MVP trying different treatments for his knee, wants to avoid surgery

MVP shared that he is undergoing different treatments for his knee injury. He wants to avoid surgery

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WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP are now the only members of The Hurt Business after Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander were removed from the group. Lashley is gearing up for his WWE Title defense against Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman in a three-way at WrestleMania Backlash.

For several months, MVP has appeared on-screen on crutches or with a walking cane. His last match was on a mid-February edition of Raw and while speaking with WWE host Quetzalli Bulnes on 4/22, MVP stated that his knee is not healed and he wants to avoid surgery. He is trying different treatments but if it does not work, he’ll have to undergo a minor surgery.

I’m returning to Houston. As a matter of fact, here, I’ve got exclusive news just for you and the WWE Español viewers. As many of you know, my knee has been bothering me for some time now. I injured it a few months ago in the ring and while it’s better, it hasn’t healed yet and we’ve been trying to avoid surgery so we’re gonna try one more procedure and if it still doesn’t work, then I might have to get some minor arthroscopic surgery for the knee but, not yet. We’re still gonna try another treatment first.

As the conversation continued, MVP spoke about The Hurt Business’ split. He said that decision was above his head but it was done to establish that he and Lashley are the group. MVP then shared that initially, he and Lashley wanted both Ricochet and Cedric Alexander in The Hurt Business but could only have one.

Actually, the idea [Hurt Business] was Bobby Lashley’s idea and he and I have always had a good working relationship and it was his vision but us together, Vince [McMahon] and the creative team were able to see. Once they saw us, they were like, ‘Ah, okay. We get it’ and then you know, we continued to push to add Shelton [Benjamin] and then originally, we wanted Ricochet and Cedric [Alexander] but they would only give us one so we ended up with Cedric and the vision that we had for it is ultimately what it became and unfortunately, decisions are made above my head and they wanted to downsize The Hurt Business to establish that me and Bobby are The Hurt Business. Bobby is the Chief Hurt Officer and I’m the Executive Vice President of Personnel, Talent Acquisitions and Managing Partner and then whoever else we should recruit to be with us, that’s our business associates but Bobby’s the boss and I’m his consigliere.

Along with Lashley defending his WWE Title at WrestleMania Backlash, Bianca Belair is also defending her SmackDown Women’s Title at the event against Bayley.

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