Best Death Match Ever (w/ Damian Abraham)


Braden Herrington and Davie Portman are joined by friend of the show Damian Abraham to chat all about his hand selected list of the BEST Death Matches Ever!

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The BDE & Damian review, rate, and discuss all the craziest death matches in the history of pro-wrestling from all across the world featuring Exploding Barbed Wire, Power tools, Glass Tables, and… Piranhas!?

They discuss extreme matches from FMW, CZW, BJW and beyond featuring Onita, Funk, Toyoda, Jun Kasai, Jon Moxley, Necro Butcher, Risa Sera, and more!

The lads also chat about the history & origin of death matches in wrestling, the upcoming AEW Exploding barbed wire match, Japanese hardcore wrestling’s cult following, Canadian cannabis culture (and dabs), Damian’s stories from Vice’s “The Wrestlers” (including Onita’s bat)- Plus more wild hardcore wrestling moments, your feedback and more!

What is the BEST Death Match Ever?

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