Bobby Fish discusses triceps injury at TakeOver WarGames, his singles run in NXT

Bobby Fish looks back on his triceps injury and his brief NXT singles run earlier this year

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The newest AEW signee looks back on the final stages of his NXT run.

Last night’s AEW Dynamite featured the in-ring debut of Bobby Fish. Bobby was unsuccessful in his attempt to capture the TNT Championship but it was announced that Fish signed with All Elite Wrestling.

Bobby was also a part of the MLW Opera Cup which was taped this past weekend. He recently spoke with the All Real Wrestling Podcast to discuss his MLW appearance[s] and his run in WWE NXT. Back in November 2020, Fish alongside Adam Cole, Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly defeated Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch in WarGames. Ten minutes into the match, Fish tore his triceps and the injury turned out to be more severe than what he expected.

I had surgery that evening [after TakeOver: WarGames 2020]. I tore my tricep is what it was called but it was actually that my tricep was severed. So, I had a big laceration on my elbow in that match and whatever it was that caused the laceration cut through the skin and cut deep enough that it actually severed part of my tricep tendon from the bone so people will tear their tricep but it’ll be a tear, like it’ll be ripped away. Mine was cut away as if you took a pair of scissors or an X-ACTO knife and chopped it, and that happened maybe ten minutes into the match so I didn’t know the extent of the injury. I just knew, ‘Hmm, something doesn’t feel right back there.’ However, part of it was still attached, because I thought, ‘Man, did I tear my tricep?’ But it hadn’t rolled up the way that you would expect a tear to roll up so I didn’t think that-that was the case. It wasn’t until the match was over and Tara [Halaby], one of our medical staff was cleaning out my elbow to make sure there was no infection and she noticed because where she was looking, she should have seen tendon and instead she saw bone and knew like, ‘Okay –‘ obviously knowing anatomy, a tendon was supposed to be covering the bone she was seeing and she’s like, ‘Okay, your tendon is not attached’ so I went into what would amount to emergency surgery, was supposed to be that evening. It ended up being the following morning.

When Fish returned to NXT, he had four matches in the span of two months. He feels he is capable of much more than what was given to him upon his return.

I’ll say this; I am [capable] of much more than what came my way and you know, it just is what it is. But the capacity to do more is certainly there and any thought of there — of there not being that capacity would maybe come from the fact that, you know, being in the group [Undisputed ERA]. One of the keys to being in the group was fitting into the group and doing what was asked of you to be part of the group. So, I think having a keen sense for being that maybe dulled down some of the shine that maybe wasn’t seen by some people that needed to see it in order to think that it was there, and I can assure you 100 percent that it’s there but it wasn’t really utilized.

Following Fish’s match against Sammy Guevara, he said during a backstage interview that Guevara will see him again and he still has his sights set on the TNT Title.

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