POST NEWS UPDATE: Lio Rush was initially contacted by AEW while filming MTV’s The Challenge

When AEW initially contacted Lio Rush, Brian Cage vs. Hangman Page on IMPACT TV, Tony Khan talks Paige VanZant, Kurt Angle/WWE and tons more

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** Clinton Sparks welcomed Lio Rush onto his Twitch channel. Rush debuted for AEW at Double or Nothing 2021 and was formally announced to have signed with the company in late September. Rush shared that Tony Khan initially contacted him while he was filming MTV’s The Challenge. That season of The Challenge began filming in September 2020.

While I was at The Challenge, and I didn’t know this until I got back home but my wife had told me that the owner of AEW, Tony Khan, he had ended up reaching out to me while I was out in Iceland but I couldn’t go because I was in Iceland and I was supposed to be a part of a show that he was interested in having me be a part of. Ended up calling a wrestler to reach out to my wife and that’s how we found out about that but, I ended up getting back [to the U.S.], reached back out to him, just stayed in contact. I let him know that I was still interested in coming in if he was interested in still having me be a part of AEW in some capacity and months went by and I was still making a name for myself. I debuted for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and then a Super J-Cup tournament and you know, I just kept moving forward. I didn’t let that [WWE] release stop me from… loving wrestling.

One talent that Rush was hoping to work with in WWE was Bray Wyatt. Lio added that when Wyatt spoke negatively of him after his tweet about Tenille Dashwood, that was one of the reactions he took to heart.

I remember at the time really enjoying Bray Wyatt’s work, and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was cool, I thought it was unique, I thought it was different and I looked forward to hopefully doing something with him while I was there [WWE] because I’m a creative person myself and I like the theatrics and I like doing things big. So, I was looking forward to working with him and I remember that was probably one of the only ones that really kind of cut me a little bit because I was like, ‘Ah man, this guy that I really enjoy watching and I kind of look up to his work is saying something about me in a negative way.’ But I didn’t take it in a negative way [Bray’s reaction to Rush’s tweet to Tenille Dashwood]. Honestly, I think that was one of the bigger ones that I didn’t take in a negative way and I kind of let that fuel me and I let that push me even further, so yeah. That was one of the only ones really.

Rush did reach out to Tenille to possibly meet up in person. That in-person meeting did not end up happening.

It took some time. It took some time. If I would do one little thing, I could do a million things right and then one thing wrong and that’ll kind of take things back. But, no, I’ve said my apologies. Publicly. I tried to reach out to the female wrestler Emma [Tenille Dashwood] and say that I was sorry face-to-face but that never actually ended up happening. But yeah, everybody knows…

** The Dynamite Download podcast has an extensive interview with Brian Cage. It is known that at the 2019 Double Or Nothing event, Cage was scheduled to appear in the Casino Battle Royale but was pulled by IMPACT Wrestling because he was still under contract. Cage opened up about the lawsuit threat from IMPACT and shared that originally, he and Hangman Page were going to be the final two in that Casino Battle Royale.

So I was a part of ALL IN and I loved that and it was great and I was talking to Cody [Rhodes] and The Bucks, and even Kenny [Omega]. I get along with all of them real well. I think Kenny and Nick [Jackson] are probably my two biggest fans out of the crew. But, needless to say they were talking about wanting me to do something for Double Or Nothing [2019]. This is technically the first, first AEW show, right? And I was IMPACT World Champion. I won the title. I was out because I hurt my back in that match and so I was out for like six weeks but was pretty much good to go like right before Double Or Nothing and that was gonna be my — technically my first match back and I was a super surprise, nobody knew. Not even the people in the Battle Royale and I remember too, Cody was like, ‘Hey, I don’t wanna insult you and put you in the Battle Royale.’ He’s like, ‘It’ll be for a number one contendership so it’s not a throwaway Battle Royale. It’s a good Battle Royale but, we can’t have any of our signed talent go under you since you’re not signed.’ He goes, ‘But we don’t want anybody to be able to beat you so we figured, okay, if you’re in the Battle Royale, at least that way if you don’t win, you’re not losing per say. You’re not getting beat,’ you know? So I was fine with that.

Once we started going over the match, ‘Holy sh*t. You’re gonna be in the match?’ They were putting me over huge in the match. I was eliminating a good amount of everybody and it was gonna come down to me and [Hangman Adam] Page because he was gonna be the joker and once IMPACT found out that I was losing, not winning, they pulled me from the pay-per-view and I remember I was so hot and I was arguing with them and so was Kenny and [Chris] Jericho with Don [Callis] because Don was with IMPACT, which is funny enough too because if you fast forward, 18 months later or whatever then Don’s working at AEW but, needless to say, I brought that up many of times. So it was literally like, maybe not even two hours before the match, I get pulled off the show and I was going to do it anyways because they were threatening to sue me and I’m like, ‘Technically, for how it’s worded in my contract’ and because I technically was still under [a] contract with Lucha Underground… that’s how Pentagon and [Rey] Fenix were able to do it, so ultimately I was like, ‘Okay. If your only option is to try to sue me and take me to court, I’m going to win.’ But Billy Gunn and Tommy Dreamer both pulled me aside and was like, ‘Look, listen,’ he goes, ‘Regardless of what’s in your contract, if I were you, I would not do this match.’ He goes, ‘I know it sucks, but you’re just gonna have to. It’s either you go through with this, they’re gonna pull you into the court, they’re gonna pull AEW into the court. Even if you don’t lose, you’re gonna have to spend money on court. You’re gonna make IMPACT and AEW spend money, time in the court and now you’re gonna have two major companies have heat with you.’ Then he goes, ‘You’re too good of a talent to be left in the middle of all that.’ He goes, ‘So, I know it sucks but I would just bite the bullet and not do the show and then move on going forward.’ So I did that and I was all apologetic and especially when I met Tony [Khan], he was real cool about it. Him and everybody else was very apologetic about it to me. I’m the one trying to say sorry, make amends. And funny enough, it’s funny because Adam Page was like, ‘Hopefully down the road once you’re no longer under contract, we’ll just sign you. You can come here, do it properly’ and so it’s funny, the following year, Double Or Nothing I debuted and then the Double Or Nothing after that, I actually worked Adam Page since that was technically the original. That match was gonna come down to me and him so it’s funny how that worked out.

While AEW and IMPACT were trying to discuss Cage’s situation so he could possibly debut at Double Or Nothing 2019, AEW supposedly told Don Callis and Scott D’Amore that they would lend Hangman Page over to IMPACT so Cage could get his win back on IMPACT TV.

I forgot about this. Scott [D’Amore] and Don [Callis] told me afterwards, actually, when they were trying to negotiate with IMPACT and let ‘em do it, they’re like, ‘Okay look, if it’s that much of an issue to you, we’ll loan you guys Adam Page and have Cage go over on him on IMPACT then’ and they said no to that because they didn’t believe that would really happen. I mean I guess you could have said that and not have to follow through with it, but there’s still a possibility of it happening whereas if I don’t do it, then there’s no possibility of it happening so, yeah. It literally had nothing — IMPACT had nothing to lose from that at all and everything to gain. So, if I go out there and they’re gonna put me over, even if I don’t win, they’re gonna let me shine over all their talent and if I lose a Battle Royale, no one’s beating me, I’m still IMPACT Champion. I’m just getting thrown over the top rope, who cares.

Cage even had a conversation with IMPACT Wrestling President Ed Nordholm and was trying to convince him that it would be beneficial for IMPACT to have their world champion featured in AEW.

It could’ve started with me [AEW/IMPACT relationship]. I couldn’t believe it. I was talking to Ed Nordholm too, who’s the actual owner of it, of Anthem. I even told him, ‘This benefits you guys more than anybody. It’s an awesome opportunity for me which benefits me but it’s like hugely. It’s cool for AEW but it doesn’t really do much for them. But for me to walk out as IMPACT World Champion and decimate a bunch of their roster, almost win the shot at the title –’ even if the ‘forbidden door’ never happened at all period, it still would make people go, ‘Oh! Are IMPACT and AEW working together?’ All these what ifs could’ve happened.

It was at Double Or Nothing 2020 that Cage made his AEW debut. He was in the Casino Ladder match and was victorious. The original plan for Brian’s AEW debut was for him to appear on the Chris Jericho cruise edition Dynamite in 2020. His debut was then moved to the first Dynamite in February 2020 and due to Cage’s injury, it ultimately did not happen until Double Or Nothing.

I talked to Tony [Khan], somewhere at the end of December 2019 and we pretty much worked it out and then originally I was gonna try to debut at the Jericho cruise, and then, it went to the first Dynamite in February but I tore my bicep the second weekend in January, my last weekend with IMPACT. So then I had surgery and that changed everything [for] what we originally planned.

In July, Cage dropped the FTW Title to Ricky Starks and they recently had a rematch on Rampage. Cage explained that part of him does want to finish up the Team Taz storyline, but he also is ready to move on.

Okay so, I don’t even know where to begin with this chapter. So, the FTW Title too which I never asked for obviously, it was just gifted to me, it was just handed to me. That’s cool, it’s neat. But it wasn’t anything I asked for and I don’t think it was anything that I needed. Not even more so, we never really did that much with it so, you know, it was cool but I don’t know. I was indifferent on the whole thing and then obviously how it all ended, how I lost it and everything else exactly doesn’t sit well with me but, I do think that… the longer we’ve gotten to with this thing, A, I think has taken longer than it probably should’ve to have gotten there and then now even at this point, again, I’m still mad and I want my retribution and I still want to beat Ricky Starks and prove who better than Cage, but when it’s one-on-one. But at the same time, I don’t know. I’m almost, I’m almost okay with moving on just to move on at this point as well. It’s kind of caught in the middle of that too where it’s like, ‘Ah, alright. I still want, whatever. Team Taz is barred from ringside’ as kind of a stipulation but at the same time, I think I’m finally, actually moving away from Team Taz and doing something else sounds pretty damn good as well so, it seems a little open-ended a little bit and I mean hey, with long-term storytelling, we can always fall back to it but, you know, come this weekend, because that’s probably what we’re doing in Miami, but come this weekend if it’s me moving in a totally different direction, I’m not gonna be terribly upset about it.

From 2014-2018, Cage was with Lucha Underground and held the organization’s Gift of the Gods Championship. He feels that if Lucha Underground had better financial backing and was on a better TV channel, he’d still be with them to this day.

I didn’t feel the way I thought I would feel at like five-years-old to be a professional wrestler until Lucha Underground. So that for sure was the first time I was like, ‘I made it and this is — oh sh*t, this is what pro wrestling is supposed to feel like.’ I love AEW, the treatment there, the backstage stuff, the company in itself as a whole but I think still to this day, Lucha Underground is hands-down probably the best thing. Not only product-wise but just like the attitude, the atmosphere. It’s never any other independent show, major company ever has had such just an overall awesome feel 24/7 and I don’t think it’ll ever be beat and I always said dude, if they would’ve had the channel and even more for the budget, [similar] to an AEW… we would be talking about Lucha Underground still right now because you’d be interviewing me from there instead of anywhere else. It was so great and I think that was probably — especially season two, season three, I don’t know if any company can compete with that roster that they had. It was phenomenal so…

** The latest guest on the Jobbing Out podcast was Kurt Angle. Angle said he is enjoying not being on the road, but he does miss the General Manager role and if WWE were to offer him that position again, he’d consider it.

I kind of like not being on the road to be honest with you but, you know, at the same time, I do miss my job there. I did have a lot of fun playing General Manager of Raw so you know, if the offer comes in, I would think about it again so just depends on where WWE is at this point in time.

Olympic Goldmedalist Gable Steveson was drafted to the Raw brand as a part of the 2021 WWE Draft. Angle shared several pieces of advice he would give to Steveson about pro wrestling; two of which are to be less aggressive and put aside all he has learned from amateur wrestling.

Well first thing I would tell him [Gable Steveson] is forget everything he learned the last 20 years. The amateur wrestling, throw it out the window. All it will do is affect you, it’ll harm you, it won’t help you. You know, one thing about amateur wrestling is you go for the kill, you go for the pin as quickly as possible. There’s no psychology behind it. You also have to show emotion. In amateur wrestling, you don’t show emotion. You don’t show if you’re scared, or excited or nervous. You just go out there and you do your thing. In pro wrestling, you have to show a lot of emotion. You have to show when you’re angry, you’re scared, you know, pissed off, happy, excited. It crosses over to the fans so, I had to forget everything I ever learned especially my moves because I was very aggressive in amateur wrestling and I had to pull back a little bit and say, ‘Okay, let me give my body to the guys that are in the ring with me.’ So I would give up my body and I would learn how to bump properly and sell properly and I took a less aggressive approach. I think Gable should do that because if he doesn’t, a lot of guys are gonna be terrified of him and they’re not gonna want to get in the ring with him. If he’s shooting for real, they don’t like that so that’s one piece of advice I would tell him.

** While speaking to Darren Paltrowitz, Aron Stevens said prior to the National Wrestling Alliance kickstarting their Powerrr program, he had not planned on wrestling again. Before Powerrr started in 2019, the last time Stevens wrestled was January of 2017.

I was in Hawaii filming Magnum and I get a call like, ‘Hey, we’re… Powerrr.’ ‘What’s Powerrr?’ ‘Powerrr is gonna be the NWA show’ because I know — Billy [Corgan] and I have had a friendship since I was in IMPACT and, ‘Okay, right on. Powerrr? Okay.’ ‘Yeah, you need to come back to work.’ ‘No I don’t.’ ‘Yeah, you need to come back to work.’ ‘Mhm, okay. Let me see, I’ll do it’ and it’s one of those things man, when I walked in, I just remember I flew in a day early and walking into Georgia Studios and I saw the set and I walked in from the top level so I get to look down on everything and it was like this big — in life, it was like one of those cinematic moments where they’ll be like music playing and things because I was like, ‘Oh!’ You saw the ring with the three letters N.W.A. on it just like it used to be and then the interview table, and I went, ‘Oh! Okay. Well this looks good.’ So, yeah and then from there we just kind of were off and running. It was something where I never planned on returning and again, everyone says, ‘I’m retiring, I’m retiring’ and I never did that announcement like, ‘I’m leaving’ because look, everyone comes back eventually. I was talking to X-Pac about this one time and everyone always comes back. You can say, ‘I’m retiring’ and this and that, try to have a big emotional thing. I said no, it’s wrestling man. People are gonna just — they come back. They all do, everyone. Bruno Sammartino eventually came back. So I wasn’t going to completely write anything off so, I take it one day at a time and now I’m very just kind of grateful for the opportunity to still physically be able to do it and work for a company that allows a lot of creative freedom with me and I don’t see myself necessarily getting stuck where I’ve been kind of stuck before in other companies just where the actual process is like, ‘Yeah, no. We don’t want to do this. We don’t want to do this and we’re not going to really give you anything for that matter,’ despite whatever rapport I may have with the fans, despite how my t-shirts are selling and everything else like that. So this is good. It’s just like an opportunity to just go and kind of be there. I’m in a much better place now because of NWA and just how they do things.

** Robbie Fox welcomed CM Punk onto his ‘My Mom’s Basement’ show and Punk reflected on his second 60-minute time limit draw versus Samoa Joe in 2004 for Ring of Honor.

God, when you do a 60-minute — when you do a 60-minute match, I think you gotta break it down into four 15-minute matches, otherwise your head will just explode. But again, I’m not gonna say that me and [Samoa] Joe just went out there and had nothing at all. I’m sure there was definitely stuff that we had talked about but it’s all the in between I think is the most important in a match like that. I’m shocked to hear that holds up. 60 minutes is a long time to watch a wrestling match, you know?

Punk was asked about his opportunity to work with and talk to Eddie Guerrero while Guerrero was on the independents. He remembered offering to drive Eddie to the airport for his early flight out of Illinois and having a casual conversation with him. Eddie wrote about Punk and Ace Steel in his book and showed appreciation towards them for their hospitality.

Yeah, when you’re talking to Eddie Guerrero, when he’s sitting in your apartment, you know what I mean? He’s got like a super early flight and he doesn’t [have] a rental car, you offer. Me and Ace [Steel] lived together in Chicago at the time and I just offered. I was like, ‘Just come over’ or whatever and he was like, ‘Oh, I’ll take a cab’ and I was like, ‘Don’t worry about taking a cab. I’ll take you to the airport.’ ‘No, get some sleep’ and it was one of those things where it’s like you can either try to put your head on the pillow and get a nap, maybe get two hours or you just wind up staying up and I know a lot of wrestlers wind up staying up. I currently do it. I fly home so early from most cities when I’m doing AEW stuff that I get done with the show and I’m so buzzing that I can’t possibly sleep and then you look at your watch and you’re like, ‘Ah, flight’s leaving in like five hours anyway. I might as well just stay up. Alright.’ I just had the fortunate experience of having Eddie Guerrero at my apartment. I remember him being completely freaked out at my bookcase because it’s just all books about serial killers. I just remember him looking over and he was like, ‘Uh… kind of a weird guy’ but I don’t remember specifically like picking his brain. It was literally just more relaxed, like friend kind of conversations. He was extremely grateful for the ride to the airport and it was in the middle of a really bad snowstorm too so like I’m not even sure if he would even have been able to get in a cab to go all the way out to O’Hare [International Airport]. It’s just a super cool experience and you know, I didn’t do it because he was Eddie Guerrero. It could’ve been any one of the boys. It was just like, ‘You don’t have a ride? You’re flying out of O’Hare? Well we live X amount of time from there. We’ll just take you.’ But, super cool and he didn’t have to write about us in his book, you know? But [I] just think he did because he was a good dude. It’s probably something that really touched him because why would these strangers help me and that’s the good part about the business. That’s one of the reasons I’m back is to try to continue to pay stuff like that forward. Eddie Guerrero was always super good to me, so I’m just trying to be super good to the kids these days.

** Both Adam Cole and Alex Marvez joined The Zaslow Show to promote AEW’s upcoming events in Miami, Florida. During Cole’s portion of the show, he reflected on Britt Baker’s Unsanctioned Lights Out match with Thunder Rosa. Cole said members of the AEW staff immediately texted him after it was over to let him know Britt was okay.

With her, after her crazy, crazy Lights Out match [Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa], of course I was very, very worried and someone who works for AEW, Jeff Jones, he texted me immediately because it’s really hard after a match like that to be able to get right to your phone and text something. So I thought it was really cool of the crew at AEW because I didn’t even work there at the time but for multiple people to go, ‘Oh yeah, she’s okay. You don’t have to worry’ and then I was able to talk to her later.

Cole spoke about how much he is enjoying his new theme song that was created by AEW music producer Mikey Rukus. Cole said it’s one of his favorite songs he’s ever had.

Again, so much of the credit goes to Mikey Rukus. He’s the guy who developed the song and he was so hands-on with me from the very beginning. When I had explained to him kind of the feel I was going for, whether that be shades of Rage Against the Machine…

And he just knocked it out of the park. The other thing that I did was when I was at Ring of Honor, I had this song called ‘Something For You’ which was really popular among the wrestling fans and I remember listening to that song again and going, I wonder if there’s some way we can get that same cadence and the same feel of the bass and the drums?’ But also put it into, again, a song that is somewhat inspired by Rage Against the Machine and Rukus, again, just completely knocked it out of the park. I remember listening to it for the first time and the first time you get a new theme song, you’re never sure. You know, because you’re the only one listening to it. You’re like, ‘Is this cool? I feel like it’s cool’ and then I played it over and over again and I’m just walking around my house, imagining me walking out to this song and I fell in love with it so I was so happy that the fans have been so adamant about how great the song is. I mean it’s just moving up the charts non-stop which is crazy. My God, he did such an awesome job. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever had.

Alex Marvez is a member of the broadcast team and works in production for AEW. Marvez shared that his wife often jokes that if they want someone to leave their home or exit a certain room, all they have to do is turn on Monday Night Raw.

Kids who grew up in the 80s, all of a sudden, when they were in their early 20s, they weren’t embarrassed to be wrestling fans and there’s a lot of things to be embarrassed about in pro wrestling, trust me. There’s some things that have taken place that, you know, you roll your eyeballs. How do you even justify this? I mean my wife jokes that if I wanna get anyone out of a room or get them out of our house, just put on Monday Night Raw on Monday night at 9 o’clock and we’ll have an empty house by 9:05.

** AEW President Tony Khan chatted with PWInsider ahead of this week’s Rampage and Dynamite shows. While discussing American Top Team and what they’ve added to AEW programming, Khan specifically talked about Paige VanZant and feels that outside of her current role, she would be great for AEW.

Paige is very great and she’s a wonderful person, great talent. One of the toughest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of having on AEW Rampage and Dynamite. I think Paige would be great for us and she’s just been very kind to keep coming and helping us by giving us the great exposure she gives. And she’s a very important part of Dan’s American Top Team also.

** Ahead of his IMPACT World Title match at Bound For Glory, Josh Alexander joined the Pro Wrestling Illustrated podcast. He recalled talking to the creative team after he and Ethan Page went their separate ways and they asked Alexander if he had any ideas for his singles run. Alexander responded by telling them what worked for him on the independents which is to let him wrestle and he’ll get over.

[Was this singles run a] natural path? No. I felt like — so… I said to somebody on the writing team when Ethan [Page] was gonna leave the company when they were asking what they should do with me, if I had a suggestion and stuff and I said, ‘I don’t know man. In every indie I’ve been on the past five-to-ten years, people just give me good matches, let me wrestle and I’ll get over and eventually I’ll be their champion. That’s been the recipe for success of every independent promotion I’ve started at the last ten years.’ So that’s what I said. I was just like, ‘I don’t know what else to offer you’ but that’s exactly what materialized. They just started giving me more opportunities and longer matches and bigger matches throughout the whole pre-X Division run, leading into the X Division run and that is a spot I could really showcase what I could do because that’s when you’re really shouldering the load for having match of the night and stuff like that and you’re getting marquee matches against people like ELP and [Black] Taurus and Jake Something and TJP in an Iron Man match. There’s no bigger match than that this year I don’t think. So, you know, it all just snowballs into this thing where yeah, I have this much momentum behind me because every opportunity you guys are giving me, I’m just making the absolute best of it and killing myself trying to make sure that I get noticed [when I get these] opportunities so, to say it’s a natural course of things but to have it only happen in under a year, that surprises me for sure.

** WWE sent quotes out to media outlets from a conversation with SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Becky talked about being eager to head over to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel and said she’s only heard good things about the country.

This will be my first trip to Saudi Arabia, but I have only heard great things about the country from the guys who have already been over. Everyone is so nice when the guys go over, and the people there are so grateful and appreciative of us going there and performing, so I can’t wait to be there and see all this for myself.

** Sports Illustrated conducted an interview with Chris Jericho. On the 10/15 AEW Rampage, Jericho is teaming with Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara to take on Junior dos Santos, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. Jericho explained that the point of this current storyline is to get Sky and Page over.

The idea is to get these guys over. I worked with MJF for nearly a year with The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle, and the idea was always to get MJF and Sammy Guevara over as bigger stars. I now get to work the UFC guys and bring Ethan and Scorpio to the next level.

** WWE No Mercy 2006 was the focus of the latest Something to Wrestle with podcast. The Boogeyman was released from WWE several weeks before this pay-per-view. Prichard said there was nothing Boogeyman did that got him released but it was a matter of his character not being sustainable for a long period of time. WWE brought him back just a few weeks later.

I don’t know that Boogey[man] ever did anything to get cut. I just think the time had kind of run out and Boogeyman was someone that was always good around Halloween and always good for a special appearance here and there. It’s a character that I think he’ll be able to continue to reprise until the day he dies. I would love to be — and I’m not saying — I don’t know how old Boogey is but he’s probably my age or just a little bit younger. But if I was 20 years old, I’d kill to be in the shape Boogey’s in. Incredible athlete, incredible specimen but the gimmick was what the gimmick was. That wasn’t something you could sustain every week, three, four, eight, nine, 12 years.

In September of 2020, Mike Rotunda was let go from WWE after working as a road agent since 2006. Prichard spoke about why WWE decided to bring Rotunda in as an agent.

Well, I don’t know [if] there’s a whole lot to tell [about Mike Rotunda as an agent]. I think that Mike was a good agent. I think that Mike was one of those guys that was able to contemplate — look, he was a solid fundamentalist in that Mike knew how to get matches over. Mike knew what to do. Was he overly creative? I don’t think so. But, honest, qualified from a fundamental standpoint. You know that Mike was gonna give you a sound match and knew what to do and again, goes back to just honest and trustworthy that-that was a guy you want on your side. Very [reliable].

During that time, Greg Gagne, son of Verne Gagne, worked in the front offices for WWE. Prichard thinks a lot of Greg’s ideas were rooted in the past and it was difficult for him to get adjusted to then-current times.

I think that Greg [Gagne], in a lot of ways was — I don’t wanna say stuck in the past but a lot of Greg’s ideas during this time were rooted in the past and in a very simple format but one that worked for them in the Midwest in the AWA. So of course Greg’s gonna look at, ‘Hey, this worked for us in the territory days when my father was champion and had the territory’ and the other thing about is don’t get me wrong, Greg Gagne, you wanna talk business and you wanna talk the wrestling business, I think that Greg Gagne is one of the smartest guys that I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing that with. I just don’t think that he was up to date enough to really hang and… lot of guys would come in with that kind of experience and want it to be the way it was then and the business had changed quite a bit.

** Max Caster will be performing live following AEW Dynamite on 10/16. Max’s show is taking place at the Union Beer Store in Miami, Florida.

** Maryse, Naomi, The Miz and Drew McIntyre were guests on Top Chef.

** Announced for AAW ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ on 10/30 is Thunder Rosa versus Jody Threat.

** Adam Cole, Jay Lethal and TJ Perkins versus The Colony from Ring of Honor ‘Unity’ 2012:

** Mia Yim does the ‘Try Not To Laugh’ challenge:

** Episode 33 of Matt Cardona’s MC! True Long Island Story podcast.

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