IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Slammiversary go-home show

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IMPACT! Wrestling

July 15th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Josh Mathews & D’Lo Brown

Before the IMPACT! – Chris Sabin def. Johnny Swinger (w/ Hernandez & Alisha) by pinfall at 5:25

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb with a K vs. Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering

Kaleb and Grace start the match with Kaleb teasing her with a test of strength that she easily wins in and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Grace easily continues to knock Kaleb down including a back body drop for a 2 count before telling him to go tag in Tenille. Ellering tags in as well and hits a couple of clotheslines and a body slam for two-count on Tenille. Kaleb and Tenille tease walking out on this match, but Grace and Ellering run after them tossing them inside of stereo spinebusters as Josh Mathews announces Matt Striker will be back to take his place at Slammiversary. Tenille and Kaleb try to double team Ellering, but she is able to toss Tenille out and goes to sunset flip Kaleb, but his pants fall down instead revealing cheetah print boxers. Ellering tries to go and tag in Grace, but Tenille is able to take her down before tagging herself in. Grace and Kaleb go at it, resulting in a sit-out powerbomb from the top rope followed by a Vader Bomb and Ellering’s springboard elbow for a 2 count. All four start battling it out in the middle of the ring ending with Grace hitting a spinebuster on Tenille, followed by Grace diving onto Kaleb on the outside. Ellering and Grace hit a double-team move on Kaleb that Brown and Mathews weren’t able to identify (was like an assisted/swinging Rock Bottom) as Grace got the pin.

Winners: Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering by pinfall at 7:57

There’s Still No Way Jose

We see a video package hyping up Deonna Purrazzo’s title match against a mystery opponent. We then cut to Scott D’Amore who is sitting down with Deonna, who says it doesn’t make sense to sign a contract against someone who is a mystery, D’Amore mentions the main reason to sign is for the rematch clause and winning bonus. Deonna says she is up to here with IMPACT management now and this division was in shambles before she was here, before naming off some of the opponents she defeated as D’Amore is seen rolling his eyes. Deonna says ‘God knows where people like Taya Valkyrie even are now, there is no more Knockouts Division’, she continues to complain but reluctantly signs the contract. D’Amore says some puns such as being a ‘hot mess’, and Slammiversary being ‘iconic’ and maybe we’ll get some ‘hardcore country’, before randomly saying ‘No Way Jose’, when Tommy Dreamer pops in and says, ‘we still haven’t signed that guy’.

Tasha Steelz (w/ Kiera Hogan) vs. Havok (w/ Rosemary)

Before the match, Josh Mathews plugs the Don West Tag Team Against Lymphoma GoFundMe. Havok quickly and easily whips Steelz back and forth against the turnbuckles as Kiera shouts words of encouragement for her partner. Havok continues to stay in control and stomps away as they go to the commercial.

When we come back, Tasha is able to fight back hitting a neck breaker and stomp Havok out in the corner as Mathews plugs that after the Nashville tapings on July 18th and 19th they will return to Nashville with fans from August 15th to the 17th. Havok quickly shuts Tasha up with a couple of knee strikes and a running knee in the corner as Rosemary shouts how beautiful that was. Tasha gets up and starts hitting headbutts and chops on Havok, but Havok is able to catch Steelz for a belly-to-belly suplex for a 2 count. Steelz is able to escape out, hit a boot, try to hit a cross body but Havok catches her right into a Tombstone for the pin.

Winner: Havok by pinfall at 11:44

It Was Su Yung All Along

We see Kimber Lee pacing back and forth backstage when Susan comes out of an office and says, ‘everything went exactly according to plan’, Kimber asks where Father James Mitchell is, and Susan says he had a little trouble summoning Su Yung. Kimber asks if she knew about Su Yung. Susan says she has known all along, grabs Kimber Lee by the hair, and throws her in the room while giving a maniacal look.

Steve Maclin vs. Kal Herro

D’Lo mentions knowing Herro (OVW) and his family for a long time, as he is making his IMPACT debut after appearing recently on AEW Dark. Maclin quickly goes on the attack asking if this is the best they have for him, as he puts him in the Tree of Woe saying he’s dressed like an 80’s jackass and rams right into him. He goes for the pin but stops himself, before applying a chin hold and says, ‘he’s going to quit, just like everybody has on him’. Herro fights back though and hits a crossbody, but Maclin automatically gets up, hits a clothesline followed by his inverted DDT/piledriver for the pin.

Winner: Steve Maclin by pinfall at 2:26

After the match, Maclin grabs the mic and says, ‘The things that I’ve seen and the things that I’ve done, the worst you can possibly do is give me time’. Time makes him prepare and wait, and he’s come to IMPACT pretty prepared, but he is done waiting.

The Father That Bonds Decay

We go to Decay who is backstage with Havok where Rosemary says all the stars are aligned as she destroyed Tasha and now, they have a title shot at Slammiversary for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. The key to victory is if Havok walks in as an outsider or one of them (Decay). Rosemary says the one who is capable of bonding them is there tonight as James Mitchell walks in who says he barely escaped from Su Yung but now that he’s here they are getting this show on the road. Rosemary asks Havok if she is ready, and she laughs saying she is.

Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju & Shera vs. Petey Williams, Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander & Chris Bey

A bit of a preview before Slammiversary’s Ultimate X match with all its competitors in this match as Raju and Petey start the match with Petey teasing the Canadian Destroyer right away, but Raju tags out to Austin as Alexander comes in as well. Alexander hits a big boot but only gets a 1 count on Austin as he tags in Miguel. Miguel (Josh Mathews favorite to win X Division) and Austin duck and dodge, but Fulton tags in easily takes out Miguel with snake eyes and a big boot for a near fall. Raju, Shera, and Austin trade tags back and forth as they keep Miguel trapped in their corner. Miguel tries to crawl over and tag, but Fulton comes in to try and take him out, Miguel escapes from him and Shera and makes the hot tag to Chris Bey who takes all the heels out including Raju and Austin at the same time. Fulton takes out Bey, but Alexander is able to hit a big German Suplex to take him out. Raju takes out Alexander, but Petey comes in and hits the Canadian Destroyer. Everybody else takes turns coming in hitting moves but it ends with Bey rolling up Shera for a schoolboy for the pin.

Winners: Petey Williams, Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander & Chris Bey by pinfall at 6:26

After the match, they all start brawling including Chris Bey smacking Fulton and Shera in the back with a chair. As all the babyfaces are celebrating, Bey takes out Alexander and Miguel with the chair before getting chased away by Petey as D’Lo says the only team he’s on now is Team Bey.

Scumbag, You Know It

Brian Myers and Sam Beale bump into Hernandez and say they have been looking for him and they need him. Myers asks for his help, but Hernandez says he’s working for Johnny Swinger full time now. Myers walks by a room and is talking to someone off-screen saying, “You out of all people know how much a scumbag Matt Cardona is, so how about you watch my back tonight.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Brian Myers comes out with Sam Beale and tells him to watch the art of the promo. Myers says as the Most Professional wrestler it’s his duty to be a man of his word and calls Jake Something to come out. Something does but also brings out Matt Cardona with him. Myers says this isn’t professional making this a 2 on 1 scenario, but Cardona tells Myers to be a man of his word. Myers says “Jake Something, you are a professional, but that doesn’t mean you’re a star”. He then starts critiquing his plain black trunks and his ungroomed beard and says he has grey hairs and is only in his mid 20’s, and says the only thing he has going for him is his name Something as that’s all he’s ever going to be. All four men start brawling inside as Cardona hits the Unprettier on Myers. As Cardona sets up for the Radio Silence, his ex-girlfriend Tenille Dashwood hits him with a low blow as Tenille and Myers put the boots on Cardona. I personally think this is the perfect way to bring in Cardona’s current girlfriend, Chelsea Green, to have this tag team match.

Slammiversary Will Be a Hot Mess

Cardona cuts a promo backstage saying Brian Myers is the same guy he was 18 years ago and says he hasn’t talked to Tenille in years. Scott D’Amore says he was going to do Cardona vs. Myers at Slammiversary, but instead asks Cardona if he can find a female partner, he says he can, as D’Amore says Slammiversary will be a ‘hot mess’.

Moose vs. Hernandez (w/ Johnny Swinger)

Right away Hernandez attacks Moose, taking him out of the ring and tossing him against the guard rails. Back inside, Moose fights back hitting a Rock Bottom followed by the Lights Out spear for the quick win.

Winner: Moose by pinfall at 1:14

After the match, Moose grabs a chair and teases breaking Hernandez’s ankle, but Chris Sabin runs in and hits a pair of dragon screws on Moose, and teases using the chair as well but Moose escapes.

Slammiversary 2021 Card

  • IMPACT World Championship / No DQ Match: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Sami Callihan
  • Moose vs. Chris Sabin
  • Brian Myers & Tenille Dashwood vs. Matt Cardona & ???
  • IMPACT Tag Team Championship: Violent by Design (c) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. TJP & Fallah Bahh vs. The Good Brothers
  • IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. ???
  • IMPACT X Division Championship / Ultimate X Match: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Ace Austin vs. Trey Miguel vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju vs. Petey Williams
  • Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey
  • IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Fire ‘N Flava (c) vs. Rosemary & Havok

Doc Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson) vs. Joe Doering (w/ Rhino, Eric Young & Deaner) vs. Willie Mack (w/ Rich Swann) vs. Fallah Bahh (w/ TJP)

This match is being labeled the Battle of the Hosses. Doering and Gallows go face to face before Bahh and Mack start attacking them. Bahh and Mack ‘too sweet’ each other as Gallows and Doering end up on the outside. That alliance quickly ends as Bahh and Mack trade chops and forearms. Doering and Gallows end up back in to take them out. All four men end up on the outside and start brawling as their seconds cheer them on. Gallows misses a splash in the corner and ends up getting one from Bahh, followed by a butt splash on top of that as Anderson screams ‘Stupid gross butt in my partner’s face!’. Gallows works on Mack on the inside but misses an elbow drop. All four men end up back on the outside again and brawl against the guard rails. Gallows and Doering slowly make their way back in and start pounding on each other ending in a double shoulder block that knocks both of them to the outside before Gallows misses Doering and runs into the post. Back inside, Bahh catches Mack into a Samoan Drop, but Doering quickly runs in and hits a cross body on Bahh followed by a short-armed clothesline for the win.

Winner: Joe Doering by pinfall at 8:41

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