Bryan Danielson views this AEW run as the apex of his career, feels he’s the best wrestler he can be

Danielson feels that he is at the peak of his career and wants to wrestle as hard as possible and says AEW is the place to do that

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Danielson recaps his run with AEW thus far.

It was one month ago at All Out that Bryan Danielson debuted for All Elite Wrestling. He has since gone on to have a match with Kenny Omega at Arthur Ashe Stadium, competed against Nick Jackson on Rampage and Bryan was in an eight-man tag on the 10/6 Dynamite.

Bryan recapped his run in AEW while speaking to He feels that this is the apex of his career and thinks he’s the best wrestler he can be. Bryan said his experience has been incredible thus far.

I was just ready for something new, that was one of the bigger reasons, plus I look at this as the apex of my wrestling career. I feel like I’m the best wrestler I can be, and I want to be able to wrestle as hard as I want to be able to wrestle. I believe AEW is the best place to do that, AEW is a very wrestling-centered product. My first match was against Kenny Omega, it was 30 minutes. You very rarely get the chance to do that in WWE. I love the AEW fans, and my experience has been incredible thus far.

When asked what does he want people to know about AEW, he sent a message to those who may have fallen away from wrestling and that message is that AEW is modernizing wrestling.

The one thing that I think is really cool about AEW is that if you haven’t watched wrestling in a long time, or you’ve fallen away from it, I encourage you to check it out because AEW is modernizing professional wrestling. A lot of professional wrestling has been stuck in an older mindset, but I think younger fans are really being drawn to AEW because they’re modernizing. The world has changed so much in the 20 years since I started wrestling. The speed at which we expect things to happen has changed so much. AEW has taken those changes and put them into the wrestling. When you watch the 2-hours on Dynamite or the hour on Rampage, it flies by. It feels like such an incredible experience. You can see it because of the people in the building, it’s a different experience.

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