POST INTERVIEW: David Bixenspan

Photo courtesy: Business Insider


WARNING: This podcast contains descriptions and language of sexual assault allegations and uncomfortable subject matter, including allegations of sexual assault against minors.

John Pollock is joined by journalist David Bixenspan to speak about his latest feature covering the early ‘90s ring boy scandal in the World Wrestling Federation.

During this hour-plus interview, Bixenspan outlines the key figures involved, the positions that Terry Garvin (Terry Joyal) and Mel Phillips held within the company, the accusations from Tom Cole & Chris Loss, media coverage from the era, new facts uncovered by Bixenspan, statements issued to the outlet from WWE’s legal rep Jerry McDevitt, and how the story has been framed over the past 28 years.

To read David Bixenspan’s extensive feature on the scandal, we refer you to the Business Insider website.

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