DDT Wrestle Peter Pan set for 8/21, Exploding deathmatch announced

Coming off the CyberFight show, it was announced that DDT's Wrestle Peter Pan event is taking place on 8/21 & Atsushi Onita is involved

Photo Courtesy: DDT Pro-Wrestling

Coming out of the CyberFight Festival event on June 6th which saw Pro Wrestling NOAH, Tokyo Joshi Pro, Ganbare Pro and DDT Pro-Wrestling present a joint-event under the CyberAgent banner, it was announced that DDT’s Wrestle Peter Pan show will be taking place on August 21st at Kawasaki Stadium. The venue currently seats 2,700 people.

There were several additional announcements concerning Wrestle Peter Pan such as Atsushi Onita being a part of the show. The 60-year old Onita is going to be officially launching his FMW-E promotion on July 4th that will feature exploding deathmatches. Wrestle Peter Pan will host an exploding deathmatch with two rings being placed in the stadium for the occasion.

Jun Akiyama, the reigning KO-D Openweight Champion, is scheduled for Wrestle Peter Pan and will be defending his title against a challenger that has yet to be announced.

TAMURA and Reimu Imai will be a part of the show as well. Both talents are not under the CyberAgent umbrella and will be coming in from other organizations.

In the main event of the CyberFight Festival show, Naomichi Marufuji defeated Keiji Muto to capture the GHC Heavyweight Championship. To check out POST Wrestling’s review, click here.

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