POST NEWS UPDATE: Big E weighs in on the ‘greatest faction of all-time’ debate

Big E weighs in on the GOAT faction debate, Becky Lynch on having freedom with her promos, Ice Train's WCW deal, Ruby Soho interview and more

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** The A Show on RNC Radio welcomed Big E onto the show. He weighed in on the discussion about the greatest factions of all-time and where New Day ranks in those conversations.

Yeah, it’s hard to say. You know, I’m not the one — I’m extremely proud of everything we’ve done. I’m not the type to say, ‘Yeah, we’re the greatest of all time,’ even though I think our resumes are — they’re worthy. I think kind of an interesting metric is when you — a lot of people want to compare us with The Shield, rightfully so. They’re our contemporaries and when you look at everything they’ve accomplished since being broken up, that’s kind of unbeatable. So are we talking about with a faction or tag team success? Or are we talking everything they’ve done since they started as a faction to the end of their careers? Or are we talking about everything they did as a faction together? Because I think that really sways the argument here.

But yeah man, I think — and the thing is too is we’re not done. I think [King Xavier] Woods and I are 35 and if we’re in the NFL, we’re old men. In wrestling, we’re young. We still got legs underneath us so, I think we’re gonna continue to add to our resume and I think too, I look back on years past where it felt like we were kind of stale to where we were just kind of floating but now man, we’re seven-plus years in and it feels like our trajectory is just up and up. So, I think we’re gonna continue to add to our resume and continue to solidify our position. But, I’m just always weird with making lists or declaring ourselves the greatest. That’s something I leave up to fans. Our job is to go out there on a weekly basis and keep adding to that resume but, you know, people feel the way they feel and I think a lot of wrestling is tied to nostalgia. So for a lot of people who are my age or older, you can never tell them that the greatest tag team of all time isn’t DX or Demolition or greatest faction [isn’t] Nation of Domination or n.W.o. and I get it because that’s so closely tied with your wrestling fandom especially if you watched those teams when you were younger or you watched with your dad or your brothers or whatever it is and there’s something like — regardless of what Goldberg does or what interviews come out around Goldberg, he was still my guy as a kid so that’s not going to — nothing’s going to sway that so I completely get it. I’m not here to tell anyone that, you know, we’re better than DX or nWo. That’s for everyone else to decide.

To kick off his singles run in 2020, Big E had a new theme song put together by WWE and Wale. Big E shared that it was Kevin Dunn who approached him about having a new theme made. E initially had the idea of just remixing the New Day theme with Wale on vocals.

Yeah man, to me that’s like one of the — with my singles run, that feels like it [new theme music] helped to set me on my path, just having that Wale joint. So it started around last year — actually around a year ago when, I think it was maybe September. I don’t remember exactly but around the time that we had that backstage with me and Kof where Kof was hurt and said, you know, ‘I give you my blessing essentially to go off and do your thing.’ But pretty much right after that, I heard from Kevin Dunn and it was essentially like, ‘Hey, we wanna come up with a new theme and think about it’ and initially, I thought, you know, maybe we do — just like remix the current New Day theme and put Wale on but they wanted a whole new track but it was — for me, it was easy. First thing, as soon as I heard, ‘Oh, solo theme? Wale. Wale wanna do it? Wale, get Wale.’ But even before then, Neil Lawy, with WWE Music, he reached out and even before I could say I wanted Wale on it, he just, ‘Wale’ because everyone — he already knew. That’s my go-to, so yeah. I mean the beautiful thing is I actually got to be a part of the process.

He feels that his program with Apollo Crews came at the right time. Big E admitted that he began to get somewhat bored with what New Day was doing on TV. He does wish that he and Apollo could’ve had a lengthier match during their program.

That was nice [feud with Apollo Crews] because for me, I loved what I had accomplished with The New Day but in the same sense too, I think last year, I was getting to that point where I was kind of bored because I felt like, ‘We can keep doing this and keep winning tag titles and we’ll have fun together because it’s y’all,’ but, I wanted a new challenge and I think I was ready to just do something different so, the Apollo stuff came along at a nice time. I wanna say, at least my first program I remember was the one with Sheamus, we did that Falls Count Anywhere and then we went into the stuff with Apollo soon after but, I really — I think Apollo is extremely [talented] in the ring and I was happy for him to finally get that opportunity to show he can do something a little bit different. But yeah, even then with all the matches we had, I still felt like we didn’t even have like a moment where we could have had like a 25, 30-minute thing. We didn’t really have that either so, yeah I’m hoping he gets more opportunities on Raw, hopefully. Just stay away from me for a little bit. I just need some time away from Apollo after what felt like a consistent six-month feud.

** Harold Hogue (Ice Train) joined Allan Kwee Wee Funk’s ‘Get Funk’d’ podcast to reflect on their time together in WCW. Ice Train said he had a clause in his contract that gave him a pay bump for title matches. After his World Heavyweight Title match against Paul Wight in 1996, he alerted the powers that be about the clause in his deal. He only received two title matches throughout the duration of his WCW run[s] after doing so.

Now that one match with The Giant [Paul Wight], my paycheck was a little bit better. Yeah, it was a world title match and I had a little clause in my contract and I don’t think they knew I had that clause in there. Oh my God, yes. I never got another world — I would’ve let The Giant put me over 20 straight times for that lil money I got. When I did my lil contract, I had a clause for TV Title matches, World Title matches, Tag Team Title matches. Man, when they did one, I went out there, choke — reached for Jimmy Hart, choke slammed me, one, two, three. Two weeks later, they had my check. I said, ‘No, read my contract.’ I never had another world title match after that.

Ice Train started in the WCW Power Plant. Three days before being called up to the main talent roster, he suffered a torn ACL. He worked on that injury for a full year out of fear of losing his spot.

And I had a torn ACL, so there was no jumping. I just had blew my knee out in practice and I got the call to go up three days later. You talking about a mad person? And if I had to get surgery, come on baby, you know I don’t got my job no more.

And people just don’t know what we go through man. Brother, I worked for a whole year-and-a-half with no ACL.

Back in the early 90s, Ice Train teamed with Ron Simmons to take on The Hollywood Blonds (Steve Austin & Brian Pillman). Ice Train said Steve Austin was upset with him for a long period of time because he didn’t sell during the match. Ice Train stated that Ole Anderson told him not to sell during the bout.

Go to my rookie year and go and watch me and Ron Simmons versus Stone Cold and Brian Pillman and you can look at how hot he was. I don’t think I sold anything. Ole Anderson was like, ‘Don’t you sell one thing. You go out there and you just don’t do anything’ and they didn’t understand that’s what Ole told me so they was trying to give me moves and I was just like [grunt noise].

Oh, I was worse than Billy [Goldberg]. Oh yeah, oh my God yes [I was Goldberg before Goldberg]. They hit me with ten shoulder things and I just stood there like, ‘Whatever’ and they got to the locker room, Austin was so hot. I don’t think he ever forgave me until DDP did a podcast a couple years ago. Man, I was like, ‘Man, I was just doing what I was –’ I was fresh out. When I say — Allan [Funk], let me be honest with you, I was the first one out the [WCW] Power Plant. Did you know that? Brother, 1993. I was the first — when you [talk about] ‘inaugural’, I was the first. This is a shoot. All them guys came four years after me.

He went into detail about his interactions with current WWE Performance Center coach Terry Taylor. Ice Train believes Terry was not fond of him because Eric Bischoff wanted to consistently feature him on WCW programming.

I think Terry Taylor was really hot because [Eric] Bischoff was pushing me and then Bischoff had left and Terry just couldn’t wait to throw me to the wolves and yeah man, that Terry Taylor, boy, he was something else. God bless him.

Early in the conversation, Ice Train spoke highly of Eric Bischoff because of how he treated him. Train said Bischoff was always honest about money and promises made between them.

That’s why I could never say nothing [negative] about Eric Bischoff [ever in my life] because man, he’s always been straight up with me with the money, he always took care of me. He said, ‘Hey, you’re a dinosaur. Big guys –’ it’s just like with me and [Scott] Norton. Me and Norton should’ve been able to do what we wanted to do. We were a believable tag team… But Eric was always a visionary and if Eric said he had you sooner or later, he had you sooner or later. He was going to do you.

** The most recent guest on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast on FITE was AEW’s Ruby Soho. She reflected on the segment involving herself and Britt Baker going into AEW Dynamite Grand Slam. Soho said she knew Baker was going to come at her with personal comments, so she had to figure out how to fire back. She feels the segment was what they needed to generate excitement for their match.

I do [have talking points for my promos]. I told you I have my little book. I have my little book of — I have to write everything because I’ll lose it if I don’t. I gotta write everything down that pops into my head. So I have things in my head and I knew going into it [promo with Britt Baker before Dynamite Grand Slam] because we basically just — we were supposed to go out there and talk to each other. There was no direction or anything like that. It’s just go out there and talk and I knew based off before, I knew she was gonna come after me because of having been fired and one reason a lot of my professional past that is very well known so I had to figure out what to come at her for and it — I had all these talking points because I’m… I’m a good crap talker, I don’t wanna curse on your thing but I’m a good crap talker I think, but, with people too that I also on some level respect, [I] have a hard time with it but I definitely had to come up and think of some things that I could get a little bit below the belt because I knew she was going to so, I definitely had to think on that one and it was — the crowd’s reaction to a lot of the things we were doing, it just pretty much turned into a roasting session at that point. The crowd’s reaction, the crowd that we were in that time was awesome and the response we got online was great and so I think it was what we needed to really, you know, set fire to that feud going into Grand Slam for sure.

On some level, it’s personal. It’s personal stuff so on some level, there’s no way that don’t hurt. There’s no way. She’s like, ‘You didn’t run away, you got fired.’ I was like, ‘Oof, I did too. That hurt a little bit.’ It does but it’s just like in the ring; when you get nailed with something, it ignites that fight in you, that fight or flight. ‘Okay, well alright. You’re about to go there? I’m about to too.’

Soho has been wrestling for over a decade. She stated that she wants to open a wrestling school. She has had discussions with Sarah Rowe about it but nothing concrete has been planned.

At some point, outside of the professional — my career goes, I would love to open up a school, you know, that is ran by simply women. Sarah [Rowe] does live right down the street so it’s been a topic of conversation. It’s not anything that’s set in stone but, it would be something that I would love to do to be able to give back to the Midwest and to be ran primarily by women to really stress the importance of what we do and about being treated equally as performers is important and stress that [to] the incoming talent that’s coming into wrestling now.

Beyond Wrestling announced that Ruby Soho will be challenging Alex Shelley for the IWTV Independent Wrestling Title on 12/5. Soho will not be working a lot of independents dates but she’s excited about the ones she has lined up.

I think that I am not as familiar with a lot of women on the indies that I used to be, but I try to keep up with some of the independents that I’m seeing and I’m super impressed and I think, you know, there was a big pressure on some of the women on the independents because it’s like, all the women that were there at that moment got scooped up and then it was just like, ‘Okay, now who’s next?’ And so there was a lot of pressure there I think for a lot of people to break in and to be different and to kind of just like continue on the growth of women’s wrestling on the independents and I think a lot of women, the women that I’m seeing, they’re so different. I’m seeing things that I’ve never seen before and it would be my pleasure. I’m very excited to see. Now I won’t be doing a lot of independents but the few that I’m doing, I’m excited to see and step into the ring with people that I’ve never been in the ring with before.

While reflecting on the All Out pay-per-view, Soho said one of the current AEW talents that has been helpful to her for years is Bryan Danielson. Ruby said Bryan constantly checks on her and reminds her to have fun.

It was really cool to see Bryan Danielson there though [at AEW] and come on the same day as I did. He has helped me a lot, even before AEW and since I’ve been here. He’s helped me quite a bit. I think he’s helped me relax a little bit and just have fun and just enjoy it. Sometimes when he sees me take things a little too seriously, he’ll tell me to, ‘Just enjoy yourself. Just have a good time. Did you have fun? Yeah? Well that’s all that matters.’ So it was really cool to see him there and to see him have some of the most incredible matches, dream matches of mine that I’m not even a part of. Dream matches of mine as a fan to watch. You know, it’s really awesome to see so…

** Becky Lynch guest appeared on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina. During their conversation, Lynch was asked about the freedom she has on the microphone in WWE and explained that there are times when she has room to work with and other times when she is told exactly what to say. For the most part, she comes up with her material.

So, I am given a lot of freedom and then sometimes told, ‘You have to say this’ so, so there’s a lot of freedom and then there’s sometimes I have to say it whether I like it or not so, but you know, you just try and make it work but for the most part, I’m sitting down, I’m thinking about it and writing up what I wanna say.

The idea of an on-screen partnership between Lynch and Seth Rollins as their current characters was brought up. She thinks things would be smoother because they’re both heels now.

So I think now, as heels, it’s easier, right? As good guys, I’m The Man, I’m in my own thing and he’s [Seth Rollins] got his own thing and it was weird but as slimy little heels that the two of us are, maybe it’s better but I don’t know. I don’t think there’s any rush to get to that, and you need to get that, you know? He’s got his own thing going on right now with Big E, again, frickin’ awesome champion and I got my own thing going on so, if the paths ever do cross, we shall see.

Becky once again dove into her return at SummerSlam and defeating Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women’s Title. Lynch assumes that WWE wants to make the fans feel like Bianca got robbed so that it leads to the feeling of wanting to see her win again. Lynch added that there’s no doubt that WWE has something incredible in Bianca Belair.

No, no, so that was the plan, right? Was that, it’s gonna be — maybe it’s gonna be hard to bring back a new mother and they wanted me in this heel role so, somebody who was loved by the fans, somebody who was made by the fans and how do you make them hate her? Well you make her rob somebody who is undeniably awesome and so, it’s one thing if we had a knockout, drag out match where we both look good but it’s another thing to, you know, catch somebody off guard and they weren’t ready and they’re a bit disorientated and they didn’t expect it and so, so I guess the plan was this is the best way to, one, make them not like me or to start that process and two, to make them feel like Bianca [Belair] was robbed. ‘We want Bianca to win now. We want her to get her title back’ and so sometimes you’ve got to play the long game like that because undoubtedly, undoubtedly, we’ve got something incredible in Bianca Belair.

Before returning at SummerSlam, Lynch said she intentionally stayed out of the spotlight and denied multiple opportunities to keep a low profile. She said she wanted a big return pop.

Oh it was amazing man [my return at SummerSlam], because you know, I wasn’t posting very much. I tried to stay as much out of the spotlight as I could. I denied a lot of opportunities because, honestly I just wanted that pop, you know? But there’s also that doubt of, ‘Well, what if they forget about me?’ You know? ‘What if we have a whole new set of fans when I got there and they’re like who is this?’ But that didn’t happen so…

** ‘Captain’s Corner’ hosted a virtual signing with Bob Backlund. Backlund spoke highly of Bret Hart and his contributions to the wrestling business. He added that he can’t say enough good things about the Hart family.

He [Bret Hart] was a part of the wrestling business all the way and he worked hard to make that business a good business. Not cheating, not lying, doing this and that. He was a man and he was a guy that was trying to just get in there and battle, and he battled again and he usually won. They have a great family and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Backlund was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2013. The powers that be were attempting to write his speech for him and he told them it would be a disaster if he went that route and didn’t speak from the heart.

You know, when I went down there [WWE for the 2013 Hall Of Fame ceremony], it was really an honor to go get in there and everybody wanted to have a guy write a script for me and I told them that would be a disaster. To write a script for me to say what I — on the thing right in front of all those people and when I finally walked out to the table or the stanchion that I was standing behind and the mic that was coming to — people could hear me. I didn’t know a word that I was gonna say. I didn’t write it down. It came from the heart. I can’t use somebody else’s terms and put ‘em in my agenda, as far as what I wanna say and I had fun doing that. Reading the thing, I told them it would be a complete disaster. My heart is my heart and I gotta use it.

** Tony Khan joined Aubrey Edwards and Excalibur on this week’s AEW Unrestricted podcast. While previewing the Full Gear card, Khan explained how proud he is of Eddie Kingston who’ll be wrestling CM Punk at the pay-per-view.

CM Punk wrestling again in a huge match on this card [Full Gear] against Eddie Kingston who’s one of the great breakout stars in AEW. In our short time as a company, we’ve launched some great careers and I think Eddie Kingston, I know for me personally, in the time since we started, I’m just really proud of his development and I’m proud personally of his growth as a person and also as a professional wrestler and this is truly I think the biggest stage he’s ever wrestled on.

** WWE is wrapping up their tour of the United Kingdom and along the way, WWE Champion Big E spoke to Mirror Sport. Seth Rollins is the number one contender to Big E’s title and the champion said Rollins might be the best wrestler of this current generation and he’s looking forward to facing him.

I think he is an incredible talent, he might be the best of our generation. But I feel like this is my time, I know how much holding this championship means to me, how many doors it has opened for me, and I don’t plan on letting go of that anytime soon. I’m excited about it, I’m looking forward to it and I want my reign to be about beating the very best.

** FOX 4 in Texas welcomed The Undertaker onto their station to chat WrestleMania 38. Undertaker knows he’ll get that feeling of wanting to return once WrestleMania 38 rolls around but thinks he has been in a good place since stepping away from in-ring competition.

Well, it’s not that I enjoy it as much as it has to be that way. Every athlete, you have that moment and you have to know when to walk away and at this point, you never say never but I am in a place mentally where I can let go and turn it over to the young guys but that doesn’t mean that in my heart, like, ‘Man, I wish I was out there’ and especially here [at AT&T Stadium]. I’m from Texas, I grew up here, I was here for WrestleMania 32 and we set the record, our own personal indoor record for an event so, I mean all that is gonna come flooding back in on the 2nd and 3rd [of April] but, I’m in a good place and I think it’s time.

** Ric Flair is launching a podcast titled ‘Wooooo Nation Uncensored’. It will be featured on the ‘Podcast Heat’ network as well as other platforms such as Apple, Spotify and Stitcher.

** The reigning STRONG Openweight Champion Tom Lawlor spoke to That Hashtag Show and said he looks at NJPW STRONG very similar to how WWE presented the previous version of NXT. He thinks NJPW’s Japan-based product is like WWE’s main product and STRONG is like the previous version of NXT.

The way I look at it is kind of very similar to how WWE has NXT. I look at New Japan STRONG as kind of the equivalent to that for New Japan. We’re in — unfortunately for some people and fortunate for others, travel overseas has been kind of put on the backburner over the past couple of years and if that was the case, maybe New Japan STRONG would be getting — oh I’m sorry, if that wasn’t the case, then maybe New Japan STRONG wouldn’t be getting the talent that it has. Maybe the Jay Whites, the Ishii’s, the Tanahashis, those guys wouldn’t be over here. Maybe they would, I don’t know. But, what it’s given is an opportunity for guys like myself — I mean I’ll put over the rest of Team Filthy. I’ll put over the West Coast Wrecking Crew; J.R. Kratos, Danny Limelight. I’ll even put over Chris Dickinson who was part of Team Filthy before but these are guys who weren’t in the New Japan ring previously and there’s a lot of guys on New Japan STRONG that are like that, that have taken the opportunity and definitely bettered themselves because of it and I think that, you know, the champ, the STRONG Openweight Champion is proof, you know? I’m one of those guys so it’s been awesome for me.

** IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration appeared on Wrestling Daily. Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay dove into why they decided to join IMPACT. Although they had “many” options on the table, they felt like IMPACT was the right fit for them.

Lee: I feel like it was the perfect fit for us [IMPACT Wrestling]. Not to toot our own horn but we had many options and what it came down to, Jess and I just felt like we just fit perfectly with IMPACT in the Knockouts division. They just use their talent so incredibly well and the women are just put on a pedestal which they should be, they’re so good and I just feel like we slipped right on in. You know, became Knockouts Tag Team Champs, did the damn thing and you know, fit like a glove. Missing puzzle piece maybe.

McKay: Absolutely [we’ve fit right in] and you just said it, we found a home because that’s how it really felt like. We wanted it to feel like the best decision and it really did. It fit so well, we were so happy. We’re just incredibly grateful to be part of IMPACT and the Knockouts division. Super stoked, that’s all I have to say.

** While speaking to Manchester Evening News, Drew McIntyre shared that he was almost signed to WWE one year prior to when he was signed. He had a tryout match in Manchester but WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis was not present at the show that day.

I love Manchester. Through my career I’ve been here a bunch of times, both with WWE and with independent companies. It always has some of the best and loudest fans. My first ever try-out with WWE was in Manchester when I was 20 years old. I would have been signed there but the person who signed talent (John Laurinaitis) wasn’t there that day.

** Newly crowned MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Kane guest appeared on The Turnbuckle Tavern podcast. He reflected on his experience doing extra work for WWE NXT pre-MLW. Kane said he got the feeling that other talents did not care he was there or that they were better than him.

It was cool being able to be there at NXT [for extra work] but like, it was way too… yeah, it was way too buttoned up. There was literally like no time to really relax or whatever and enjoy being there. It was just too… it was too stiff. With NXT, you’re sitting in this college auditorium, like classroom type deal watching the show so being able to see what they do during commercial break, that’s when they get all their curse words out which is funny. On-screen, they have a lot of fun but just being around all the other superstars and stuff, it almost — when I was there, I almost had this feeling of like, either they don’t give a damn that you’re here or they think they’re better than you or whatever and it’s just like, ‘Mhm, nah.’

Alex’s MLW signing was formally announced in May. He became emotional after signing his deal with the organization.

I remember after I signed and I was reading it [list of goals he had written down], I started to cry. That was like, ‘I did this.’ I’m getting goosebumps right now but I manifested this. I made this happen. I put in the work and I made this happen.

** Ryan Satin welcomed King Xavier Woods onto the ‘Out of Character’ show. Woods felt like the King of the Ring honor belonged to him and explained why he felt that way even prior to winning the 2021 installment of the tournament. He was also disappointed that he was not a part of the 2019 King of the Ring.

Well because it’s — so this is gonna sound probably really weird. In my head, it [King of the Ring] legitimately belongs to me and that’s — I know that sounds weird, it doesn’t make any sense but to me it’s like that idea of kids calling dibs back in the day [Woods laughed].

Yes, because that’s how I feel. I want people to understand how I feel and when I saw that speaking your truth into reality, into existence, it’s not necessarily like, ‘Oh, just say things are gonna happen and they’re gonna happen.’ You have to work towards them and luck is the intersection of skill and opportunity so you gotta be ready, you gotta make the opportunity for yourself so for me, I felt like I was keeping my blade as sharp as possible. I thought I was gonna land up in the tournament in 2019 because I had already been jazzing it up and then I wasn’t in and I was like, ‘These mother– I am the only one talking about this’ and there’s that idea of when people are in the tournament, yeah there’s an opportunity for them to win something that they didn’t have before. But for me, it’s winning something that I’ve always wanted so it’s just, it’s different, you know? So ever since yelling about it, especially when I didn’t make the tournament in 2019, I’ve definitely ramped it up a good bit because one, I was a little angry, I’ll be honest. I was a little upset, legitimately hurt and I was like, ‘You know what? Let me tell people about my hurt and maybe they’ll start to understand why I like this so much’ and I feel like in doing that, it just started to bleed more and more into all of my socials.

** Ahead of AEW Full Gear, Preston ’10’ Vance joined Sports Guys Talking Wrestling. He expressed that he doesn’t know if Dark Order would exist or where he would be in his career right now had Jon Huber (Brodie Lee) not come into AEW.

I mean Brodie [Lee] was the reason Dark Order, you know, even became a relevant thing and then unfortunately with his passing, it kind of, you know, that kind of made us organically loved by the fans because we all were going through a real life situation. But I think if Brodie hadn’t come in, I don’t know if Dark Order would even be a thing right now and I don’t know where I would be right now. But, they kind of just let us — you know, we started off as this cult and no one in our group is really like that so they kind of just let us go out there and be ourselves and then that’s how [we] organically just got over by just being ourselves turned up to ten, you know?

** Back in September, Big E cashed in his Money In The Bank contract and defeated Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title on Raw. talkSPORT caught up with Lashley and he said it felt great to drop the title to Big E.

It felt great to drop it to Big E. There’s a few guys who just need a push and during my time as champion, I was trying to help out a lot of guys. Like Riddle and [Xavier] Woods, look what they’ve done afterwards. It helped elevate them and that’s what I tried to do. When I came back, I wanted the title, but I wanted to be that guy. When I started out, I had Booker T, Big Show, JBL, Undertaker, Finlay and all these guys that wanted to work with me and help me. It’s all about respect and that’s what I want to do with a lot of these young guys coming up. We have some superstars coming up, some of the guys in NXT too, that have got it. Just to be in the ring with me will help them. I’ll beat them, but they’ll be alright! [laughs].

** WWE Champion Big E recently went on a media tour and stopped past The Breakfast Club. He told talkSPORT that he and Vince McMahon sat down and had a conversation about his appearance on that show.

It’s been good. I always go to Vince down the years, but now it’s a more regular thing where I’m getting feedback and I’m finally getting a chance to talk to him. But it’s cool, because we now have a different relationship. Last week when I talked to him, we talked about the interview I did on The Breakfast Club, he was giving me feedback there and he’s talking to me about the FOX people and their feedback. We’re having these conversations about things we’re doing outside of the ring which is actually a big part of being a WWE champion. You got to represent the company and this title outside in all these other facets, so it’s really dope to have these conversations about that stuff. It’s not weird because I feel like I belong here, but it’s just crazy to be in this spot and being the guy having these conversations.

Right! [it’s odd talking to Vince McMahon about The Breakfast Club]. Because it’s a very ‘urban’, very Black, hip-hop orientated show and just thinking of Vince watching Charlamagne ask me questions, it’s very bizarre to me [laughs].

** WrestleZone pushed out the written version of their conversation with QT Marshall prior to the 11/10 AEW Dynamite. QT touched on the idea that Cody Rhodes lobbied for their feud to be on AEW programming. He said it was all Tony Khan’s idea and Marshall spoke about not wanting to let Khan down with the amount of attention he and Cody’s feud got ratings-wise.

One, I think the confidence level of, like again, I’ve been training for a very long time so I know I can go in the ring and wrestle. I’m not worried about that. I can remember stuff, I can call it out there, I’m good at that aspect of it, but also just having the confidence now to know that the number does well, because it is a business, the boss is happy, you know? Everyone thinks Cody made this feud because he’s my friend, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Tony’s the boss, Tony told us what he wanted to do and we did, we tried to do it the best that we could and tell our story, and it was a lot of little things that were our idea, the way we did [it], Arn, but at the end of the day, Cody didn’t lobby for me to feud with him. How does that affect our school business? There’s a lot of stuff that goes into it, but at the same time, elevating the other guys, Anthony Ogogo, it did make sense. But I was scared because I didn’t know how this was going to work out and the exhibition match we did, the first part of it didn’t do too well at first on the number, but as soon as the turn happened, everyone shot back and started watching it. Of course, no one cares about the exhibition match between two friends, it is what it is, but then as soon as the turn happened and the number spiked, we’re like, ‘OK, we’re off to the races’ so that’s my one concern, I don’t want to let Tony down more than anything because this is his business, this is his life, the same way I don’t want any of my assistant coaches to let me down at the school. That was the biggest thing for me, was to know that I could go out there and do the job I’m asked to do and not screw up.

** Jay White sat down with Highspots Wrestling Network for a virtual signing and commented on Ring of Honor’s forthcoming hiatus. White main evented the ROH-NJPW G1 Supercard show in 2019.

I mean yeah, it’s sh*tty news at first but we don’t know how it’s gonna play out [Ring of Honor’s forthcoming hiatus]. It could play out, you know, better for some people and I’m sure a lot of guys there are now gonna have other opportunities and they can explore other things as well so, I guess I think for those involved, it’ll be whatever they make of it and then hey, in the new year, again, I don’t know what the ins and outs [are]. They said they’re looking to start back up again I believe so, could be a good thing. Just wait and see.

** Ahead of Tay Conti’s AEW Women’s World Title match against Britt Baker at Full Gear, she told PWInsider about the end of her experience in WWE being a negative one. She was hesitant to be herself in the company and explained how it’s the complete opposite in AEW.

I felt because everybody has different experience[s], right? For me, towards to the end, was super bad in WWE because I felt like they have this unnecessary pressure. The business is already a lot of pressure. We are on TV, real life and then everything that we need to go to, it’s already a lot. And over there, it was just this extra stuff that was not necessary. I hated that sometimes I was like, ‘Oh, should I say hi? Can I try to give a high five to this person or I’m getting fired because I did it?’ It’s just, the whole unnecessary pressure that it made. In AEW, it doesn’t exist. Here, we can be us first, that we have the same kind of pressure, because it’s live TV, that’s the job. We need to be led by it. So to have people helping us, it’s like, ‘Hey, you can do it. Hey, you are going to do a great job. Do you need help?’ That’s how I feel here. We support each other and that’s the most important part. We all want to see everyone succeed. That’s the right kind of, like, competition here and that’s what makes me feel appreciated.

** Former 6-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion Tatsumi Fujinami was interviewed by Tokyo Sports. Fujinami is still active in the ring in his mid-60s. He knows he is past his prime but he still wants to be able to give back to the audience when he performs.

In my case, my catchphrase is, ‘Never give up.’ I am past my prime, but it is a challenge for me to keep my body in shape and keep standing in the ring. As long as I’m in the ring, I have to be healthy. In order to give energy to the audience, I have to keep my body looking good, and I also have to keep myself healthy.

Next year, Fujinami will have achieved 50 years in the wrestling business. He wants to have a match on his 50th anniversary and is hoping Antonio Inoki will be present to see it.

Next year, I would like to spend a year traveling all over Japan, visiting places that are my points of interest to have a match for the 50th anniversary. It would be great if Antonio Inoki were to be there for the 50th anniversary.

** CM Punk versus Homicide from Ring of Honor ‘The Last Stand’ 2004:

** OK Magazine chatted with Rob Van Dam about his ‘Headstrong’ film.

** Naomichi Marufuji suggested teaming with Keiji Muto to go after the GHC Tag Team Championships.

** Complex caught up with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson while he was making the media rounds to promote ‘Red Notice’. Johnson said that originally, Tech N9ne wanted him to do a “Rock promo” for the ‘Face Off’ song but it grew into much more.

** Jimmy Hart spoke to East Texas outlet KLTV to promote WrestleMania 38.

** Corey Graves and Carmella participated in Cricket Wireless’ ‘What the Hell’s on Your Cell’ game.

** NEVER Openweight Champion Jay White was interviewed by Fightful.

** Dustin Rhodes returned to Sports Guys Talking Wrestling to preview AEW Full Gear.

** Lio Rush is celebrating a birthday today.

** Lee Moriarty was interviewed by ‘Pitchfork’.

** ‘Wrestle Buddies’ welcomed Nyla Rose onto their podcast.

** Sportskeeda pushed out their interview with Ethan Page.

** Sheamus talked to Sports Illustrated about football.

** WrestleZone published the written version of their conversation with Dylan Postl (Swoggle).

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