BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream for CHSF Interviews

On July 17th 2021, Martin Bushby & Benno streamed for 12 hours to raise money for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund in the UK (

They were joined by a number of guests from the world of wrestling and beyond. These guests included: Will Cooling, Jordan Goodman, Wai & James Ting, Nate Milton, Scrump, Andrew Thompson, Robert Pearson, John Pollock, Glitbiter, The Two Sarahs, Chris Bournea, JP Houlihan, Gareth Hodgson & John Lister.

Over the next 10 days, their individual interviews will be uploaded to this page and the BWE podcast feed.

A huge thank you to everyone that took part, listened and donated. The day managed to raise £1,400 for a great cause.

Part 1: Benno chats about his former career as a wrestler and the Northwest wrestling scene in the UK.

Wrestling Journalist & Historian John Lister discusses following the UK scene for 3 decades and some of his most memorable shows.

Part 2: PWTorch’s Will Cooling talks about getting into journalism and covering UFC for Fox Sports.

Part 3: The Wellness Policy’s Jordan Goodman talks about his time working for Ring of Honor, what his Beatwell organisation is all about and his special type of beat therapy.

Part 4: For one night only, Sarah Flann & Sarah 4L were reunited to discuss their wrestling fandom, trips to wXw, bowling and some of their favourite live shows.

Part 5: Graphics wizard, Robert Pearson joined us from a wedding to chat about his past life training at the Team 3D academy, creating graphics for POST & ESPN and the possibility of starting a tag team with Benno.

James & Wai Ting then joined us to share a very personal story that relates to the work CHSF are doing. James talked about the project he is working on to help raise money and awareness of children’s heart surgery in Japan.

Part 6: Writer & Director Chris Bournea discusses his brilliant documentary, “Lady Wrestler: The Amazing, Untold Story of African-American Women in the Ring”. Chris discusses how the documentary came to be, the amazing women he spoke to, and why he felt the story needed to be told.

Part 7: PWTcast’s Scrump talks about his start at the Pro Wrestling Tees store in Chicago, some of his favourite wrestlers to have come through the shop, and his live memories from Money in the Bank 2011.

POST’s very own Andrew Thompson discusses his start in wrestling journalism, and what worked and didn’t during the pandemic era of wrestling.

Part 8: John Pollock talks about what he has learned since starting POST Wrestling, some of his most memorable interviews (including Lennox Lewis), what it’s like being your own boss, and the Fast & Furious franchise.

Part 9: Nate Milton talks about his career in wrestling & sports broadcasting, how he originally started in wrestling podcasting, his favourite era of Sting’s career, and the current output from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Part 10: Artist & musician Glitbiter talks about her start in music, touring, producing your own EPs, and the synth scene as a whole.

FINAL: As they go into the final hour, a bleary Martin & Benno were joined by GRAPPL lads JP Houlihan and Gareth Hodgson to talk about some of the worst wrestling shows they have ever been to. Graphics wiz Dickie Bird also jumps on to chat his contributions for the charity stream.

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Benno on Twitter: @BensonRichardE

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