Charlotte Flair: There’s a reason I’ve been on top since 2015, it wasn’t handed to me

The current SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair discusses Survivor Series and her confidence level rubbing people the wrong way

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Flair wonders if her confidence level would be questioned if she wasn’t a woman.

This weekend on November 21st, WWE is presenting their Survivor Series event from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Among the matches scheduled for the show is Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch versus SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Flair just came off a UK tour which she and Sasha Banks headlined on several nights. While in the UK, Flair sat down with BT Sport for an interview and when asked how she continues to keep herself motivated, she said there’s a reason she’s been on top since 2015. She added that nothing was handed to her and she always wants more.

Because I didn’t come this far to come this far. There’s a reason I’ve been on top since 2015. It wasn’t handed to me, it wasn’t given to me. This didn’t fall into my lap. It’s because I’m always hungry, I’m always motivated. I always want more, I always wanna be better. I always wanna be the best.

She feels that her confidence level does rub people the wrong way but questions if that would be the case if she wasn’t a woman. Flair says she knows how good she is and regardless if it’s man or woman, she’s the best.

Yes, it obviously does rub people the wrong way [her confidence]. But if I was a man, would it rub people the wrong way? I mean no one ever looks at a man and goes, ‘Why does he want to be the world champion again? He’s been on top all these years.’ Is it because I’m a woman? Because I’ve done it all? Because we have a smaller division? Why? What? Charlotte’s difficult? It is because I stand up for what I believe in? That makes me difficult? But if I was a man I’d have big balls, right? No. I know how good I am, man or woman, I’m the best.

No but really, it is because I’m a woman? That’s what — so I’m just supposed to come this far to come this far and be like, ‘Yup, all right. Take my spot. All these years of hard work, please, just take it.’ No. If you’re gonna take it, take it. But you’re gonna have to take it from me.

Becky Lynch has spoken about she and Charlotte’s relationship and said things are difficult between them at the moment. When asked about their forthcoming bout, Flair thinks it is going to be special.

I think it’s gonna be something special [match with Becky Lynch at Survivor Series]. You have two women at the top of their game, at the top of their business that believe they’re the best and when you see both of them believe that in themselves and to watch that on camera, I think it’s gonna be something special.

This past Friday on SmackDown, Charlotte was confronted by Toni Storm who challenged Flair to a match for the SmackDown Women’s Title. Flair denied Storm’s request.

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