Rocky Romero would love to see Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott on NJPW STRONG

While discussing the recent WWE releases, Rocky Romero named Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott and John Morrison as talents he'd like to see in NJPW

Rocky Romero names ‘Swerve’ Scott and John Morrison as talents he’d like to see in NJPW.

WWE released a total of 26 talents this month and their latest releases took place on November 18th. Among the names let go during the most recent releases were Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott and John Morrison.

Rocky Romero told the Battleground Podcast that he would like to see both of those talents in a New Japan Pro-Wrestling ring. Rocky plays a key role in the presentation of NJPW STRONG and brings talents in to be a part of the show tapings. Rocky doesn’t get how WWE could let Scott go, but on top of a STRONG appearance, Rocky would also like to see the former NXT North American Champion in a Best of the Super Juniors tournament.

That’s a possibility [to do music with Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott] because the last time I saw Swerve was not that long ago and we had talked about maybe doing some music so yeah, I would love to do something with Swerve. I think he’s a super talented dude. I don’t understand how WWE could let somebody go like that. I mean super talented, fantastic wrestler. That’s somebody I would love to see on New Japan STRONG. You know, and head over to Japan one day and do a [Best of the] Super Junior or something like that because that dude’s super talented and then obviously we just had JONAH, formerly Bronson Reed come out for our New Japan show Battle in the Valley which you can still check out on FITE TV and New Japan World and then of course Buddy Matthews as well, just wrestling [Kazuchika] Okada. Throw him right to the biggest guy of them all so…

Romero spoke highly of John Morrison as well. He joked that Johnny’s name in New Japan might by ‘Johnny Strong Style’.

And [John] Morrison as well. Morrison is also somebody I think that could — could be real interesting to see Morrison in a New Japan ring as well. I think he’d be cool. You know, I don’t know, maybe he’d be Johnny Strong Style or something? I don’t know [Romero laughed].

It has been a full year since Romero, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson presented their last Talk ‘N Shop A Mania show. Anderson has been hesitant to do another one so quickly, but Romero shared that Anderson had a change in his mindset after seeing how many talents were let go from WWE.

I mean I’ve written quite a bit of this Talk ‘N Shop A Mania III. Me and [Doc] Gallows are all in. Karl Anderson, we can not get him to move but the last conversation we had about it, he said, ‘Wow, all this talent that got released from WWE, it might be time to do Talk ‘N Shop A Mania III.’ So he may be right on that. Me and Gallows are always maybe pushing it too quickly but, it feels maybe a little more natural to kind of maybe do it now with all the very interesting releases, yeah.

On December 9th, NJPW is hosting their next set of STRONG tapings in Los Angeles, California. The likes of Christopher Daniels and Eddie Kingston are scheduled for the show.

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