POST NEWS UPDATE: Britt Baker calls Kenny Omega the “heart & soul” behind AEW women’s wrestling

Britt Baker talks AEW's women's division, Josh Barnett contacted Cain Velasquez about Bloodsport, a funny Brodie Lee story and more.

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

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** Britt Baker chatted with Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald ahead of her Unsanctioned Lights Out match against Thunder Rosa on the 3/17 episode of AEW Dynamite. Baker heaped praise onto AEW’s coaching and training staff. She discussed Kenny Omega being invested in the division, referring to him as the “heart and soul” behind women’s wrestling in AEW.

So we have a very, very dedicated training and coaching staff in Dustin Rhodes, Jerry Lynn, Kenny Omega. I mean, we can’t possibly say enough about Kenny and his passion for women’s wrestling. He’s the heart and soul behind women’s wrestling in AEW. But also Tony [Khan]. Tony, again, he’s so hands on with everything and he really wants to deliver the best product but he wants us to grow and adapt as wrestlers too. But again, the coaches we have, even Cody Rhodes, Cody works a ton with younger talent. Cody is probably one of the most passionate wrestlers. I mean we have our differences, don’t get me wrong but one of the most passionate wrestlers and coaches I’ve ever met and he’s extremely dedicated to helping younger talent turn into stars.

Baker spoke about the criticisms of AEW’s women’s division and said it’s a growing process. She feels that they will one day have one of the strongest divisions in wrestling.

I mean I’ve said from day one to the people criticizing our division that you have to have patience with us. We’re a new company, a new brand, a new women’s division. Most of us have not had a single minute of TV time and we really got thrown into the deep end with a, ‘Have eight 10-minute live TV matches with commercial breaks and don’t forget to work the hard cam’ and this and that. But it was a growing process and I think now, people finally realize that all we needed was a little bit of time and sooner than later, we’re gonna prevail, we’re gonna be one of the strongest if not the strongest women’s division in all of wrestling.

When it comes to opportunities being presented to her, Baker feels that she has delivered on all of those chances.

I think that every time I ‘m given a major opportunity, I deliver and then some. So, that’s my Groundhog day moment, fortunately for me and for everybody else who has the privilege of watching me on a weekly basis.

** Wrestling Inc. caught up with Josh Barnett to promote Bloodsport during The Collective weekend in Tampa, Florida. Barnett shared that he has attempted to get in contact with Cain Velasquez about appearing at a Bloodsport event.

I have no access to the kind of funds to make that happen [Bloodsport appearance from Brock Lesnar]. I’ve also reached out to Cain Velasquez through his management. We’re just not capable of — money is too much of an issue there, and that’s fair because nobody has to do anything for us. Nobody owes us any real favors that way.

If someone like Cain, well, I could make an offer to Brock, but there’s nothing I could do that would entice Brock Lesnar considering the kind of money that he makes and has made so that’s totally fine. But my appeal is always that there is no better place for people that really want to just show exactly who they are in that professional wrestling ring, in the rawest environment possible with all the other stuff stripped away and just let whatever is inside their soul shine out. There’s no place better for it than Bloodsport, and if that interests you, then we got something for you, but if you’re looking at it as a business transaction, which I won’t fault you either, we’re working on it but some things are more important than money.

** The Alliance Pro Wrestling Network chatted with IMPACT Wrestling’s Josh Alexander for an exclusive interview. While speaking about his goals for 2021, Alexander mentioned that he’s coming up on the last year of his deal and he would be happy to re-sign with IMPACT.

Right now, I want to establish myself as an invaluable member of the wrestling community. So, by the end of the 2021, if every company doesn’t look at him and be like, ‘We want to have him on our roster,’ I will have failed at my goal because I have an opportunity on television every Tuesday night, working for a company that is well-regarded to do that and if I don’t do that then I’ve let myself down and it’s not saying I wanna leave at all. I would be more than happy to negotiate an extension with IMPACT right now if they started calling me up and doing so. But also, I know what I’m worth, I know that I’m talented at this, I know where I belong in a locker room, in a roster and I’m not saying I have to be World Heavyweight Champion everywhere or that’s my place. I know that I’m very good at this so, my goals going into the future is to support my family with this and be happy doing it so there’s like a convergence of how much money I need to make but also the fit of where I go or where I am or where the opportunities are so, IMPACT’s been great. Like I said, I’ve had a crazy two-year run and this next last year of my contract that I’ve just begun, this singles run started out great so far and I don’t see it going poorly whatsoever. So because they know that I’m dependable and all this other stuff, we have a great relationship. But yeah, I just want to cement my legacy as one of the best wrestlers in the entire wrestling community, not just IMPACT Wrestling and I have to do it in IMPACT right now, and yeah.

Alexander continued to dive into his run in IMPACT. He feels that a good portion of it was rushed, specifically mentioning his time with Ethan Page as The North and their feuds not having blow off matches.

I think there’s a lot of stuff that’s rushed throughout my entire time at IMPACT with the tag team title run and stuff. If you look at the tag team title run, we never had a feud with a blow off, we just had matches, which, whatever. It happens but as a singles guy, I had the match at No Surrender and everybody was crazy about that one too which surprised me. I was just pleasantly surprised by all the stuff but — because you never know how people are gonna react and just to have it air the next Tuesday right away and have the challenge. I just know I’m capable of telling a very good story with professional wrestling and I just haven’t been able to do it yet so you know, I need a long run, a long feud to be able to show those tools that I have and one day I’ll have the opportunity and I know I’m gonna be ready so…

The topic of the IMPACT/AEW relationship came about. Alexander feels that IMPACT’s roster either matches the talent on AEW’s roster or is better. He added that if more IMPACT talents can crossover to AEW, it needs to happen.

I just know that I would be very excited at the thought of any of us being able to go there [AEW] and show what we can do because I think there’s a lot of talent in our locker room and we have as much if not more talent than their locker room, so, I like competition. I think competition breeds some of the best results for professional wrestling so if we’re competitive and we’re like, ‘Team IMPACT and Team AEW’ and we’re out there to show who’s best, I think everybody’s gonna rise to the occasion, it’s gonna be better for it so, if it can happen, it needs to happen.

** Mustafa Ali shared on social media earlier this month that he is working through a torn PCL. While speaking to, Ali provided an update on how he’s doing:

It’s very, very frustrating. So obviously, I’m a stud and I’m able to still go, but PCL’s no joke. It’s limited what I’m capable of doing. But in the same aspect, it’s kind of opened up my eyes to like, ‘Oh, if I don’t do this then I can do this.’ I’ve always had a really solid, technical, ground-based background, but I’ve never really highlighted it.

When most people think of Mustafa Ali, they think of the high flyer. Not even as a heel, I’m still kind of known as this athletic performer. I’m not really known as a submission specialist. I’m not really known as a striker. I’m not really known as a guy that could take to the ground. Knowing full well that I have these tools, I never really highlight them because I’ve got these tools. So this PCL injury has kind of reminded me of like, ‘Well, yeah, I can’t do that, but I’m still capable of all of this.’

Yeah, this Monday, the US title match with Riddle’s going to be very interesting. I do have a game plan in mind because of this injury. Rehab’s going really, really well. I hope everyone is kind to me. I have a very ugly PCL brace I’ll have to wear during the performance, but please be kind.

Ali looked back on his promo on Raw Talk following Raw Legends Night. He admitted that he was genuinely frustrated because he and RETRIBUTION were supposed to be on the show but were pulled. He asked why they were pulled and found out was due to the legend appearances.

The Raw Talk thing, the one specifically about the legends, was I was frustrated that day. We were on the show and then we were off the show. And when I asked why, it’s because I found out there was like 15 appearances by legends throughout the show and there was problems. That’s why I kind of pointed out, I think I made a line joking about how half of them couldn’t walk because they had said that they were worried about how long it would take them to walk down the ramp to the ring.

So you’re hearing these things and you go, so because of this an entire faction that really needs the TV time, that needs the momentum, that needs to be represented is just being pushed aside. And again, look at what I said. If you look at the words I said, I didn’t disrespect the legends, I acknowledged them. They are legends. I even acknowledged that they paved the path. They created this path. But then I asked the question, when are you going to let me walk on that path? What good is the path? What good is everything you’ve done to build this company and this industry, if you don’t let it progress? You’re slowing it down. Literally, slowing it down. You can barely walk. You’re in the way.

… So I think it was a turn that they weren’t expecting. That’s all it was. So yeah, I came back because of concerns about what I said, because I poked a little too hard, but I also was worried about whether or not I would get a microphone after that. I think after a week or so that I was back on the microphone. It was a moment of, ‘You probably shouldn’t have said that,’ to like, ‘Well, you didn’t really say anything that bad.’ All the while, you’ll be hearing plenty of my angelic voice on future Monday Night Raw television.

** Former NXT Tag Team Champion Konnor was one of two guests on the latest edition of ‘Rewind, Recap, Relive’. He recalled being one of the zombie-type characters for The Undertaker’s entrance at WrestleMania 29. Konnor was one of many NXT talents playing the role of the characters, including the late Jon Huber (Brodie Lee). Konnor stated that Huber joked about tripping The Undertaker during his entrance.

They had this one big light on and I remember you’ve got the gong, right? It’s like, ‘Dong’ and just like, I get goosebumps and you just could hear — it was in New York and everybody started just [crowd roar] and we still hadn’t seen Taker at this time, and all of sudden, you see — the light was behind us. You kind of look back and you see this massive figure stand in front of the light and I go, ‘No f*cking way’ and right to my right of me was Brodie Lee and we’re standing there and we’re like, ‘This is so f*cking cool’ and he’s like, ‘My God Konnor, should we try to trip him?’ I go, ‘Dude, no.’ I was like, ‘No.’ But Brodie, he was just, he always had fun and we’re marking out. Like honestly, as he’s [Undertaker] walking past all of us, we’re like, ‘This is so f*cking cool’ and we’re saying it as he’s walking past us and then we’re trying to reach for him and I was like, ‘Brodie, I bet you won’t grab his jacket, bet you won’t grab his jacket.’

Despite his up and down time in the company, Konnor would recommend to up and coming talents and even his own students to head to WWE and get the multitude of experiences that one gets being a WWE talent.

But at the end of the day, my students have even asked me this. They’re like, ‘Would you recommend going to WWE, because of some of the experiences that you had?’ ‘I absolutely would’ I told them. I think everybody should want to go there. I want them to have those memories I’ve shared a little bit with you. I want everyone to experience that. I want them to have the financial benefits of that. I want them to have the road stories, the friendships, the bonds. I think everyone deserves that-that’s in the business because, you know? And I don’t know. I’m grateful for everything. I really am. I don’t have any bitterness. I’m happy. I don’t know how to explain it.

** Per PWInsider, Kenny Omega was present at the IMPACT Wrestling tapings in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday. Omega is taking on Rich Swann at the Rebellion pay-per-view in April. The AEW World and IMPACT Unified World Championships will both be on the line.

** IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo chatted with The Sun and talked to the publication about the #SpeakingOut movement, which saw many women and some men in wrestling come forward about their physically and/or emotionally abusive experiences in wrestling.

The Speaking Out movement was incredibly powerful and a necessary point in time to create change in wrestling. I was and still am proud that [survivors] found their strength to speak their truths and the wrestling community heard them.

** Dustin Rhodes did a virtual signing with The Asylum Wrestling Store. He shared that his daughter, Dakota Runnels has been training to become a wrestler and he’s helping train her.

She is [training]. She wants in. She’s 27 right now and I’ve just started training her so we have a long way to go. I’m not gonna rush her, I wanna make sure she’s perfect before she has her first entrance.

Dustin was asked about the possibility of going on a tag team run with Cody Rhodes with Arn Anderson managing them both. Dustin feels it’s a possibility but he’s aware that Cody is focused on his singles career.

That is a possibility. I know Cody [Rhodes] really — and I’ve talked to him a lot about this. He likes being a singles and occasionally doing tag team stuff with me, right? So that’s always there but I think he’s more of a singles star right now and wants to do that and I understand that. Me, my later years, I need a tag team partner sometimes because it’s like, I need some help.

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston are two names that Rhodes would like to step into the ring with one-on-one. He’d want his match with Kingston to be bloody and violent.

I kinda wanna work Mox, or Eddie Kingston. Eddie Kingston would be fun. I think him and I could tear it up pretty good. Easy stuff, easy man. Make it a Bunkhouse or Barbed Wire match, something like that, it’d be fun. Bloody, violent.

** Sky Sports conducted an interview with Drew McIntyre. He spoke to the publication about former UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor possibly joining the WWE. McIntyre believes Conor would fit in well in terms of the entertainment side of the product.

No, I wouldn’t want to give him a hug but he wouldn’t want to give me a hug considering I keep calling him McTapper on social media. He’s such a huge star, he knows how to entertain and is an incredible fighter as well. When the time is right, he will show up in WWE and it’s going to be exciting.

I know I give him some crap but chances are we’re probably not going to have a match because he’s the size of my left calf! I will probably stick with (Tyson) Fury, he’s a big guy and we’re heavyweights, but it would be cool to have McGregor part of it. If he’s feeling frisky, we’ll have ourselves a little scrap, but he is such an entertainer. He gets it and he would fit in lovely in WWE.

** Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated caught up with Christian Cage. The newly signed AEW talent stated that he’s not expecting to come into the company and main event with Kenny Omega. He added that he wants to prove himself.

I’m not expecting to walk in and work the main event with Kenny Omega. I have some work to do and I need to prove myself. And looking at the layout of the roster, there are athletes with so much talent—like Darby Allin, who makes me think of Jeff Hardy, or MJF, who is just so talented. The sky is the limit here with a blank canvas.

** Absolute Intense Wrestling will have their first show of the new year come April 8th titled ‘Go For Broke’. It will be the promotion’s first since October of 2020.

** Jason Robinson, WWE’s WrestleMania set designer who started with the company in 1995 was interviewed by ‘Metro’. WrestleMania 37 is taking place inside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida and Jason says viewers and fans in attendance will like the set up of the show.

A lot of sports fans around the world have just seen the stadium. So they know what it looks like. Now it’s our turn. We’re going in there to do something different. I don’t think it matters whether fans are seeing it again after the Super Bowl or for the first time with WWE, they are going to love what they see.

Robinson also gave his top five WrestleMania stage sets that he’s played a role in putting together and his number one was WrestleMania 29 in New York.

#4 WrestleMania 34, New Orleans: Man, that big Mardi Gras mask on stage, that was the, ‘Aha!’ moment when it came together as the flavor of New Orleans.

#3 WrestleMania 24, Orlando: The South Beach hotel set. There was literally nothing in that stadium space, it was completely open at the end, so we build a 10-story art deco set.

#2 WrestleMania 33, Orlando: There was that moment when I said, ‘We’re going to make a theme park,’ and everybody went, ‘You’re going to do that?’ And we did.

#1 WrestleMania 29, New York: The Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. When we first walked into MetLife Stadium I said, ‘I’ve got a great idea. Let’s put the Brooklyn Bridge right here.’ I think everybody went, ‘You’re nuts.’ And then we did the design, everybody saw it and went, ‘That’s it. You’ve got it.’

** On the latest installment of his ‘Hall Of Fame’ podcast, Booker T gave his thoughts on the report that Andrade requested his release from WWE. Booker explained what he thinks has held Andrade back from becoming a mainstream talent in WWE.

I was reading that Andrade, he asked for his release. WWE of course don’t wanna lose a guy like Andrade man. That guy, I’ve said it before, I’ve went on and said, ‘Man, this guy is next level’ as far as his talent goes. He is special, he is extraordinary. If he worked on his English as much he worked on his work in the ring, he’d be a star right now. I’m serious. I think that’s the one thing that holds him back, not saying that’s a negative in a sense but, from trying to make him a mainstream star in America, it’s something that is — he needs that and I say that because most Boxers that came to America and succeeded to that next level, all of those guys, they learn English just so they can come out and be able to cut a promo, be able to answer questions and I don’t know, the one guy, Julio César Chávez, I think he’s the most famous Boxer that never thought about speaking English but when you’re like 100-0… but, if I’m gonna be looking for a guy that I could snatch up and I can do something with, it’s gonna be Andrade.

Elsewhere during the podcast, Booker spoke about older talents being brought into wrestling companies. Booker clarified that he was not specifically talking about AEW but if he was running his own company or promotion, he would focus on his younger talents.

You know, I agree in certain aspects. A guy like Sting, Sting’s an anomaly. He’s different from anybody you’re ever gonna deal with in the wrestling business who can keep their equity as long as they have just because Sting changed with the times, he figured it out. But, as far as having the older guys in the ring performing and the younger generation watching them, I’ve said this and I’ll say it a thousand times: A lot of people like right now in the chat, ‘Booker T’s a cool dude. He looks good! The beard is looking real right these days with a lil color in it.’ But no, my thing is this and I love all those guys, I love all those guys that look up to me in that way. But it’s hard for a 15, 16, 21, 22-year old kid to aspire to be 56. It’s just hard to see a 56-year old with the title. That’s unattainable for that young kid. That young kid go, ‘I gotta wait until I’m 56-years old to get this kind of rub? I gotta wait that long to be a part of this game? I’m not willing to wait that long,’ you know what I mean? ‘I’m not willing to pay those kind of dues.’ I believe in ‘respect your elders’ but my new slogan is respect your young people because they are the future, they’re the ones that’s gonna be doing the big shows at 30, 35 and hopefully they have that knowledge to be in that position and hold that, because it’s not an easy trip. So my thing is you invest in the young talent, you bring the young guys up. You give the young guys a rub. The ones that figure it out, they get it. The ones that don’t, we push ‘em to the side and we keep on rolling but, my thing is I’m not finna bring a bunch of old guys — not saying that these guys are old. I’m not talking about a AEW or anything like that. I’m talking about a company. I’m not going to try to build my company from an in-ring perspective with guys that I know can go out there and throw a hip, blow out a quad, you know what I mean? Walking to the ring. I’m just not finna do it and that’s just my personal opinion.

** Prior to IMPACT Wrestling’s Sacrifice event, Jordynne Grace did an interview with She expressed to the site that IMPACT utilizes their women’s division better than any other pro wrestling company.

I think that they use their women better than anyone else, to be honest. I think that they showcase their women. Their women are frequently in main event matches and always on the Pay-Per-View. And they also use everyone. No one’s ever just standing on the sidelines. Everyone is always in some kind of storyline. So no one just sitting back and just kind of waiting around for their turn, which is what happens in a lot of companies. And maybe that’s because there’s so many women in general in those other companies. But Impact does a good job of using us all to the best of our abilities and to our strengths.

As far as her team with Jazz goes, Jordynne said it was not something she pitched but is glad that she ended up teaming with Jazz.

It’s not something I pitched. It definitely happened organically. I didn’t know that it was going to happen at all, and I definitely didn’t know it was going to happen with Jazz. But when I heard that I was very excited, and I was ready and willing to do anything that I could to make it last as long as possible. Jazz is very laid back and humble. And I think that’s like … It’s crazy that she’s a WWE legend, and she’s one of the people that started the revolution pretty much, and she’s just still so … she’s not full of herself, she’s very down to earth, and I hope that I can be that way whenever I’m her age and I’ve been wrestling as long as she has.

** Stew Myrick of the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling show will be one of the voices for the Rhodes Wrestling Academy showcase on March 20th. The showcase of Dustin Rhodes’ wrestling school will be shown on YouTube.

** WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E guest appeared on MMA Fighting’s ‘The A-Side Live Chat’ with José Youngs and E. Casey Leydon. Big E stated that if he had to choose one MMA fighter to join The New Day, he would pick Israel Adesanya who recently stated that WWE is ‘definitely’ a possibility for him.

Israel [Adesanya’s] an obvious choice. I’m really looking for personality here and he’s a hell of a dancer. My God, what a dancer and even though he’s coming off a loss, I’m still going Adesanya. To me, he’s a star, he’s still a star, he’s got a ton of personality, he’s got the hips for the job and we need some length. All of us are like 6’0 or that 5’9 to 6’0 range. We need a guy with some length and so we’ll bring Izzy in for that.

** Cesaro chatted with talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy about how helpful and supportive Daniel Bryan has been to him and the locker room as of late.

He’s so smart and so good that he makes everybody better because they have to step up their game. And that’s what I would like to be. He’s been around – I mean, I’ve known him forever, almost 15 years – his ability to create momentum is second to none. We were heading into WrestleMania and people were like, ‘Oh, he’s losing, he’s losing momentum’ – no he didn’t. He just turns it around like that [clicks his fingers]. He switches momentum and now he’s facing Roman Reigns – as he should – at Fastlane. So it’s great to have him around and to me, having the support of somebody like Daniel Bryan, you don’t just get it over night. You have to prove yourself night after night after night. So it may take a while to get there with Bryan, but it’s well worth it.

** John Bradshaw Layfield joined Chavo Guerrero’s ‘Suplexes and Cervezas’ podcast. JBL gave his take on giving fans exactly what they want when they want it in wrestling. He doesn’t believe that is a formula that will result in success and explained why he thinks that:

If I was writing [The] Walking Dead and I had gotten my way, The Governor would’ve been killed the first 15 minutes of the first show. I had to watch two seasons to see this guy get his head cut off or whatever happened to him. That’s the business. You wanna kill a territory? Let the fans book it because they’re gonna do what they want. You can’t give ‘em what they want. I don’t wanna see a movie and get what I want because I want to see Joffrey, King Joffrey get killed right away in Game of Thrones. Instead, you take him out for several seasons but that keeps you interested.

During the conversation, Layfield and Chavo discussed JBL’s feud with Eddie Guerrero over the WWE Championship. Eddie and JBL’s match at the 2004 Judgement Day pay-per-view was the focus point and JBL shared that he and Eddie called that entire match on the fly.

The first big match I had with Eddie [Guerrero] in the Staples Center, Pat Patterson sat down with us and gave us the finish of what they wanted and here’s what he — Pat was a great finish guy, and I could see Eddie just kind of looking at him and you could see Eddie kind of glaze over and Eddie didn’t say anything so when Pat left, I said, ‘Eddie, something wrong?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I don’t like it.’ He goes, ‘I just don’t feel that,’ and I said, ‘Well, what do you wanna do?’ And he said, ‘I wanna call it out there.’ So I went to Pat and much respect to Pat, I said, ‘Pat, I’m just not feeling it’ and he said, ‘What do you wanna do?’ I said, ‘Eddie wants to call it out there.’ We didn’t even have the finish. We knew what the finish was gonna be. We didn’t even have a finish. The entire thing was called out there. But that’s also how much respect that Pat had for Eddie as well. That’s not a normal thing that would’ve happened with anybody else in a main event of a pay-per-view where you say, ‘Okay, go out there and do whatever you want’ but that’s the amount of respect that Pat had for Eddie but that’s also that mindset of the older generation of, ‘I want to get out there and feel the crowd and see what they’re buying and what they’re not.’

** GIVEMESPORT published their interview with Paul Heyman.

** AEW coach Jerry Lynn sat down with Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports for an interview. Lynn expressed that AEW is the best company he’s worked for either in or outside of wrestling.

When I first talked to them [The Young Bucks] about the contract and that stuff, they said, ‘Tony [Khan] really wants to change the way a wrestling company treats its employees’ and it’s been like night and day. I mean, this is the best company. I’m not just saying it. I’ve had a lot of jobs outside of wrestling before I broke into wrestling and to support my wrestling habit early on and I think the longest I was at a job, I was working for Mystic Lake Casino up in Minneapolis for two-and-a-half-years. Otherwise, I couldn’t find anything else I really enjoyed doing, and so my point is this company is the best company I’ve ever worked for in the business and outside of the business. You’re treated like a human being and not just a number, you know?

** Vickie Guerrero welcomed Jordynne Grace onto her podcast and during their conversation, Grace opened up about how some people slightly change in the wrestling business when they’re signed to an exclusive deal. She specifically mentioned people unfollowing her social media and then seeing those same individuals at independent shows after they were released from WWE last April.

The ego of people really comes out, especially when they get signed to a company. I’ve known many people that they were cool with me and we’d follow each other on social media and all that stuff and then for some reason, as soon they got signed, like a light switch. It was like night and day. They unfollowed you, everybody on social media that they ever came up with and it’s like they’re better than everyone else but, what’s funny is I’ve seen those exact people now because WWE did a big release. I see those exact people now on the same indie shows that I’m doing. So, it’s just funny how life works.

If the opportunity for Grace to crossover to AEW as a part of the ongoing relationship between AEW and IMPACT presented itself, Grace would like to share the ring with Nyla Rose again.

So I don’t know if you knew this or not but me and Nyla [Rose] have actually wrestled a few times before and we also tagged together before in Japan. So I would absolutely love to just like have a Hoss fight with her. Like, I’m so into those kind of matches and I would love to just go at it in the ring with her one more time.

** Here’s a preview of the documentary that A&E is putting together about Stone Cold Steve Austin:



** Wrestling Inc. published Scott Fishman’s chat with Ring of Honor talent Rhett Titus. He feels that Ring of Honor has the best wrestling show right now and if people look around at the landscape of shows other than ROH, they’ll see what is being presented is not that good.

To be completely honest I’ll go on record and say I watch pretty much every wrestling television show. Ring of Honor has the best wrestling show.

If Ring of Honor stays true to itself and goes back to the basics like it has with the pure tournament and pure rules, I think the people will come around to it. If you take a look at some of these other companies and products they are putting out, it’s really not that good. People are going to get sick of that. They are either going to, A: stop watching wrestling in general or B: try to seek something else. What happened back in the day when Ring of Honor got popular to begin with was people were seeking something else out and found Ring of Honor. Hopefully, that trend continues.

** Steel Chair Magazine ran their interview with Jazz. Jazz is currently a member of IMPACT Wrestling roster and she and Jordynne Grace recently challenged for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. She spoke about how welcomed she has felt within IMPACT’s women’s locker room.

(I was welcomed) with open arms, everyone at Impact treated me with respect, everyone was very nice and very welcoming. The girls, oh my god, I love them. I’ve known most of them for over 10-12 years, so it’s really weird me going there, and I remember these girls when they were just starting out, like in their early 20s, and now they’re like full-blown women. They’ve been in the game now for 10-plus years. It’s like I’ve seen them and watch[ed] their growth in the industry, and I’m just happy to be a part of it right now.

Jazz began her career in wrestling in the late 90s. She told the site how she hopes to be remembered in wrestling:

I want to be remembered as a person that most definitely never had to kiss anyone’s behind. I always allowed my talent in the ring to speak for me. There’s a lot of politics in wrestling, but that’s okay. I’m one who never got sucked into that world. I stayed true to myself. I just want everyone in the wrestling world, all the fans around the world to know that I never allowed myself to get sucked into the politic game. I just stayed real with who I am, within a person and as an athlete. That’s my legacy right there. When I started with ECW, they had a saying, ‘My T and A is not for tits and ass, my T and A stands for talent and ability.’ So it might be just talent and an ass-kicker (laughs).

** While speaking to WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo, Eric Bischoff stated that he has no interest in being involved in the wrestling business on a day-to-day basis again.

I have no desire or interest on a day-to-day basis on getting back in the wrestling business, not because I don’t respect it. I can’t express how grateful I am for what I’ve been able to experience as a result of the industry, but I’ve been there and I’ve done that and it’s in my rearview now and I respect it and I like to put my toe in the water every once in a while. But if I had to go every single week, ehh, not so much because it’s not new enough for me.

** According to a new study by video-analytics firm Conviva, WWE ranked in at #5 for the top ten brands that have accumulated the most TikTok followers between February 2020 and February 2021. Netflix, ESPN, Overtime and Barstool Sports are ranked ahead of the sports-entertainment company.

** Mil Muertes vs. Parrow is official for the 3/17 episode of MLW FUSION.

** Rob Van Dam joined D-Von Dudley’s Table Talk podcast.

** Mick Foley has been invited to speak to children about his career in pro wrestling. The opportunity came about after he mistakenly tagged Annabelle Ewing, Scottish politician in a tweet.

** Ace Austin was a guest on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling show.

** The Dallas Morning News profiled Adam Abdalla, publisher of ‘Orange Crush’ and co-founder of New York’s ‘Cultural Counsel’.

** Rohit Raju did an interview with The Angle Podcast.

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