handshake. The guy is great with this character.


1. Tasha Steelz
2. Kylie Rae

The match begins with two participants with the next entrant coming in two minutes later followed by one-minute intervals. The final two will have a regular match.

Steelz and Rae had a good start going back-and-forth.

3. Taya Valkyrie

Instead of Taya, John E. Bravo came out dressed as her and entered the ring. Rae and Steelz attacked him and tossed him over the top rope and they announced Valkyrie was eliminated.

4. Kimber Lee

5. Kiera Hogan

Lee got between Hogan and Steelz and they attacked her together.

6. Susie

Susie used palm strikes to prevent others from attacking Rae. Rae knocked Steelz off the turnbuckle with a kick and she was the first elimination.

7. Katie Forbes

Forbes was billed from “Twerk City”. Forbes attacked Hogan and it was quickly becoming not good.

8. Madison Rayne

Rayne and Hogan started arguing and traded strikes. Mathews noted Rae has been in since the beginning, which only amounts to eight minutes, so far.

9. Havok

Everyone backed off from Havok, who played the monster role when she entered.

10. Taya Valkyrie

This was the real Taya Valkyrie, so that means John E. Bravo was an actual entrant in the match.

11. Alisha Edwards

Edwards was described as “spunky”. Mathews wanted an update on the minutes Rae has been in the match…Eleven. Eleven minutes.

12. Nevaeh

Nevaeh and Havok worked together and the announcers pushed the idea of bringing back the women’s tag titles.

13. Rosemary

14. John E. Bravo as Rosemary

This joke fell flat ten minutes ago, and we got an encore. This was lame with Don Callis’ fake laughter. Somewhere during his entrance, Susie was thrown out.

Bravo eliminated Havok and then, Rae sent Bravo out. Rayne got upset and Rae sent her out next.

Nevaeh was the next elimination. Rosemary sent Hogan out.

It was down to Valkyrie, Rosemary, Lee, and Rae.

Rae came out of a wheelbarrow by Lee and hit a stunner and clotheslined Lee out.

Rosemary had the head scissors on Rae and Taya accidentally knocked Rosemary off the apron to the floor leaving Valkyrie and Rae as the final two.

Rae hit a Destroyer on Valkyrie and a superkick to win the match.

WINNER: Kylie Rae in 19:20

Honestly, this would have been significantly better as a singles match with Rae and Valkyrie.

The comedy was terrible, and this match was a huge letdown given the talent involved with the John E. Bravo bits feeling like a relic from a bygone era. This was not good, although Rae was the standout of the match.

The stream died right as the former Heath Slater appeared and the audio was terrible for his promo. He wants to be the fourth man in the main event. He said, “this is a new Heath” and he was interrupted by Rohit Raju.

Raju and said he won’t be anywhere near the title match tonight. Raju said Heath won’t get a title shot before him. He said the last time Heath was in a title match it didn’t last too long. So, they fought. Heath hit a Russian leg sweep out of the corner and sent Raju to the floor.


Bey doesn’t have Johnny Swinger in his corner stemming from this Tuesday’s episode.

Bey goes to the floor and Mack hit a neck breaker off the apron to the floor.

Bey comes back and he lands a swinging neck breaker on Mack, who came back with slaps to Bey. Bey leaped off the turnbuckle into a spine buster by Mack.

Bey went for the Bey-mouser, it was stopped, and he took an exploder into the corner. Bey is complaining about his neck and the referee checked on him, it was a ploy and attacked Mack on the turnbuckle and hit a dropkick.

Bey hit the Canadian Destroyer for two. Mack got up and the stunner, he went to the top for the six-star frog splash and missed it. Bey went into the referee, Bey poked the eyes, and hit a crucifix bomb coming off the ropes followed by an OsCutter to win.

WINNER: Chris Bey at 11:48 to win the X Division title

This was a good match and they gelled well together. The closing sequence was perfect on the timing but still looked good and I thought these two did well.

Heath met Rhino backstage and Scott D’Amore walked up to them. D’Amore said Heath doesn’t actually work here and it’s a closed set during the pandemic and no guests are permitted, so he must leave. Rhino said he’ll figure it out and tells Heath to show up on Tuesday.


Shamrock started with Alexander and tries for a gogoplata and then went for the ankle with Alexander grabbing the rope and re-grouping with Page.

Callihan struck Page forcing him to stun Alexander and continued with a brainbuster to Page. The North gained control of Callihan and cut the ring off. Page and Callihan dropped each other with simultaneous boots leading to tags to Shamrock and Alexander.

Shamrock sent Alexander to the floor with a belly-to-belly, Page dropped Callihan with a high kick, but Shamrock put him in the ankle lock. Then, Alexander applied the same hold on Callihan as they stared at each other. The submissions were broken.

Shamrock had the ankle lock on Alexander and Page sent Callihan into Shamrock, which broke the hold and Shamrock shoved Callihan.

Callihan hit Alexander with the GTS and a piledriver that Page made the save on. Shamrock missed a head kick to Alexander and hit Callihan on the apron.

Shamrock climbed to the top and took Alexander off with a belly-to-belly and then, Shamrock crashed over the top to the floor. The North put Shamrock into the ring and hit their finish, a double-team Neutralizer to pin Shamrock.

WINNERS: The North at 15:54 to retain the Impact tag titles

Page demands they take Shamrock out of their ring. He said they decimated the entire division. Alexander said they would rewrite history and the locker room laughed at them. Page called themselves the greatest tag team in Impact history.

The Motor City Machine Guns walked out and complimented their ring attire and camaraderie. They disagree that Page & Alexander are the greatest in Impact history. Sabin stated they have a match against The North this Tuesday for the tag titles on AXS TV.

Gia Miller is outside the locker room of Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. She knocked and Rich Swann comes out. Swann is out crutches and was here for Willie Mack and has his eye on the main event and once he is cleared, he is coming for the Impact title.


Grace landed a suicide dive early in the match. Purrazzo returned with short-arm clotheslines and Grace was demonstrating her power advantage.

Purrazzo went for the Fujiwara armbar and Grace countered going for the Grace Driver but Purrazzo countered that with an armbar with Grace keeping her hands clasped. Purrazzo attacked the arm and was her central focus.

Grace came back with an O’Connor roll into a rear-naked choke and then wrapped Purrazzo’s back around the post while Grace sold her arm. Grace caught her with a Michinoku Driver that wasn’t hit perfectly and Callis explained it was due to the arm.

The two exchanged German suplexes and Purrazzo hit the Pendulum suplex. Grace returned with a Vader Bomb after a series of knee strikes.

Purrazzo blocked the Grace Driver, Grace drove elbows to her head, Purrazzo grabbed both arms and extended them back for a double Fujiwara armbar for the submission.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo at 15:11 to win the Knockout’s title

This was a really strong match and both worked tremendously hard. This is probably the best match of the show. Great stuff.

They announced Bound for Glory for Saturday, October 24th.

Madman Fulton came out with Ace Austin for the main event.

As they awaited the final entrant, Rich Swann came out and tossed his crutches away and was announced as the fourth man.

Before the match began, music began to play, and Eric Young entered and joined the match. Young said he was a “world-class surprise” and it’s now a five-way, he won his title at Slammiversary and will do it again.


It’s an elimination match.

Edwards went for a dive, was caught by Madman Fulton and he was thrown onto the edge of the apron leading to Fulton being ejected.

It fast-paced from the beginning with nonstop action. Young was bleeding from above his eye early on. One highlight was a sliding Canadian Destroyer to the floor by Trey onto Swann.

Edwards hit a Tiger Driver, Trey broke it up with a Meteora but then got hit with a piledriver by Young and he eliminated Trey.

Young hit the wheelbarrow into the reverse neck breaker on Swann, which is one of Young’s signature spots. Young brought Swann onto the turnbuckle and Swann countered to hit a bulldog off the buckle.

Young had Swann up for a powerbomb and knocked Austin and Edwards off the turnbuckle through a table on the floor. Young yelled that Swann was the “letdown” and he was he “reward” for the surprises tonight. Then, Swann caught Young with a roll-up counter to a piledriver and pinned Young.

Young attacked the previously injured leg of Swann and grabbed a chair to wrap around the ankle and stomped it repeatedly. He blasted the ankle with another chair shot and told Swann he brought it on himself. Swann was screaming in pain.

Austin went for a figure-four and Swann countered and fought back. Austin kicked out the leg and hit The Fold to eliminate Swann.

It’s down to Austin and Edwards.

Edwards attacks with chops and Austin sneaks away and lands a superkick. Edwards connected with the Boston Knee Party and Austin kicked out from it. Mathews mentioned that Edwards beat Bobby Lashley with that move.

Austin hit The Fold and Edwards kicked out. Austin missed off the top and Edwards hit another Boston Knee Party and the Die Hard Flowsion to pin Austin.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards at 24:26 to become the Impact Wrestling champion

Madman Fulton returned and attacked Edwards.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows walked out and confronted Austin and Fulton. Anderson hit the Gun Stun to Austin and Edwards sent Fulton to the floor with a clothesline. Then, Anderson & Gallows hit the Magic Killer to Austin and they presented Edwards with the title and had some beers together.

Finally, a video ran with EC3 throwing a glass against the wall and that’s how the show ended.

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