MCU L8R: Falcon & Winter Soldier Ep. 6 Finale (w/ Nate Milton)

MCU L8R: Falcon & Winter Soldier Ep. 6 Finale (w/ Nate Milton)

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Wai Ting, WH Park & Nate Milton review the series finale of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier as Sam Wilson makes his debut as the new Captain America during a final confrontation against the Flag Smashers in New York City.

We discuss what worked and didn’t about the culmination of each major character’s arc, focusing on moments such as Sam’s big speech, his new costume, his final meeting with Isaiah Bradley, Bucky’s meeting with Yori, the Power Broker’s reveal, John Walker’s transition to U.S. Agent, and more.

We also discuss the new Captain America 4 movie reports and share our reactions to the Shang-Chi trailer. Plus, 45 minutes dedicated to your calls about all things MCU!

[00:00:00] The Falcon & Winter Soldier Ep. 6 (Finale) Review

[00:50:31] Shang-Chi Trailer Discussion

[01:02:29] Your phone calls

[01:49:44] WH Park’s Recommendations

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