Paul Robinson parts ways with PROGRESS Wrestling

Following PROGRESS Wrestling's confirmation about Paul Robinson working their recent tapings, he and the promotion have parted ways.

PROGRESS Wrestling’s first show of 2021 aired on the WWE Network on February 20th. As the show’s air date inched closer and following its airing, word began to spread on social media that Paul Robinson, who was named in the #SpeakingOut movement worked behind-the-scenes at the PROGRESS taping which was held in January in London, England.

PROGRESS posted an update to their website and confirmed that Robinson worked behind the scenes as an agent. Another update was posted to the promotion’s official website today and it was noted that Robinson decided to part ways with PROGRESS.

We are aware of a number of posts on social media in regards to PROGRESS’ decision to have Paul Robinson at the tapings.

In regards to Paul Robinson, no disclosures were made to PROGRESS about his conduct following a post on the social media platform, Twitter, originally shared on 22 June 2020 at 11:30 am (UK Time). A review took place by the Lead Safeguarding Officer, and findings were given to members of PROGRESS management, who were also made aware of the information posted online.

In light of this, conversations were had with Paul Robinson and it was determined that he did not present a risk to talent and staff. As a result, a decision was made to move ahead with the measures in place and contact talent and personnel in readiness for production.

In our 22 February update, we confirmed Paul Robinson’s involvement in the production and requested that if anyone had any information, to contact us at [email protected]. To date, no disclosures have been made and no further information has been presented to us externally or internally.

As of 25 February, Paul Robinson has decided to part ways with PROGRESS.

At the conclusion of the update, the promotion mentioned that their intentions are not to ignore those who reach out to them about situations as such and they have to be responsible when making statements about matters that involve others.

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