IMPACT HOMECOMING: Purrazzo & Rehwoldt become King & Queen

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IMPACT Wrestling Homecoming 2021

By: John Siino

Exclusively on Impact+

July 31st, 2021

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Homecoming First Round: Hernandez & Alisha (w/ Johnny Swinger) vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt

Deonna’s mystery partner is revealed to be the former Aiden English, now going by his real name, Matthew Rehwoldt. Rehwoldt. talked about Bach and Beethoven never being heard by human ears and says he is the Drama King, and he is here to create a masterpiece side by side with a Virtuosa. The first stroke on the canvas starts tonight with the coronation of a Queen and a King as he sings the last part like his old Aiden English days. Alisha and Deonna start the match. Deonna easily takes control of Alisha stopping her Enziguri, but receiving a sidekick, flatliner and dropkick in the corner for a 2 count. Hernandez tags in and as Deonna goes to tag in, Rehwoldt encourages her to stay in. Hernandez catches a crossbody from Deonna, who kicks out and tags in Rehwoldt, who quickly gets pounced by Hernandez. Alisha tags in and delivers ‘yes’ kicks but gets pulled down by her hair by Rehwoldt before tagging in Deonna. Deonna goes to run the ropes and gets tripped up by Swinger ringside before they double clothesline each other. Hernandez and Rehwoldt tag in with Hernandez hitting a big splash and senton followed by a Canadian backbreaker. Hernandez dives onto Rehwoldt, as Swinger pushes Deonna out the way, followed by Alisha hitting a cross body on all of them. Rehwoldt inside hits a DDT on Hernandez for the pin to advance.

Winners: Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt by pinfall at 7:30 to advance

Homecoming First Round: Jordynne Grace & Petey Williams vs. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green

Grace & Williams are announced as Thicc Mama Pump and Little Petey Pump as they have the Scott Steiner-like get up and entrance. Cardona and Petey start the match, as through the magic of taping, Cardona’s back is perfectly fine. Cardona quickly controls the match, as Grace tags in body slams Cardona against his advice, Petey tags in and tries to slam him, but can’t, so Grace assists in the body slam. Green tags in and tells Petey, she wants Grace. They go at it after Chelsea can’t do the test of strength with her. Grace & Petey try to whip Green and Cardona against each other but stop short. Grace & Petey do the elbow drop/push-up combo. Petey and Cardona go at it, with Petey hitting a tornado DDT before crawling over to Grace who meets Green with a couple of big clotheslines and double knees in the corner, followed by the running elbow drop. Grace goes for the Vader Bomb but misses as Cardona and Petey come in. Petey trips up Cardona on the top rope and goes for the pin, getting a two. Grace and Petey hit a double suplex on Cardona getting a two. Cardona comes back with a dropkick, as they both crawl over again to tag in the females. Green hits a ripcord elbow followed by a curb stomp, but Petey comes in and teases the Canadian Destroyer on Chelsea before getting stopped by Cardona. Cardona and Green hit stereo Reboots. Petey and Grace tease double Canadian Destroyers, but they get reversed. Instead, they hit double Steiner Recliners, but Cardona is able to break out of it. Petey dives out to Cardona, but inside Green hits the Unprettier on Grace for the pin.

Winners: Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green by pinfall at 10:22 to advance

After the match, Steve Maclin comes in and attacks Petey Williams as the crowd boos him on. Maclin hits the Grace Driver on Petey before doing Steiner-like push-ups to the jeers of the crowd.

Morrissey Rules

We get a promo from W. Morrissey who questions Eddie Edwards getting knocked out cold as ‘having his number’, and if he thought he could beat him why tonight’s match would be a hardcore match. Morrissey says Edwards wants so hard to believe that he has his number, so tonight they are going to play by his rules, but he plays by the same rules, and he plays them better. And tonight, he’s going to show the whole world that Eddie is nothing more than a fraud.

Homecoming First Round: Tommy Dreamer & Rachel Ellering vs. Brian Myers & Missy Hyatt (w/ Sam Beale)

Dreamer and Ellering come out with Road Warriors face paint and gear (Dreamer as Animal and Ellering as Hawk). Sam Beale goes to announce from World Class Championship Wrestling, UWF, WCW, and ECW Original, Missy Hyatt. Hyatt comes out not dressed to wrestle, in jeans, a blouse, carrying a bag saying, ‘I’m not a wrestler’ as Myers tells Sam ‘You could have got me a partner that could actually wrestle’. Myers and Dreamer start the match, but Myers tags Hyatt in right away who seems scared as hell to wrestle against Ellering, but Hyatt tags right out, as the crowd chants ‘You still got it’ to Hyatt. Myers hesitates as Ellering asks if Myers is afraid, but hitting a drop toe hold, before tagging in Dreamer as they do the Dusty Rhodes elbows. They continue to trade tags as they hold Myers in their corner. Ellering encourages Dreamer to jump off the top rope, but he hesitates and ends up jumping off the first rope instead. Beale hits Dreamer with a notebook, as he chases him outside where Beale runs into a clothesline from Ellering. Back inside, Myers hits a DDT on Dreamer inside for a 2 count as the crowd chants ‘We want Missy’. Myers sets up the Roster Cut but runs right into a Death Valley Driver. Myers crawls over to tag Hyatt, but she wants nothing of it and leaves the ring. As Myers goes on the top rope to call her back, Dreamer catches him on his shoulders as Ellering jumps off the top rope for a Doomsday Device as Dreamer and Ellering do a Road Warriors-like pin for the win.

Winners: Tommy Dreamer & Rachel Ellering by pinfall at 5:22


Violent by Design has a promo backstage where Eric Young talks about failure and how it could be hard to follow and what have they learned about failure. Deaner says the opportunity of redemption is up to him, as Young says he has to get back what is owed by him against Willie Mack tonight. Young says they are the only thing standing between sickness and complete control. VBD is not a club, faction, or group it is a way of life, a choice and the truth. They all end it by saying this world belongs to them.

Homecoming First Round: Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) vs. Fallah Bahh & Tasha Steelz

Fallah and Tasha are announced as Fallah N Flava. Steve and Bahh start the match as they both try to get the crowd behind them. Rosemary tells Steve to bite Fallah’s face-off, before getting the crowd behind them with Bahh countering it with a ‘no, no, no’. Steve tries to clothesline Bahh and fails before actually ‘biting his face off’. After about two minutes of this type of stuff, Tasha tags in with the crowd doing more ‘bite her face’ off chants, but Steve says that Rosemary can do it before tagging her in. They go at it, with Rosemary hitting a sidewalk slam for a two. Rosemary hits a Superman punch on Tasha, who goes and tags in Bahh. Rosemary and Bahh have more chant battles, before Tasha catches Rosemary on the ropes and takes her out, Bahh against his own wishes goes and pins her for a two. Tasha keeps Rosemary in the corner with uppercuts and hits a PK for a two. Bahh comes in and takes down Rosemary calling her a weirdo and goes to imitate her, but Rosemary sits up, scaring Bahh. Steve comes in and hits three dropkicks but still can’t drop Bahh. Bahh takes control, wiping Steve’s face paint off his hands before questioning his weirdness as well. Bahh misses a sit-down splash, as Rosemary and Tasha get tagged in. Rosemary and Tasha fight in the corner, with Rosemary putting on the Upside Down. Rosemary gets out of the way and Bahh hits a big splash on Tasha. Steve comes in and hits a jumping DDT on Bahh for the pin.

Winners: Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) by pinfall at 9:14 to advance


Steve Maclin is backstage with a promo and says he’s been trying to climb up the X Division rankings, but Petey Williams has gotten in his business. And although his crosshairs have been set on something, now they are on another.

Willie Mack (w/ Rich Swann) vs. Deaner (w/ Eric Young, Rhino & Joe Doering)

Deaner rushes Mack right as the bell rings. Mack clotheslines Deaner out of the ring who gets helped up by Violent by Design. Back inside, Deaner tries to gain control, distracting the referee as Young holds Mack’s foot. Mack runs the ropes and takes down Deaner with a shoulder tackle. Mack goes for the stunner, but Deaner eye rakes his way out and tosses Mack in the corner, and hits him with a dropkick. Deaner keeps Mack in the VBD corner, as Young waves their flag. The crowd chants ‘Chocolate Thunder’, as Deaner throws Mack outside. The referee tries to keep Swann and VBD out of the match. Back inside, Mack catches Deaner off the top rope for an exploding suplex. Mack comes back with a leg drop but runs into a boot by Deaner, before catching him for a Samoan Drop. Deaner trips Mack off the top rope and hits him with a running knee to the gut followed by a powerbomb for a two. Mack tosses Deaner up to the sky and hits him with a punch for a near fall. Deaner blocks the stunner and hits a spinning neckbreaker for a two. Mack hits a sit-out powerbomb for another near fall. Deaner goes for superplex but gets dropped down by Mack who misses a frog splash. Mack comes back with a stunner, but as he covers, Rhino places Deaner’s foot on the rope, but he gets met by a diving Swann. While this was going on, Young hit Mack with the VBD flag, followed by the Deaner DDT for the pin.

Winner: Deaner by pinfall at 9:42

Alwayz Together

Gia Miller is backstage with Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green and asks if they have what it takes to get all the way to the finals. Cardona says they do everything together and now they wrestle together and there is no way their undefeated streak won’t continue tonight. Green says to be the best, you have to beat the best, and says Deonna and Rehwoldt aren’t always ready like them.

Homecoming Semi-Finals: Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green

Green and Purrazzo start the match with Deonna kicking away Chelsea’s handshake, as they trade off quick pin attempts. Deonna goes right for the casted arm of Chelsea, before tagging in Rehwoldt who tries to block Chelsea from tagging in Cardona, but she rolls out and does. Cardona and Rehwoldt go at it, but Cardona dropkicks and clotheslines Rehwoldt out of the ring; he stops short from hitting a dropkick to the outside as Deonna gets in the way, but Chelsea delivers it instead. Rehwoldt ducks and Cardona lands a scary-looking crossbody to the outside, barely missing Chelsea. Deonna tags in as they work on Cardona in the corner with uppercuts. Rehwoldt comes back in and hits a leg drop on Cardona before choking him on the ropes. Rehwoldt and Deonna continue to work on Cardona, as Rehwoldt wears him down with a chin lock. Cardona escapes out of a suplex and hits a neckbreaker as the crowd chants ‘We want Chelsea’, but Deonna knocks her off the apron as they drag Cardona back in their corner. Cardona escapes and tags in Chelsea who goes to town on Deonna, but as she goes for the cover, she gets stopped by Rehwoldt who gets hit by Radio Silence from Cardona. Chelsea goes after Deonna but fails to realize Rehwoldt tags in. Cardona tags in, hits a flapjack followed by a clothesline in the corner, as he is going for the Reboot, Deonna holds his leg but she gets taken out by Chelsea. Cardona goes for the Radio Silence, but it gets blocked into a powerbomb followed by the modified DDT by Rehwoldt to get the pin.

Winners: Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt by pinfall at 9:34 to advance

Stupid Mark

Gia Miller is backstage with Missy Hyatt who says it was amazing to work in front of the fans. Brian Myers walks in and says after 100 years, how she doesn’t know how to do a wrist lock or anything. Hyatt says if he knew anything about her, she would know the great manager work she’s done as she lists off all the wrestlers she managed. Hyatt says they have what Myers doesn’t, originality. Myers gets upset and walks away. Hyatt then starts flirting with Sam Beale and tells him to close his eyes and pucker up, but gets hit in the face by Hyatt’s bag before calling him a stupid mark and walking away.

Homecoming Semi-Finals: Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) vs. Tommy Dreamer & Rachel Ellering

Rosemary and Ellering start the match, with Ellering asking for a handshake. Rosemary licks her hand before doing so, and so does Ellering. They tie up and tussle all around the ring until Ellering dodges a spear and they shoulder tackle each other. Steve and Dreamer tag in as the crowd has dual chants. They fight on the mat, as Dreamer takes Steve down with a headlock takeover but misses an elbow drop as they have a standoff. Rosemary points at Dreamer and says ‘we want the innovator of violence’ before tagging in and getting a ‘bite his face off’ chant. They go to lock up, but they start biting each other’s hands instead. Steve comes in to join the biting, and reluctant at first, Ellering comes in and joins the biting. Ellering starts chopping Rosemary in the corner before tagging in Dreamer who hits a fist drop to Rosemary before tagging Ellering back in. Ellering misses a splash in the corner and gets hit with a sling blade by Rosemary. Steve comes in and starts biting Ellering’s hand before tagging Rosemary back in. Dreamer and Steve both get tagged in, as Dreamer hits a power slam followed by punching and biting him in the corner. Dreamer hits a DDT on Steve, but Rosemary breaks up the pin. Steve keeps Dreamer in the corner with uppercuts and a cannonball, but the pin gets broken up by Ellering. Dreamer hits a cutter out of nowhere but Steve kicks out at the last second. Dreamer calls for the Doomsday Device, but Rosemary takes Ellering off the corner and hits her with a spear. Dreamer grabs Rosemary by the hair, who screams ‘do it!’, before Dreamer hits her with a piledriver. Steve escapes out of the Death Valley Driver, before trading off sunset flips as Steve holds on for the pin.

Winners: Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) by pinfall at 10:59 to advance

Finish This

Gia Miller with Eddie Edwards backstage asking about W. Morrissey’s number. Edwards asks if Morrissey has looked in the mirror because he checks off all the boxes; the height, the body, the look, but when you look up professional wrestlers there isn’t a picture of him as he could have had it all and lost it. He claims Morrissey is here in IMPACT to reclaim his broken image, but Edwards is here because this is where he always wanted to be. And the only way he can be beaten is if he stops breathing. Alisha hands Edwards a kendo stick and says she wants him to finish this.

IMPACT X Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Black Taurus (w/ Havok)

The crowd starts this match with ‘both these guys’ as they lock up. Taurus hits a hard chop on the back of Alexander, as they trade shoulder blocks and run the ropes. Alexander trips up Taurus and puts on the ankle lock, but Taurus breaks away. They trade off pin attempts to a big ovation. Alexander hits a big boot and takes down Taurus. Taurus hits a sling blade followed by a pump handle/backbreaker for a two count. Taurus goes and chokes Alexander in the corner. Taurus seems to knock Alexander doozy and chokes and kicks him in the corner as Alexander seems out of it. Alexander comes back with punches of his own, before getting knocked down hard by Taurus. Taurus goes for a Taurus Driver but ends up hitting a shoulder breaker for a two-count. Taurus continues to work on the right arm of Alexander, but Alexander escapes to the outside to gather himself. Back inside, Alexander reverses with a small package as one of Taurus’ horns comes off (poor guy). Taurus works on the back of Alexander, stretching him out. They fight for a suplex, with Alexander hitting it, followed by multiple takedowns before getting thrown to the outside where Taurus hits a tope con giro as the crowd chants ‘X Division’. Back inside, Taurus goes for the pin and gets a two. Taurus tries a suplex, but Alexander stops him and steps on his leg followed by three German Suplexes. As he goes for the fourth, Taurus grabs the ropes, but Alexander pulls him off and hits the fourth German for a two count. Alexander hits a big scary back body drop to Taurus who lands on the outside on his feet, he then gets put on the apron where Alexander hits a nasty crossbody to his back. Alexander hits a moonsault on the inside for a near fall. Alexander sets up for a piledriver, but Taurus hits a back body drop. Taurus bounces off the top rope with a dive followed by a spear for a two fall. Alexander reverses out and puts Taurus in an ankle lock before getting tossed in the corner, as Taurus is celebrating, he gets trapped in another ankle lock. Taurus gets out with an Enziguri, followed by a sling blade for two. They go to the top, where Alexander hits a big flipping Samoan Drop. On their knees, they start trading strikes until Taurus hits a crazy headbutt to Alexander’s nose. Alexander trips Taurus off the top rope, but ends up running into a discus lariat. Alexander hits a powerbomb into a backbreaker, followed by a C4 spike piledriver for the pinfall. Fantastic matchup here.

Winner: Josh Alexander by pinfall at 16:08, to retain

Rightful Royalty

Gia Miller is backstage with Deonna Purrazzo and Matthew Rehwoldt questioning her chances against Decay. Deonna says they feel marvelous and no one in IMPACT understands the artistry of what they do except Rehwoldt, who turns chaos into beauty. And tonight, they will be crowned the Queen and Drama King. Rehwoldt says Decay hasn’t seen crazy until they’ve seen him, and tonight they will stand over them as the rightful royalty of IMPACT Wrestling.

Homecoming Finals: Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve)

Steve and Rehwoldt start the match as the crowd immediately chant ‘bite his face off’, Rehwoldt tells Steve that Van Gogh lost his ear, so it doesn’t matter what Steve does. Steve hits a flatliner for a two-count, before Rosemary tags in, jumps off the top rope just to bite Rehwoldt’s arm. Steve says he wants another taste, as they trade in tags to trade-off bites. Deonna tags in as the crowd continue to want ‘bite facing’. They dodge spears until Rosemary hits a German Suplex, followed by a splash and a sling blade for a two count. Rehwoldt comes in and takes Rosemary down by her hair before Deonna comes in and stomps away, before hitting a flapjack for a two count. They hit each other with a double clothesline before crawling over to tag the males. They go back and forth for a while, ending with Steve snapping Rehwoldt’s neck with his feet and hitting a cannonball in the corner for a two. Rehwoldt hits a superkick as he plays with the crowd before Steve sits up scaring Rehwoldt away until Deonna comes in, but Rosemary comes in as all four battle, but Deonna and Rehwoldt run into fists and get hit with double Upside Downs. Steve rakes the back of Rehwoldt before tagging in Rosemary who hits a cross body for a two-count. Rehwoldt catches Rosemary who hits a spear on him, but Deonna has tagged in, in between. Rosemary dodges Deonna and hits with an inverted DDT for a two count. As Rosemary is telling Deonna to get up, Rehwoldt comes from behind to take her down but receives a diving Steve. Back inside, Deonna hits the Queen’s Gambit on Rosemary for the pin.

Winners: Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt by pinfall at 11:15 to become Homecoming King & Queen

After the match, Gia Miller presents them with their crowns as they crown each other and bow to the crowd who boos them.

Hardcore Match: W. Morrissey vs. Eddie Edwards

Morrissey attacks right at the bell and knocks Edwards to the outside, as he goes to join him he gets met with repeated trash can lids to the head before getting tossed out like nothing to the outside. Outside, Morrissey attacks Edwards by the barricade and grabs a couple more trash can lids. Morrissey pisses a splash in the corner, hitting the post and walking into the Blue Thunder Bomb for a 1 count. Edwards goes and grabs a table from under the ring as the crowd starts chanting ‘we want tables’, clearly not getting the message as Edwards sets it up. Edwards grabs a trash can but gets booted while holding it, to his face by Morrissey as the crowd chants ‘He’s softcore’ to Morrissey (or is it SAWFT Core). Morrissey grabs a couple more items including a chain and chairs to toss into the ring. Morrissey wraps the chain around Edwards’ mouth as Edwards struggles to breathe. Morrissey ties it around Edwards’ neck, but he quickly chops his way out but as Edwards tries to walk away he gets pulled back by the chain. Morrissey starts choking Edwards in the corner with the chair before stacking up all the weapons to make a weapon sandwich. Morrissey places Edwards on the top rope trying to superplex him, but Edwards reverses into a sunset flip powerbomb on the weapons for a two count. Edwards goes to dive to Morrissey on the outside but gets caught. Edwards goes to hit him with a trash can lid, but the lid goes flying to the crowd before Edwards asks for it back. They fight to the top of the stage, where Edwards reverses a powerbomb to a cross-body before running into Morrissey who catches him and tosses him back first onto the apron. Morrissey goes and grabs the stairs and slams Edwards face first into it. Morrissey goes and grabs a ladder and sets it up on top of the apron and stairs. As he goes to grab more, Edwards’ suicide dives onto him. Edwards circles around the ring to find his Kendo stick and land it across the head of Morrissey. Edwards climbs the top rope with the stick but gets booted off and lands right onto the table on the outside. Morrissey goes to drag him back onto the apron, but Edwards fights out, running to Morrissey who hits a hard chokeslam from the apron onto the ladder that didn’t break. Morrissey grabs another table and throws it into the ring, placing it against the corner. Morrissey grabs a zip tie and ties Edwards’ hands together before grabbing a Kendo stick of his own, landing multiple shots to the body of Edwards. Morrissey misses Edwards and Edwards hits a shoulder tackle onto Morrissey through the table and rips off the zip tie. Edwards goes and grabs another Kendo stick and starts attacking the back of Morrissey. Edwards wraps the chain around his knee and hits a Boston Knee Party on Morrissey to pin him, giving Morrissey his first loss in IMPACT.

Winner: Eddie Edwards by pinfall at 18:34

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