John Cena to create and produce WWE antagonist series on Peacock

A new series focused on some of wrestling's best antagonists is coming to Peacock and it is being created by John Cena

Photo Courtesy: WWE

It is coming up on a full month since WWE has exclusively moved some their content over to the Peacock service for viewers in the United States. The company is adding the remainder of the WWE Network library to Peacock and new content as well. One of those new projects is a series that is being created, produced and narrated by John Cena.

NBCUniversal made the announcement that the series is going to focus in on some of the best antagonists in the history of pro wrestling and their impact on mainstream culture. The show is going to be titled ‘WWE Evil’.

John Cena last competed for WWE at WrestleMania 36 which took place at the Performance Center. He was a part of the Firefly Fun House match that he lost to Bray Wyatt.

Back in February, when conversations arose about Cena possibly appearing at this year’s WrestleMania at Raymond James Stadium, he told Sports Illustrated that there was no mathematical way he could be at the show because of his filming schedule.

He was in Vancouver, British Columbia filming the Peacemaker series which he plays the main character in.

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