The Miz ambushes John Morrison on 8/23 WWE Raw

The partnership between Miz and John Morrison comes to an end after Miz ambushed his former partner

The partnership between Miz and Morrison comes to an end.

There had been tension between John Morrison and The Miz on-screen since Morrison found out Miz was fully recovered from his knee injury without telling him first. On tonight’s Raw, after the ‘Moist TV’ segment with Logan Paul, The Miz had a singles match against Xavier Woods.

During the match, Morrison attempted to assist Miz but he caused the referee to become distracted while Miz had Woods rolled up. This led to Miz losing and post-match, Miz ambushed and beat down his now-former partner.

Miz and Morrison have been paired together since Morrison’s return to WWE in January 2020. Throughout their time together as a duo during this current run, they’ve won the SmackDown Tag Titles once.

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