IMPACT FINAL RESOLUTION: Rich Swann retains, Kenny Omega appears

John Siino reviews Final Resolution feat. Rich Swann vs. Chris Bey, Kenny Omega meets with Karl Anderson, and Larry D is going to jail.

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Impact Wrestling Final Resolution 2020

By: John Siino

Exclusively on Impact+

December 12, 2020

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Josh Mathews & Madison Rayne

Old School Rules Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Larry D

This match has the ring surrounded by weapons and anything goes. The freedom of Larry D is on the line, if he loses, he agrees to go to jail for the shooting of John E. Bravo. They quickly take it to the outside where Tommy hits Larry with a baking sheet and a water bottle. Larry comes back with a garbage can lid of his own. Larry grabs a cardboard box but instead of emptying it he hits Dreamer with it, he winds up to hit a punch, but Dreamer blocks it with the garbage can lid. Dreamer throws the aforementioned cardboard box as they go into the ring and it empties out a bunch of sticks. Larry grabs a couple more baking sheets to hit Dreamer with. Larry goes outside to grab a chair and chain to throw in, and he wraps the chain over Dreamer’s neck. Larry places the chair into the turnbuckles and takes off his very big weightlifter’s belt and starts whipping Dreamer with it. Dreamer is able to steal it from him and wraps it around his arm to hit Larry with it. Dreamer is able to dodge the Irish whip to the chair in the corner and hits a cutter for a two count. Dreamer tries to hit his DDT, but Larry blocks it and drops Dreamer on top of the chair and stirrers. Larry tries to scale the top rope, but Dreamer drops him into the Tree of Woe and places the steel chair against his face and hits a running dropkick to Larry’s face, and starts saying “You still got it” to himself. He goes to grab a table under the ring but Acey Romero comes out and starts attacking Dreamer. They place the table at the corner and go to place Dreamer into it, but John E. Bravo comes in for the save, but ends up being sandwiched by XXXL. Romero goes to cannonball, but Bravo moves, and Romero smashes into the table. Bravo starts ‘Hulking’ up and yells at Larry that he shot him. Larry easily takes him out but Dreamer low-blows Larry with a kendo stick hits the DDT and gets the pin.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer by pinfall at 11:41

Siino Vision: This match went way too long, it should have been 5 minutes tops. A lot of this ‘hardcore’ stuff just seems so sad in this empty arena, but the storyline progressed. After the match, Bravo hands Dreamer handcuffs, as Dreamer places them on Larry D as he must now go to jail.

The Omega Express is Back

As Madison Rayne & Josh Mathews are running down the card for tonight, they cut to the parking lot where we see the same bus that Kenny Omega & Don Callis were in this past Tuesday, teasing that they could be here tonight.

The Sea Stars (Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox) vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Exo and Nevaeh start the match. The Sea Stars are the current SHIMMER Tag Team Champions. Nevaeh starts the match dominating Exo, who finally is able to tag Vox in. As Vox tries to celebrate her successful offense, Havok comes in to end the party. Havok uses her power to counter Vox’s moves, but she misses the splash on Vox who tags herself out. Havok hits a backbreaker on Exo as Nevaeh comes in with a sliding clothesline. They plug their next Impact Plus special, Genesis on January 9th. Havok & Nevaeh continue to double team Exo in their corner. Nevaeh hits a German suplex for a two, before tagging Havok back in. Exo gets the hot dog on Vox who comes in with a flurry on Havok, dodging to get Havok to the outside, attempting a suicide dive but getting caught by Havok who slams her down. Exo tags herself in as they hit a Codebreaker/Senton combo for a two count. They try to double team Havok, but Havok is able to tag them both down. Nevaeh tags her in, as she hits a very close to the mat sliding cutter as Havok is holding Exo, then pins her for the win.

Winners: Havok & Nevaeh by pinfall at 8:16

Siino Vision: Big fan of the Sea Stars, but Havok & Nevaeh just don’t click for me. They seem to need work on their double team moves a little bit, and their finish seemed a bit too dangerous to execute. They seem to be building Havok & Nevaeh as future Knockouts Tag Team Championship contenders.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

We go to the back to Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz, with Tasha saying they should give the money back, which Kiera opposes. Tasha asked if she has something better in mind to do with it. Kiera says they can come up with something and they leave to get ready for the match.

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb with a K vs. Alisha & Eddie Edwards

Tenille & Alisha start the match, but Kaleb and Edwards get tagged in right away. Kaleb shows some hesitation and tries to leave but Edwards pulls him back in. Kaleb has some trouble taking off his shirt and gets assisted by Tenille and the referee. Edwards hits a belly-to-belly suplex as Kaleb continues to show pain as if he’s an inexperienced wrestler. Kaleb is able to throw his shirt in Edwards’ face and get the advantage. Kaleb tries to chop Eddie but shows he was hurt more than Eddie. Tenille is able to attack Edwards on the ropes and pretends to take a selfie with him. Edwards sporting a nice shiner is able to hit a Blue Thunder Bomb as they both tag out to the women. Alisha is able to hit a low flatliner and a senton before hitting a bulldog out the corner and goes for the pin but Kaleb breaks it up. Kaleb and Alisha go face to face before Alisha is able to get Kaleb to the outside. Alisha goes to run the ropes, but Kaleb is able to trip her up as Tenille gets a two count before making sure her makeup is ok as Kaleb starts taking pictures of Tenille in action. Tenille hits a butterfly suplex before landing a forearm to Eddie in the corner. Kaleb is able to trip Alisha as she attempts to climb the ropes, Tenille puts Alisha in the Tree of Woe, teases the crossbody but slides to the outside to pull Alisha’s hair. Tenille finally does hit a crossbody and tags Kaleb in who takes a selfie before attempting to drop off the top rope, but Alisha blocks it and tags Edwards in. Edwards and Tenille go face to face, as Kaleb comically crossbody`s nothing and hits air to drop. As Edwards attempts to attack Tenille, Kaleb gets in the middle and is on the receiving end of a dozen chops from Edwards. Edwards attempts the Tiger Driver, but Kaleb and Tenille take Eddie out. Alisha tags herself in and hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT on Kaleb, as Kaleb and Tenille are outside Eddie hits a suicide dive on both of them. As Alisha is about to jump off the top rope, Sami Callihan’s graphics come on distracting them. Tenille is able to knock Alisha down, hitting the Spotlight Kick for the win.

Winners: Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K by pinfall at 8:51

After the match, Sami Callihan crawls from under the ring and comes in to hit Edwards with his bat, followed by a package piledriver. Callihan teases leaving before coming back in to try and piledrive Alisha, but security and officials come in to stop him. Sami knocks one of the guards out before finally leaving to the back.

Siino Vision: Two things happened in this match that are pet peeves of mine: distraction finishes and experienced wrestlers pretending they can not wrestle (Kaleb with a K being Caleb Konley in his past life). This match was just a weird mix of comedy and Tenille doing her shtick. I really wished  Tenille was in a better storyline at this point.

The Omega Family

Outside, Gia Miller knocks on Kenny Omega’s bus as Don Callis finally answers. Callis says this isn’t “Teen Beat Report” and understands everybody wants to meet Kenny. Gia asks if Kenny is in there and if he’s planning on getting involved in Final Resolution. Callis says he is here but he won’t allow him to be on Final Resolution. Callis says Kenny is just here to visit family.

Hernandez vs. Fallah Bahh

Tasha Steelz comes out to be the guest ring announcer. Josh Mathews says that Tasha and Kiera have agreed that the winner of this match will receive the stolen wad of money. Kiera Hogan comes out to be the guest referee. Tasha announces Hernandez as straight out of a cookout and thinks he’s cool because he wears Chuck Taylors and announces Fallah as straight out of the bamboos and he thinks he’s a Panda but he’s really Winnie the Pooh. Tasha even rings the bell but does it to a beat. Slow-moving match, as Fallah tries to splash against Hernandez in the corner, Hernandez uses Kiera as a shield. Fallah lifts Kiera to get her out of the way and Kiera states he can’t put his hand on an official. Hernandez hits a slingshot shoulder block before getting into it with Tasha on the outside. As Hernandez and Fallah take it to the outside, Kiera and Tasha start yelling at them both. Tasha gets in the ring just to say they have five minutes left in the match. Hernandez attempts a couple of pinfalls complaining that Kiera is counting a bit slow. Hernandez and Fallah go toe-to-toe for a bit before Fallah gets the upper hand, hitting a couple of splashes into the corner followed by a Samoan drop attempt, but ends up sitting on Hernandez. As Fallah goes for the pin, Kiera goes for an incredibly slow count, twerking in-between numbers. Fallah gets extremely upset screaming at Kiera to stop being ratchet. Hernandez and Fallah brawl on the top rope before Hernandez knocks Fallah off and hits a splash for the win.

Winner: Hernandez by pinfall at 6:19

As Tasha comes in to give Hernandez the cash, she realizes her fanny pack is empty, Hernandez pulls out a couple of blades from his socks as Tasha and Kiera run to the back.

Siino Vision: Another comedy match, but I have to admit Kiera & Tasha are entertaining as hell. Matches like this should be left for the weekly Impacts, not a Pay Per View, although the Plus specials feel more like glorified super weekly shows.

One Take Bey

Gia Miller backstage with Chris Bey, Gia asks if this was the most important match of his career, to which Bey agrees. He says this is the position he should have been in from the beginning. He tried to get Rich Swann’s attention but it didn’t work until he took him out. He says whenever they will meet in the ring, he will win, and tonight is the night.

Eric Young (w/ Joe Doering) vs. Rhino

They both start the match fast and hard-hitting before Young escapes to the outside to gather himself with Doering. Rhino stays dominant for the first couple of minutes before taking Young to the outside. Rhino and Doering have a staredown which causes Rhino to be distracted and hit by Young from behind. The match goes to a slow exchange before Rhino fires up and hits a back body drop on Young followed by a short-arm clothesline. Doering tries to get in the ring but the referee stops him, Rhino gets distracted and attacked by Young. As Young distracts the referee, Doering is able to hit Rhino with a punch that results in a two count by Young. Young stays with the upper hand throughout teasing Rhino, before Rhino comes back but runs into a big boot by Young who misses a moonsault from the top. Rhino hits a belly-to-belly suplex, followed by a couple of clotheslines and a TKO for a two-count. Young is Irish whipped into the referee, and Rhino takes this opportunity to take out Doering. As Young goes to grab his mask, the Deaners come in and snatch the mask from him. Cody Deaner grabs the mask and says, “I am not a nobody”, before turning and hitting his Cousin Jake instead! Cody drops the mask and leaves the ring, Young picks it up and hits Rhino with it, and covers for the pin.

Winner: Eric Young by pinfall at 10:36

Siino Vision: The match didn’t do much for me, but I did not see the turn coming; especially tonight. Interesting to see where both Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake go from tonight, as I would love Cousin Jake to revert back to his Jake Something persona. They didn’t allude to the idea that Cody would be joining up with Young and Doering, but that wouldn’t surprise me.

Bullet Club is Family

Scott D’Amore is yelling at the guy with the Omega Bus list for letting Gia Miller through. Karl Anderson says he should be on the list, and he is. As they let him back to get on the bus, he says: ‘Family Reunion Time’.

Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship: Rohit Raju (c) vs. Manik

Rohit has announced this is the final Defeat Rohit Challenge of 2020. He gets on the mic and says he is the best Indian wrestler and this year he has been proving everybody wrong and has beat all the challengers and so-called superstars. He announces who can defeat Rohit, before we hear TJP’s music for his old persona Manik. As Rohit is distracted by the music, Manik jumps on him from the top turnbuckle. Judging by his tattoo sleeves and hair, this is clearly TJP. Manik like a bat out of hell unleashes a fury of offense on Rohit. Manik is able to take Raju down and tries to apply an ankle lock before Raju throws Manik to the outside. As Raju looks around Manik has magically disappeared, he tells the referee to count, right at the nine-count, Manik comes in and hits a neck breaker for a two. Rohit finally gets the upper hand for the match before yelling “I know it’s you” and attempts to take off Manik’s mask. Rohit hits a back suplex for a two count before continuing to say he knows who this is. Rohit shows frustration after hitting a side leg sweep and saying, “you are not taking this from me, you are not slick”. Manik comes back with a backslide two count, but Rohit hits a clothesline to stop Manik again. Manik hits a GTS, as both men are laid out on the mat. Manik springs up and hits a DDT for a two count before attempting a senton that Rohit dodges and comes back with a series of kicks and rolling senton in the corner. Rohit hits a double stomp off the top rope for a remarkably close two count showing even more frustration. Rohit hits a flatliner for a two count and quickly puts on the crossface. Manik reverses it and applies a submission of his own, but Rohit fights free. They trade kicks and blows back and forth before Rohit uses the referee for a couple of spots which backfire as Manik gets the roll-up for the win.

Winner: Manik by pinfall at 11:21, to become the NEW X-Division Champion

Siino Vision: For anyone familiar with TJP’s past TNA gimmicks, it was pretty obvious that this was going to happen, especially after the Suicide tease. Nice to see title changes continuing on these Impact Plus shows, making them must-see. As far as the match goes, this was definitely my favorite match of the show so far as Rohit Raju continues to be one of 2020’s Breakout stars. And, dare I say, TJP is better when quiet and mysterious.

The Real World Champion?

Gia Miller is backstage with Moose. She says since Willie Mack is not cleared to compete, what is Moose’s purpose tonight? Moose says he wasn’t angry about the match being cancelled, but what does make him angry is that after everything he has done and everyone he has beaten, the thing everybody is talking about is Impact Wrestling World Champion Rich Swann. He says the belt around Swann’s waist is the second most important title since his TNA title is the most important. What he is here for is to watch the Rich Swann/Chris Bey match, because whoever wins will take their title away from them.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) (w/ Kimber Lee) vs. Rosemary (w/ Taya Valkyrie)

Deonna shows hesitation at the spooky Rosemary, as she leaves the ring to gain comfort from Lee. After spending about a minute outside, Deonna finally enters back in and takes a spear from Rosemary. Rosemary starts dossing Deonna by the hair around the ring before slamming her head on the turnbuckles. Deonna is able to throw Rosemary outside and Taya stops Kimber from getting involved. Deonna throws Rosemary shoulder first into the post before throwing her back into the ring. Josh explains why Deonna’s move is called the Venus de Milo to Madison, which I feel like he does on every show and she seems annoyed by it, and on cue, Deonna starts targeting the arms of Rosemary. Deonna gets thrown out of the ring and now it’s Taya’s turn to taunt Deonna before Kimber comes in for the save. Rosemary is able to apply the Upside Down before Kimber Lee distracts her to let go of it, distracted she takes an elbow from Deonna and falls to the outside. Rosemary is able to escape from submission and hit a sidewalk slam having both women laid out on the mat. Rosemary comes back with forearms and a sling blade before hitting a throw for a 2 count. Deonna attempts another submission, but Rosemary hits a double underhook butterfly suplex for another 2. Deonna is finally able to apply an armbar in the middle of the ring, but Rosemary is able to stand and hit the Red Wedding, as it looks like she has the match won. Kimber Lee pulls the referee out right before the three. As Taya starts chasing Kimber Lee around the ring, Deonna hits a pump kick and the Cosa Nostra for the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo by pinfall at 13:14 to retain

Kimber Lee starts teasing Taya, but Taya is able to take out both Lee and Purrazzo out of the ring.

Siino Vision: Not the best showing from both competitors, but still pretty solid. The ending seemed a bit sloppy and rushed, putting a bit of a damper on the match. This seems to be setting up Deonna and Taya, which I am looking forward to.

The Cleaner & The Machine Gun

We go to the Omega Express where Kenny Omega and Don Callis are comparing their AEW World Championship with Karl Anderson and his Impact Tag Team Championship. Omega and Anderson reminisce about old times in Japan including a mention of Fat Ass Masa. Anderson says he would love to stay here all day, but he has a match. Kenny seems disappointed, but Callis says he should be able to beat Ethan Page in about 2 minutes and come back for cocktail hour. Anderson says it might take a bit longer than that. Omega asks, “How? You’re the Machine Gun, the man who had the G1 2012 Match of the Year with Kazuchika Okada.” Callis asks if that Machine Gun will be out there? Anderson seems a little upset by these words and says, “You want to see the Machine Gun? You’ll see the Machine Gun” as he storms out of the bus. Kenny hilariously imitates Anderson’s Machine Gun taunt.

Ethan Page (w/ Josh Alexander) vs. Karl Anderson

Anderson is announced as from Tokyo, Japan, and has the Machine Gun sound effects during his entrance. The segment with Omega definitely puts more of a spotlight on Anderson during this match to see if he is showing a more aggressive style. As the match has already surpassed the 2 minutes Callis predicted, Anderson throws Page to the outside. Alexander is able to get a hold of Anderson, as Page gains the upper hand and takes the battle to the outside. As they head back into the ring, Page shows a bit of an injury on his arm as he continues to stomp on the back of Anderson and drains Anderson down with a headlock. The match continues to be slow-paced with Anderson finally hitting a backdrop as they slowly get back up. They continue to go back and forth with blows before Anderson hits a couple of uppercuts and elbows followed by a senton. Anderson is able to hit a spinebuster for a close 2 count. Anderson attempts the Gun Stun, but Page blocks it and hits a kick and a scoop slam for a 2. Page is able to get the upper hand, they eventually head to the top rope before Anderson headbutts Page off and knocks Alexander the apron and hits the Gun Stun on Page for the pin, but yet still missing cocktail hour.

Winner: Karl Anderson by pinfall at 13:17

Josh Alexander joins the ring and is extremely disappointed in Ethan Page as they will not be able to get a Tag Team Championship title match now. Page says it’s okay, they will think of something, and that everything will be fine. Alexander takes off his North jacket and leaves the ring. Page says he has a plan and everything is going to be fine. He looks right into the monitor and asks somebody to tell Alexander that everything is fine, before telling everybody in the building, everything will be fine.

Siino Vision: I’m sure the segment with Omega and Anderson was a last-minute slick edit into this broadcast, as overall this wasn’t the dominant Machine Gun performance I was expecting from Karl Anderson after that hype from Omega and Callis. Regardless, still interesting where this goes from here and what will happen when Doc Gallows returns. The North’s split continues to build; I think it’s about time as Ethan Page could benefit from being a solo act whether if it’s in Impact or elsewhere.

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Chris Bey

Madison does a great job on commentary talking up how Rich Swann was a legend to Chris Bey and his neighborhood while he was growing up, and how much this match means to him. Slow start to the match as we see headlocks and wrist control. It speeds up rather quickly though with a bunch of leapfrogs, flips, and dropkicks with Swann ending up on the upper hand. They continue to go back and forth before Bey hits a neck breaker for a two count. Bey stays on Swann, targeting his back and going for more covers. They head to the outside where Bey throws Swann against the barricades. With Swann being in this match, Mathews brought up Omega a bunch of times, especially the fact of Omega wanting to collect titles like comic books. The match starts to quicken even more now, and Bey blows a kiss before running into a boot by Swann, who then rolls in and hits a high clothesline. Bey drops Swann from the top rope, puts him in the Tree of Woe, and hits a running dropkick followed by a torture rack into a neck breaker for a two. Bey is able to dodge Swann’s moves and hits a Destroyer for an extremely close two count. They start trading kicks back and forth with both men down as if they have just been to war. They kick it to the neck gear with a series of backslide pin attempts before Bey hits the Rock-A-Bye Bey for close 2 count that Bey sits up and shows frustration for. Swann avoids the Art of Finesse, with a handstand before hitting a Deep Kick for a two. Swann connects with another Deep Kick and the Phoenix Splash for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann by pinfall at 19:59 to retain.

Moose immediately comes out with his TNA World Title and grabs the Impact World Title. Swann gets up, wanting to fight Moose. Moose hands the title back to Swann without saying a word and leaves the ring.

Siino Vision: I was surprised by the slow paced style of the match, though I have to admit, it worked seeing something different, especially in a World Title main event. Chris Bey had his breakout match here and showed that he can definitely hang with anybody on the Impact roster and beyond. I see nothing but big things for his future. The tease of possibly unifying the Impact and TNA World Titles should build to a big match for the new year.

I was dreading this show as it started with the first half being filled with comedy and unnecessary matches, but it quickly picked up with Kenny Omega, title changes, turns, returns, and more storyline developments which gained a lot of points for me as it made it noteworthy. Swann/Bey and Rohit/Manik stood out as the best matches for me tonight, with Deonna/Rosemary closely behind; but the stories going forward are what will have me tuning in back with suspense on Tuesday. What will happen with The North? Where do Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake go from here? Will we get a unification title match? How will Kenny Omega and Don Callis react to Karl Anderson’s 2 minute-plus match?

Impact has obviously gained a lot of momentum going into the new year. They should continue to gain a bunch of traction as they present back-to-back pay per views with “Genesis” and their more traditional, “Hard to Kill” show, which I assume would include either a big match featuring Kenny Omega or someone else from AEW.

7.5 cocktails out of 10

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